New Drama Recap Alert! “Sensory Couple”

Fans of Park Yoochun (Three Days, Rooftop Prince) are especially looking forward to his upcoming drama Sensory Couple.

That’s because he’s leaving for military service right after the drama which means he’s off acting duty till after 2 years!

The drama airs April 1st.

Let’s hope Yoochun has fun with this and makes some good chemistry with co-star Shin Se Kyung. Cos you know,  chemistry is everything.


With the teaser out already and looking mighty good,  we can’t help but be on tenterhooks.  The series promises some drama, mystery, romance, the paranormal as well as (gasp) even comedy!

I’m definitely looking forward to the drama to see how the whole girl-sees-smell and guy-feels-zero-pain works for the story.  Also it will be my first ever recap attempt ever! As a Yoochun fan I’m planning on putting my best foot forward. And hoping that for the sake of all it’s going to be more than worth it.

A bit of juicy trivia tells us that the script writer behind this SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama is the same one behind Rooftop Prince! So that’s even more incentive as fingers crossed, we can get to recreate and even surpass the magic of one of Yoochun’s best-loved roles.


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