Cozy with a Chance of Sunbeams: Sunshine and Sisterhood Award

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Sunshine and Sisterhood Award Nomination

I’ve just discovered some awesome new blogs.

And it’s all thanks to hanakimi91‘s blog award nominations (two so far). Namely Leibster award (view nomination here) and now Sisterhood and Sunshine award. I’d been working on a post for the initial Leibster nomination and I got sidetracked – a lot – and these days my blogging has been sporadic.

I only wish there was enough time to do all the things that need doing.

It does feel like getting a big warm ‘blog hug’ every time I see an award nomination. In fact I’m one bursting sunbeam of happiness right now and I just had to get on this post before time and circumstance got in the way as before. Much appreciated once again hanakimi91!

To-do List

Rules – Link the blogger who nominated you on your posts.

– Answer the ten questions that were given to you.

– Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.

– Nominate five blogs and make sure they are aware they are nominated.

– When you have responded, leave a link in the comment of the person who nominated you

Now for some Q & A…

The 10 Questions Hanakimi asked me:

Which was the first kpop song you heard and why?If I was ready to get into Kpop then I’d definitely pick a song by EXO for my first listen. I like their aura as well as the songs I hear from their members, found in kdrama OSTs. And if I’m to jump on the kpop wagon then I have to be ready to always be hunting for romanization videos of the songs so I can find out what they mean. It’s great to listen for the melody but I really do like finding out what the lyrics signify.

If you could play k/j/c/t/t drama, what role would that be? It can be a role that already exists or create your own. I’d love to be in Joseon Gunman next to Lee Joon Gi! Playing the beautiful and steadfast Soo-in (Nam Sang-mi)…I loved her character: intelligent without relying totally on her looks, with strength of will, kindness in her heart and loyal to a fault. And so brave! In short, most of the things we can’t all be all the time…so I want to be her. Not just because she gets to sweeten up to LJK left and right. But that’s a plus.

Whose character you hated the most in a drama? I didn’t so much hate this character as wish something really, really bad happened to him in the end but it never did. He started out all nicey nice and then by the finale he’d offed all my favorite characters in the drama! So evil. (The drama is Blade and Petal and the detestable character is No Min-woo playing Yeon Nam-Saeng, step-bro to Yeon Choong (Uhm Tae Wong).

Which drama you consider overrated and why? It might be like committing kdrama-fan seppuku for saying this…but dramas like Dong Yi much as I loved it are way too overrated and make too many ‘best kdrama’ lists.

If you became a writer, what genre of drama would you write? I would wish to be able to write romantic dramas with few tears, lots of laughs, some fantasy elements and an ending to keep that smile on your face. (a drama like the Greatest Love by Hong sisters is an fantastic example).

Which is your favourite OST? Without even having to blink I’d first say it’s the It’s OK That’s Love OST but when I really, really think about it, I do like the Pinocchio soundtrack and yet when it comes right down to the nitty gritty of my all-time OST experience, I’d say my favorite so far has to be Birth of a Beauty OST.

Is there a drama you love for sentimental reasons, but when you think about it you realise it wasn’t a masterpiece? Yes, there is. The Blade and Petal aka Sword and Flower. The only thing stopping it from being a masterpiece was the ending. But the drama holds a special place for me. I wish they could do it all again, do it right this time I mean.

Which love story you liked the most in a drama or a movie? Oooh no girl you don’t want to go there…so many I could pick, so unfair to choose only one (from kdramas). The love stories in all my favorite dramas with romantic undertones…I really liked the love story in Empress Ki, Secret Garden, Joseon Gunman, It’s OK That’s Love, Arang and the Magistrate, Sword and Flower….I think I liked the last one best, because it was so tortured and twisted even till the end. Love isn’t all bubble gum and roses so yeah, Sword and Flower’s love story is one I liked best

Do you find yourself watching episodes and being more interested in the second leads love line more than the main leads? It certainly has happened a few times in my case – most memorably, the second lead love line in Kang Chi Gu Family Book…I had major empathy crisis for the Gon guy (Sung Joon).

