Your First Bite of the K-drama Apple

It can become your latest addiction. It can virtually take over your world and make everything else you thought mattered seem so small. You’ll want to stop, but you can’t. Once it takes a hold it never lets go.

That’s probably how most of us feel about the wondrous world of Korean dramas.

I’m not going to bore you with how my K-drama fascination began a year ago in a bustling city called Lagos. The journey started with one step and now a few bushels of dramas later, I can honestly say I’m a changed soul.

If you’ve never seen a Kdrama before, there’s never a good time to start. Just do it. And I can make a few suggestions to guide you on your way.

One thing I do know, is that you have to have at least some interest in things that are different, unexpected and unique. You have to have a taste for going beyond your comfort zone of what you think you enjoy watching when you sit in front of a TV or computer screen.

There are a few dramas that can easily capture you from the first few episodes so you should try these first. Just remember – once you start you may never go back.

Now that I’ve given fair warning, why not decide to try one or two – or all of the following K-dramas that have taken pride of place in the Hall of Fame?

Master’s Sun

It’s leading my list for a reason. It’s just over the top, out of this world and you’ll see that within 30 minutes into episode one. There’s horror, the supernatural and just enough crazy in it to make you wonder, what on earth goes on in the head of whoever thought this all up?

You Who Came from the Stars

You might as well cut your K-drama teeth by watching one of the most renowned K-dramas in recent times. It involves a drool-inducing alien, a beautifully manic screen star and a lot of heart to send you on a roller coaster spin that’s so worth the ride.

Secret Garden

What made this drama for me? The fact that the female lead is a kick-butt stunts-chick and she plays that role so well it’s unreal. Don’t let yourself analyze too much while watching this; it does suspend belief but that’s the whole point.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

To be a bona fide k-drama inductee you need to understand this recurring theme: cross-dressing as regards the female lead. This happens a lot in K-dramas and Sungkyunkwan Scandal is one of the best examples I’ve seen. The female lead disguises as a male so she can get away with a whole lot of stuff. It’s fun to watch how she makes her male star squirm because he just doesn’t get why he’s so attracted to someone he shouldn’t be.


Don’t listen to the hype or as the case may be, the anti-hype when it comes to this drama. With Heirs you’re going to get broken in perfectly into Kdramas and that’s all that counts. For one thing you get to see a really flattering depiction of Lee Min Ho –  a Korean actor you’re going to be hearing a lot of when the time comes. I know. You probably won’t ‘get’ it all right now. But you will.


5 thoughts on “Your First Bite of the K-drama Apple

  1. OMG!!! Finally found a Kdrama obsessed Nigerian in the blogosphere. Hello. And yes Heirs was all hype . I haven’t been able to finish Sung…. Scandal but the beginning was really good for me.


    1. Awesome!! I’m definitely an obsessed Nigerian K-drama fan. SKK Scandal was a great drama for me, I hope you get to finish it. Do look in again soon. And thanks for being my first ever comment on the blog. You rock!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. really.i finally find a nigerian who love kdrama as much as me
    my first was i am sam but my all time favourite will always be healer talking about changwokie charms,


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