Heart To Heart ep. 1 & 2 – Surprise Finds and First Impressions

Some Kdramas just have that vibe.  Letting you know within the first five minutes that you’ve probably hit on something different and maybe even special.


Heart to Heart (tvN) aired between Jan 9 to Feb 28 which means I can get right into it in my usual post-concluded-drama fashion.  Somehow this drama drew me even from the beginning when it started airing but being who I am I like saving promising dramas for when I can really do justice to them.

I will just start off saying episodes 1 & 2 were great! This is just my kind of drama that just doesn’t try too hard and has lead actors who possess a special charisma.

The story outline is certainly unique.  Cha Hong-do has a social anxiety disorder and generally acts like a psycho. However she’s very intelligent and curious about the world but only in the form of books which fill her home where she lives alone.

Then there’s Ko Yi-Seok a psychiatrist who seems skilled enough but is there some kind of mystery surrounding him we should know about?


I noticed that Kdramas always have a theme where the lead actor(s) has some kind of flaw or disorder which makes it difficult for them to relate well with others. We saw this in It’s OK That’s Love, Secret Garden, Master’s Sun, Jekyll Hyde Me, and a host of others.

It’s usually as an upshot of some traumatic past event and now this person can’t seem to have a normal relationship.

Heart to Heart might be about a woman with agoraphobia yet it’s also full of other elements that will hold your attention.  I like a lot of things about this drama and look forward to enjoying all 16 episodes in short time.

I’m just glad for all the great actors (Chun Jung-Myung,  Choi Gang-Hee, Lee Jae-Hyun) who already make this a fun watch.  The soundtrack is also great and I love the small bursts of humour.

Chun Jung-Myung

Chun Jung-Myung

So we have this young lady with a social phobia who feels most comfortable going to work disguised as an old woman. Other times she goes around constantly in a motorcycle helmet and thick wool gloves. Right.  Totally psycho.

Choi Gang-Hee is awesome as the female lead with the fear of unfamiliar environments and people.  I think we all have that somewhere deep inside of us if even a little.  So the drama is relatable and not too over-the-top. Yet.

Heart To Heart took over the Misaeng slot and is replaced by Super Daddy Yeol which started airing March 13.


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