Sensory Couple Episode One First Glimpse

The Girl Who Sees Smells  – Park Yoo-chun and Shin Se-kyung – Episode One


First Glimpse

The drama series starts out pretty dark and grisly. A young school girl named Choi Eun Seol is a witness to an unspeakable crime.

She returns home from school one night to find an intruder in her home. There’s a pot still bubbling on the stove while the bodies of her parents are seen lying on the ground.

A struggle ensues between Choi Eun Seol and the killer. She manages to escape and runs outside on the street. The killer comes chasing Eun Seol into a speeding car and she’s slammed to the ground.

scene 1 sensory couple

The last she sees of him is as she lies on the hard asphalt, drops of rain suddenly falling as he watches from the shadows. As other people start to arrive he steals away leaving her staring after him.

The last image we’re left with is the killer holding her name tag. The one he’d ripped off her during the struggle.

Now he knows her name in case he needs to find her. Which he probably will.

scene 1_2 sensory couple

The Origins

She can ‘see’ scents – while he’s lost the ability to feel pain while conscious. How did it all begin?

The drama continues in its dark twisted path. This time we find Yoo Chun who plays Moo Gak. He’s in a wetsuit after swimming and gets a call from his sister. She’s been in some kind of accident but is mostly unharmed. Just waiting for the ambulance to get her seen to.

She tells her brother she’s hungry so he arrives at the hospital where she’s been taken, toting a bag of takeaway. But by the time he gets to his sister’s room he finds her dead.

Before he reaches his sister’s room we see Moo Gak brushing past a blood-stained doctor coming from right inside. The doctor is wearing the same shoes as the killer from the house.

Okay so we now know it’s the same person – and he’s come to finish the job. Because  Moo Gak’s sister’s name also happens to be Choi Eun Seol.

By some twist of tragedy and fate, we find two school girls sharing the same name, both involved in a car accident that takes them to different hospitals.

Oops. Looks like the killer got the wrong girl but doesn’t know.

scene 2 sensory couple

Pieces of a Puzzle

Now we possibly know the story of how things evolved to this point, years later when Choi Eun Seol gets out of hospital.

She wakes up from a coma six months later and now can’t remember zilch. All she knows is there is one major thing about herself she’s discovered.

She could now ‘see’ scents.

Eun Seol wakes up in a huge hospital room and suddenly everything seems to come at her in high sensory definition.

sensory couple_scene 3

Wonder of wonders…she realizes she can ‘see” the scents coming from the roses and other items in the room.

And when the doctor and nurses arrived with the policeman on the case, Eun Seol screams in fear and confusion as she struggles with them.

We’ve already caught a glimse of one of her pupils turning a strange color. But it’s too early to draw any conclusions.

We only know that in one night, two different people have gone through terrible suffering. One lost her parents and the other lost his dear sister. They are irretrievably linked but we’ll never know to what extent until much later.

We can only wonder how Moo Gak will get through life knowing he’d walked past his sister’s killer and hadn’t done a thing to stop him. At least Moo Gak got to see his face. But it’s still painful to watch him cradle his murdered sister as he sobs in agony.

scene 4 sensory couple

Sensory Couple get to meet

It’s years later and Eun Seol is now Cho Rim. She’s living life happily, thanks to the memory loss that made her forget all about her past life before that night. She’s a bubbly girl who works for a theater troupe.

In the mean time Moo Gak works in the police force and is trying to work his way up into the homicide division. It’s obvious he can’t stop thinking about that night his sister’s killer walked away from under his nose.

He’s gained some strange abilities himself – he feels no kind of pain and can be seen gulping down steaming hot cups of coffee that would scald lesser humans.

moo gak hot coffee

Also, he gets his bike run over by Cho Rim’s car and rises unscathed. This is basically how these two meet.

He’s hot on the chase of a robber. All in the hope that he’d get promoted and maybe make it to work as a homicide detective. With Cho Rim’s aid, they track down the robber in a public bathhouse and the scene is hilarious.




Cho Rim had used her extrasensory ability to ‘see’ smells to help Moo Gak find the criminal but she can’t tell Moo Gak about it. She tries to convince him she simply used her intuition but he may or may not be fooled.

Cho Rim insists on getting Moo Gak to a doctor just to make sure he’s ok after being run over by her car. The doctor tells us Moo Gak suffered a dislocated shoulder and other injuries that would have other people screaming in pain. But because Moo Gak suffers from “analgesia” he’s lost any ability to feel pain like normal people do.

There’s a shocking scene of Moo Gak brushing against an eerily familiar broad-shouldered, tall male in a white coat. It’s the killer!

He’s at the same hospital and as Cho Rip also walks past him he seems to recognize her from somewhere. Does he know she’s the girl from that house all those years ago – the one he thought he’d killed? Or does he also recognize Moo Gak whose sister lost her life that night instead of the real Eun Seol?







The episode ends with Cho Rim running into an old school friend who remembered her face and name Eun Seol. Cho Rim of course doesn’t know what or who the friend is talking about. Meanwhile, Moo Gak who’s walking away overhears that name, the same one as his dead sister’s.

He freezes and turns around to find Eun Seol/Cho Rim also frozen and they’re both staring at each other. Will the truth about their connection finally come to light?



Moo Gak and his bike run over by Cho Rim


Episode 2 airs today (Thursday) and I’m wondering what next. So much was stuffed into episode one that my head’s still spinning.

I wish it was a lot more engaging and had a little more spirit. It’s got a great premise though and I’d like to see how everything finally gets resolved.

Will Cho Rim get her memory back and will we find out how she got her synthetic ability to see smells? And how come Moo Gak no longer possesses the ability to feel pain after his sister’s murder?

Most importantly will the killer be brought to book and just what really happened that night all those years ago?






4 thoughts on “Sensory Couple Episode One First Glimpse

  1. Thanks! I aimed to make it as comprehensive as possible. I definitely need more practice though 🙂 I’m glad you liked it and I’ll see about updating future episodes.


    1. You want to know something funny I just remembered?
      In another YooChun drama I Miss You, he joined the police because of what happened to his childhood friend. Here, he joins the police for his sister. His friend and his sister were acted by the same person Kim So-Hyun! ;D;D
      How’s that for coincidence?


      1. That’s definitely a major coincidence! Haven’t seen I Miss You yet so thanks for giving me an idea of the storyline. I know that some plot ideas will get recycled a lot especially when a particular actor played it so well the first time. Looks like PDs and networks feel Yoochun plays a convincing cop and want to see him in such a role all the time 😀 Also I hear Kim So-hyun is close to Yoochun in real life and enjoys having him play her oppa and bestie in dramas. So it’s all good 🙂


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