Tell me tell me t t t t tell me, it’s a free answer, express whatever you want. – They do say a picture can say a thousand words, so here goes:


The  5 blogs I’m nominating and their 10 Questions 






My Questions

#1.  I half-coined a saying which goes thus: drama biases come and go…but great kdramas stay forever. Which words of wisdom could you share, inspired from your interest in kdramas?

#2.  Blogging about kdramas is my little happy place, a PTSD pill of sorts and just a little way to express what kdramas have brought to blossom within my deepest depths. If you blog about kdramas, tell us the positive side of things or negative as the case may be. What is kdrama blogging to you?

#3.  A good kdrama OST can go a long way – that’s another phrase I coined *wink*. Some songs from kdrama OSTs stick around long after the drama has faded from your heart or mind. Which one song in a Kdrama do you think perfectly suited the moments or scenes in the drama they were used? Hint: mine is from Birth of a Beauty titled Dazzling by Lee Hae Na. I love that song!

#4.  Every one hates a sad ending but even worse is a bad ending!! Kdramas can be guilty of those especially when it hits you out of nowhere. For example in my case, Sword and Flower and more recently Jang Hyuk’s Shine or Go Crazy. Which drama finale past or present has got you screaming Noooooo! Or you wish you could change? (minus any major spoilers, just the title of the drama would do =)

#5.  Who was your first kdrama crush male or female? And is the crush still the same today or do you have a new one? If so who is it and why? (so many questions in one question sawry)

#6.  Which kdrama actor male or female do you think hasn’t reached their full potential? Considering roles or dramas. What do you think they should do differently? They could be established actors or upcoming.

#7.  Mind control. How bad (or not) is your kdrama addiction? Have you done 48 hr binges on  finishing a single drama? Have you gone raw a few times (watching a drama raw, no subtitles possibly minutes after the episode drops on streaming sites) This is assuming you don’t speak/understand Korean. So how bad is it? (you can rate it from 1 to 10.)

#8.  This is almost identical to the last question, but still humor me. What’s the worst thing kdramas made you do to yourself? Like losing sleep, forgetting to feed your pets, or do your homework, study for a life-changing exam….the list is endless. Share one?

#9.  This question is about me. Taking a look at my blog what changes or improvements could I use to make this a better, relevant place? Some of the best tips I’ve discovered are from fellow bloggers pointing them out for which I continue find indispensable.

#10. Ten questions are a lot! Thanks for making it this far. So what is the one question no one has ever asked you, but you wished they had? And what would your answer be?


Exo the Kpop boy group


So Evil it had to be a crime against nature: Nam Seng in The Sword and Floweridreamed-soo-in

Joseon power couple: the perfect partner in crime Soo-in from Joseon Gunman


Attack of the second-lead syndrome – Sung Joon & Bae Suzyidreamed-sword-flower

Sword and Flower

I hope I didn’t miss out anything important!

Looking forward to finding more exciting blogs and bloggers…

I know most of us have received such nominations more than once or even three or four times. Still I hope this interests you and you have a bit of time to spend inspiring the rest of us. I can’t wait to know more about your blogging adventure!



8 thoughts on “Cozy with a Chance of Sunbeams: Sunshine and Sisterhood Award

  1. You must really like historical kdramas and you really made me intrested in ” Joseon Gunman “, which I haven’t watched yet. I’ve been wanting to watch ” The greatest love ” for a long time but because I’m short on time, I haven’t started it. The picture is beautiful ” You’re welcome ” ^^
    btw the picture with Suzy and is that Sung Joon, is that from ” Gu Family Book ” is it a drama worth watching and did they actually have this dialogue?


    1. Yes it’s Sung Joon and Suzy from Gu Family Book – and they never had that dialogue at all… So funny that it was all simply implied from what really did happen. I’m sure glad you liked the ‘thank you’ picture. I hope you find time to see not just Joseon Gunman but Gu Family Book as well. And yes I do love historical dramas. My first ever drama was Arang and the Magistrate, another period drama so maybe that’s how I got so really into them even till now! I just saw The Greatest Love days ago and you absolutely HAVE to see that awesome classic!!

      Liked by 1 person

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