Healer – Best Drama of 2015?

idreamed-healer-jcw Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, then you’ve possibly heard about the Korean drama Healer starring Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young.

That’s the one k-drama everyone can’t seem to get over even weeks after the last episode aired.

If you haven’t heard of it or seen it then just go and do that now. As in right now. It’s just that good. healer-image-main But to go as far as calling it the best drama of 2015? Is that just me fangirling to the extreme? Or is this definitely the one drama to beat this year just like You Who Came from the Stars was during its day?

Considering the two main leads won a Best Couple award just a few episodes into its run, then you’ll have an inkling how much impact Healer made while and after it aired. In case you need some motivation to aid your decision-making, then here are a few reasons why Healer forever rocks:


Moru Moru Island

You need to watch Healer to find out what a Moru Moru Island is and what it can mean to you. And why we all need one in our lives, like a driving force propelling us to aim higher, be better and stronger.

Kimbap rolling badass hacker Ahjumma

She’s got perpetually crazy hair which goes well with her mad skills in hacking everything from the city’s train systems to the police department computer security network. She also makes Healer so much lighter in moments when things get so heavy with tension angst and turmoil. healer02-00447

Ahjumma At Work

Ahjumma At Work

Feels upon feels upon feels

So many feels. Yet not enough that you can get to complain and instead want more and even more feels.

healer-megafeels   healer-feels

Ji Chang Wook

Even when he’s at his scruffiest eating questionably off takeaway/ramyeon you still find him too hot to believe. If you only watch one JCW drama in 2015 then this is probably it. idreamed-jcw-healer-01 idreamed-healer-jcw-02


Eternal Love” by MLTR is one of my faves. The soundtrack definitely moves the whole drama series along and stays in your head long after it’s all over.

I’m not going to go on and on about this kdrama. It’s not without its flaws because we all know perfection would just be boring. So yeah, a totally watchable drama filled with action, suspense, emotion, romance and life’s lessons. Healer_ep12_5_zps261e29ba Now roll up some seaweed rice kimbap, let your hair loose and lay out in your scruffiest T-shirt and sweats and just enjoy 20 hours of the best k-drama you’ll see yet.


13 thoughts on “Healer – Best Drama of 2015?

  1. OMG YESS!!! Healer is AMAZING!!! And I’m one of those fangirls who can’t seem to get over it! I’m not even ashamed to say that I’ve rewatched it more times than I can count. Ji Chang wook is beautiful and Ahjumma is just …i can’t even say. She’s just THAT great. Haha anyways, I love your post. I agree with everything you say. *dies from fangirl overload*

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    1. Healer definitely turned me into a fan girl so I’m with you on the re-watching!! Glad you enjoyed the Healer post. I’ve always wanted to support the drama with my very own review so thanks for checking it out!


  2. Healer had one of the best soundtracks ever and I never got bored with the songs , I know this cos my sister and I have repeated so many scenes over and over and of course Ji Chang Wooks face makes anything not boring.
    Min ja Ahjumma surpasses almost every Kdrama heroine with her smartness , badassery and a dash of crazy so I enjoyed watching her in every episode. Although I was secretly hoping she would end up having a thing with the detective I was satisfied with everything Healer delivered😄.

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    1. You put it perfectly, especially about being satisfied because that’s exactly it: Healer is just satisfying! Everything worked esp. the ending. Min ja Ahjumma was one of my fave member of cast. She totally delivered!

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    1. It’s definitely memorable. Thanks for reporting in 😀 I think Ji Chang Wook was the winning force here. With a good script and a great costar he knows how to make magic.


  3. I love your review on healer. i have watched it two times,no kidding.Ji chang wook is an amazing actor with the sweetest smile i have ever seen on a korean actor.Park Min young and other supporting cast did an amazing job. i loled at your description of ajumma hacker, the greatest hacker of all hackers,with scary hair,lol.

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    1. Thanks Hilda I’m glad u liked the review! I just feel Ji Chang Wook can turn any drama around with his lovable personality. Also Min Ja Ahjumma Hacker was just the icing on the cake 🙂


  4. Hi AidaZen, so through about so many feels on Healer! I think these “feels” are the magic of this show. And JCW is the reason for these many “feels”. And of course PMY best couple ever!

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    1. I just realized you’re absolutely right – the feels gave the show that magic! And it wouldn’t have happened without JCW and his great chemistry with PMY. The storyline was good of course but still…it was all about the feels!


  5. I’m a fan from Philippines and I just got the chance to watch this drama this 2016. I’m too attached with the characters that I’m crying while watching for the last 5 episode. And just right now I cried for 15minutes because I dreamt about Ahjumma! I miss everyone so much 😦


    1. Hi Allondra! When you dream about a character from a drama, it shows how much you love the show! I’ve had that a few times – trust me. And Healer was such an awesome experience. Unforgettable. I’m glad you found it just as memorable. I miss them (especially Ahjumma) all the time…


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