Falling for Innocence Series Finale Review


What a Finale, What a Drama
Through all 16 episodes of Falling for Innocence there was never a moment we didn’t experience different emotions. Shock, happiness, pain, humor and yes, joy. One thing this drama was great at, was ensuring you were never unmoved.

Whether laughing, smiling or swearing at the screen, this drama made you feel. Most times it was all just bittersweet because we were never sure: would there be a happy ending?

The last two episodes that marked the finale week for Fall in love with Soon-jung had me on edge because on one hand I didn’t want it all to end. But I knew it was time for closure, for everyone. So who came out tops when it was all said and done?

Falling to Pieces
One step forward,  two steps back. Make that four or five steps back when you think of how Min-ho always seemed outsmarted and outdone by the evil Lee Joon-hee just when Min-ho thinks it’s the all-clear for him and the company.

Looked like Min-ho just couldn’t win. All his dreams for the company were falling like a pack of cards. And oh, like that wasn’t bad enough,  his health had a dangerous relapse.

Was this really the end? After all they’d been through as friends and with fighting to keep the company on track, were the good guys down for the count?

All you needed was the sight of  Lee Joon-hee’s smug face in almost every scene to make you wish that this time, the villains got exactly what they deserved.

But it would take a miracle for that to happen. By the end of episode 15, it was clear Kang Min-ho definitely was in need of more than a few miracles.

The Beauty of Sacrifice
The walls were closing in. Hermia was on the verge of bankruptcy and Min-ho was stepping down as Director. His body became like a ticking time bomb health wise thanks to complications with his transplanted heart. Something just had to give, dammit.

In the end Min-ho had to choose to risk it all, so he could save those he cares about. Soon-jung, the Company, the employees and every one he felt responsible for. He’d started this mess, and now he had to be the one to fix it.

There was just one more thing: Ma Dong-wook’s murder and bringing the perpetrator to book. If they could take Lee Joon-hee down for his crimes that would be a mighty step in foiling Gold Partners plan to disintegrate Hermia.

Soon-jung finds out the truth about Detective Ma’s death. It hadn’t simply been an accident but something more sinister. How could she face knowing Lee Joon-hee had a cold-blooded hand in the way her life had turned upside down?

Thank goodness she had Kang Min-ho. He’d become all the more affectionate, even clinging. Almost like he felt time was slipping away from them. She noted his deteriorating looks and feels he isn’t resting enough. When this is over, you need to take time to truly rest for the first time , she tells Min-ho.

He notes it will be tough to be unemployed while his girlfriend keeps her job. But they had bigger worries. Joon-hee was getting off the hook. His powerful friends in the business and legal sectors were making it impossible to get at him. They needed more evidence.

Finally, Joon-hee gets what’s coming. Just on the brink of his victorious entry as legal manager handling Hermia’s bankruptcy scare, he gets seized in handcuffs. Evidence from the bloodstained watch and scraps from the car used in the murder proved enough to take Joon-hee down, permanently. Looks like the only thing he’ll be managing is his cold, lonely prison cell.

At this juncture we’ve already come to terms that Min-ho has lost his seat as Director and would be imprisoned for his negligent acts regarding Hermia. He’d taken the fall believing this was the only way to save everyone.

When just some minutes to the end we watch Min-ho collapse and get taken to hospital we’re almost out of hope. As doctors battle to save his life, it’s almost too easy to believe the worst. Strangely, at this point you feel almost ready to face the tragedy.

Everyone Finds their Treasure
Wendy and Tinkerbell get married! I love how we get this beautiful wedding at the end. I wished the couple was Min-ho and Soon-jung but I’m equally ecstatic that Secretary Woo-sik and Detective Ok-hyun ended up together. But where is Captain Hook?


It was an unpredictable ending to a drama that seemed all too predictable in a cute, loveable way. The last few minutes of episode 16 are the most heart-warming of the whole series. Talk about warm and fuzzy. Anyone who ends the drama without a huge smile of satisfaction on their face might just be in need of a heart transplant. Overall series verdict? I give this drama a 10/10. No regrets.


12 thoughts on “Falling for Innocence Series Finale Review

  1. The outlook of the blog has changed. Really cool. I haven’t been commenting because I didn’t want to read spoilers on the Orange Marmalade post as I haven’t begun the drama yet. I even skimmed past this review to keep away from any spoils. Now that FFI has ended, I can now think about starting to watch.


  2. I’m still VERY confused as to how he still lived? Any ideas? Maybe another 1% heart transplant?! I don’t even know what to guess…? Any ideas?


    1. I have no clue either.. No one bothered to explain – as usual in Kdramas haha. Just like in Sensory Couple there are a lot of unanswered plot lines. Maybe Min Ho had a miracle, at least so I told myself!


    2. In episode 16 after doctor jo said the treatments aren’t working he said there is another different time of treatment I’m guessing he got that and got better ..lol ..I think


  3. i couldn’t have reviewed it better. thank you for this!
    since episode one, i really thought if the story holds out til the end, then it would be my pick for the season. and the writers didn’t disappoint me (and everyone watching, i guess ^_^)
    even, til the end, minho’s humor was priceless. his love for soon jeong, precious.
    a ‘healing’ drama is really a good way of calling it. i agree 100%! ♥
    right now, i’m having withdrawal symptoms for this drama. and so much in love with kyeongho! ♥


    1. I’m still not over Min Ho/Kyung Ho myself! Thank you, I’m very happy you enjoyed the post which I just HAD to put up within minutes after finishing the drama yesterday. It got to me that hard. Min Ho’s character is my absolute fave right now, the one to beat. This drama deserves so much love! Definitely a no. 1 pick for this latest season of dramas.


      1. Minho is also my favorite, on-top, to-beat character for now!
        He’s really smart, determined, and in the end, is actually a fluffy kid inside. Probably, detective ma’s heart contributed to this a whole lot, but as soon jeong said, he may not actually be a bad guy, but actually still that hurt 9-year-old boy. So i want to believe, minho, even without the transplant, just a little catalyst named soon jeong, is really good inside. Also just as Dr. Ajussi said, his heart is a part of him, just as his mind is.
        Call me crazy but after FFI, the other dramas that followed seem boring to me. Either FFI raised my standards for dramas a tad higher or the current dramas now are just . . .^^;
        Anyway, i’m really glad to see fellow FFI fans cause this drama seemed to be underrated 😦 like not many were able to watch it. But then again, it’s their lost :p


  4. Wow! I thought I was the only one who couldn’t get over how awesome FFI was and still is. Min Ho was such a treat to watch, so I know how you feel about him being your best character. Isn’t it amazing how we all liked a male who for a change wasn’t so ‘alpha’ and dominating/bossy?? Maybe the heart transplant helped, or maybe he did need to simply ‘grow up’ from that 9 yr old boy inside and thanks to our heroine, he did!


  5. After putting it off for so long, I decided to binge-watch FFI, and OMG! Why didn’t I watch this earlier?
    The drama was wow! Kang Min Ho seemed like a cross between Kim Joo Won of Secret Garden and Lee Gun of Fated to Love You, while maintaining his own uniqueness. 😀

    10/10…just perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucky you, watching it in one go! Best way to enjoy a great series. FFI is a classic. Much like Twenty Again looks like being. Wonder if we’ll see Kang Min Ho in a new drama soon>>>


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