Currently Watching: Hyde Jekyll, Me

A-T-M Drama

Hyde Jekyll, Me is down to its last two episodes. Since I’m still playing catch-up with the episodes aired so far, I can only give a partial review of what I’m feeling with this unique drama.

Hyde Jekyll MeContemporary, romance, fantasy, suspense, action drama



They told us it was a drama about a girl and a circus, but we never really get to see her do any circus acts. In fact we see nothing close to a real actual circus and she certainly doesn’t do that many stunts for a circus lady.

It’s okay though. Because she’s much too busy sharing herself between two hot squee-licious versions of Hyun Bin (as Seo Jin vs. Ro Bin)

This drama hasn’t done any of the things I expected, while managing to do many things that I never expected. Confused? That’s just how I feel as well.

I mean come on, it’s Hyun Bin. That smexy guy from Secret Garden that made our screens sizzle. This time you can feel your screen catching fire because Hyun Bin in present day is just highly inflammable. So that makes the drama already 80 per cent watchable. No matter what the script looks like.

At the end of the day the drama remains watchable for a lot of other factors. The push and pull of giving you some really high moments of romantic feels and then just cold-shoulders you just when you think the couple is heading somewhere.


The fact is, Hyde Jekyll Me is a drama much like Secret Garden just without the magic dust. You might not get all of those butterflies in your stomach like you had for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin as a couple with stimulating ups and downs.

The real treat in this drama is the soundtrack. Whatever you do don’t miss the great OST namely Wonderful World by J. Rabbit, Falling by Park Bo ram and Because of You by Baek Ji young.

Storyline – Seo Jin is director of the Wonderland theme park but he’s far from the fun loving type. Except when he turns into his other personality known as Robin. Robin is another version of himself, that’s sweet, fun and adventurous unlike Seo Jin who is cold, unfeeling and heartless.

Ha-na (played by Han Ji-min is a circus actress and master at Wonderland. She’s a beautiful, talented soul who takes the time to care for those around her. She clashes with the unbending Seo Jin when he tries to shut down her circus. She soon gets mixed up in his troubled world, meets and falls for his sweeter version Ro-bin.

Basically, it’s just this rich guy who suffered a traumatic incident as a young boy and this left him psychologically damaged. So he creates another personality for himself who is heroic, cool and approachable.

Seo Jin/Robin then meets a woman who can turn his whole world around but so many obstacles stand between them and future happiness. Such as a person from his past seeking revenge and who’s closer to Seo Jin than he’d ever suspect.

There are some light parts such as watching Seo Jin’s PA agonize over every problem arising between Seo Jin and his father or Seo Jin and Ro Bin. The guy’s just really hyper and I sympathize with him a lot yet can’t stop laughing at his travails 😀

That look on his face though.

That look on his face though.


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