15 Lovable Kdrama Characters of 2015


It takes a good cast to steer a well written drama in the right course. In most cases, an outstanding lead be it male or female can really shine and make it all worthwhile. And sometimes, that awesome character doesn’t even have to be human to touch our hearts. Here’s looking at you, Luuvy!

So who are your favorite characters of 2015 so far?

Is it the dashing, devil may care Prince Wang So of Shine or Go Crazy, or the candy-cute Kang Min-ho of Falling for Innocence, so adorable you just wanted to unwrap him and take a nibble?

Okay! Maybe you’re more into performance and not just eye candy. Which actor or actress really stood out for you in terms of delivering the character? So many talented ones graced our screen and struck us with their winning acting chops. They breathed the role and brought it to life, and you just can’t get them out of your head.

**Note, main criteria is dramas which began in 2015, not just ended in 2015.

Heart to Heart

1.   Choi Gang-Hee as Cha Hong-Do  

2.   Chun Jung-Myung as Ko Yi-Seok 


Playing her character must have been tough. Repressed emotionally and socially, for some reason Cha Hong-do found a kindred spirit in her gorgeously mean psychiatrist slash boss.


 Jung Myung was insanely good in this – literally! One of my best actors this year from one of the best underrated dramas of 2015

Fall in love with Soon-Jung

3.   Jung Kyoung-Ho as Kang Min-Ho 

4.  Lee Si-Un as Oh Woo-Sik 

5.  Jo Eun-Ji as Na Ok-Hyun 

6. Ahn Seok-Hwan as Ma Tae-Seok 


Now he went from highly strung weirded out boss to this:


We heart Min Ho!! Yes, even at episode one when he was being all douchey I sensed he was heartthrob material. He lost the sexy red tresses from the first few episodes and replaced it with his dorky type haircut –  and it worked! Especially when he was slaying us with the feels. Kyung Ho definitely invented new meaning to the word. (‘Killing time’, anyone?)

Just as awesome was our surprising, most-unlikely-pairing-ever coming from the badass Detective Ok-hyun and Secretary Oh – not so much Bonnie and Clyde, more like Wendy and Tinkerbell. No seriously, that’s what they called each other! And it was really, really cute. Unless you count the moments when Wendy tries to break a few bones be it Min-Ho’s (Captain Hook) or Secretary Oh (Tinkerbell). All in all these three had the best chemistry of the whole drama.

falling for innocence-wendy tinkerbell ffi-wendy ffi-tinkerbell ffi-bromance

Bromance extraordinaire in play between Min-ho and Secretary Oh…you hardly get that Boss & Assistant Vibe because they act more like best friends and each other’s sidekicks.


7.   Ahn Jae-Hyun as Park Ji-Sang

8.   Ku Hye Sun as Yoo Ri-Ta


I really really liked these two. You know how two people could play a role so badly they actually start to look good? When I figure out how they managed to do that, I’ll let you know.

I just knew I liked their off kilter interactions –  not sure if you should call it ‘chemistry’. But in some weird upside down way, they grew on me. In the end I realized the writers of the drama were to blame for not giving these two wonderful characters the right creative atmosphere to work in. Whatever backlash from the drama, I’m happy I got to see these two beautiful characters do something unique and different.

vlcsnap-2015-05-27-04h19m17s189 vlcsnap-2015-05-27-04h12m42s54

Hyde Jekyll, Me

9.   Hyun Bin as Koo Seo-Jin and Robin

hyun-bin-seo-jin hyun-hyde

 Hyun Bin gave another so-bad-it’s-good performance as Seo Jin and Robin.  By the end he definitely humanized into a character actually enjoyable to watch.

Sensory Couple/Girl Who Sees Smells

10.   Park Yoo Chun as Choi Moo-Gak

11.  Lee Won-Jong as Detective Kang Hyeok 

12.  Choi Tae-Joon as Detective Ye 

13.  Jo Hee-Bong as Detective 


Yoo Chun! Most will remember him for his troll faces on Sensory Couple, but he stood out for me the most when he was just being cute and oh-so-sincere as Detective and boyfriend.


Now when it came to the three detectives working on the murder case with Moo Gak (Yoo chun) it was never a dull moment as you’ll see with all the games of gostop, stake outs and chicken feasts they shared together. Aah, the beauty of friendship…

sensory couple-dective Sensory couple-gostop sensory couple-detectives

Shine or Go Crazy

14.   Jang Hyuk as Wang So 

15.   Heo Jeong-Min as Gyu Dal


A dreamy Wang So looking…dreamy

Jang Hyuk was impressive in this multi-faceted role. It’s going to be hard to get this character out of my head, long after the appalling finale has faded from memory! Umm, so a few weeks later I don’t feel like the now infamous episode 24 was that bad. Wang So the character did a lot in making up for all the agony we had to endure – he was just a treat to watch.


I liked how he could get down to business when he had to and wasn’t all goofy 100% of the time. He gave his character a lot of depth and substance.





How can we not love this guy? He was always so cutesy and huggable as a stuffed toy… Except those times you wanted to throttle him for getting himself or some one else in trouble every other episode!

These are my most lovable characters yet from 2015. I can’t say which new personality I’ll be meeting along the way as more new dramas pop out.

It’s simply satisfying when a drama manages to create not just wonderful main leads but also secondary characters that add more life to each episode. What would we have done without these fun folk to make it all come together? Possibly these dramas would have sucked, or sucked a lot more without the likes of such amazing actors who whole-heartedly take on their given roles.

I plan on watching a wider range of dramas this later half of 2015 – the more to meet all the lovable characters yet to be discovered and relished!


5 thoughts on “15 Lovable Kdrama Characters of 2015

  1. I couldn’t get into Shine or go crazy , stopped watching it after the third episode .im glad you enjoyed it. I concur with how actors act so badly you start thinking maybe this is the right way it should be, that is basically Kdrama brainwashing.

    Great post and the blog looks good 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! ***happy dance*** Been trying new things with the blog… With Shine or Go Crazy it’s my love for Sageuk/Jang Hyuk that kept me past ep. 3 so I definitely feel u on that. I’ll say I’m glad I stuck with it (has an awesome OST too). Some actors do play a role really bad but in the end I learned to blame it on poor directing. But not all the time! Thanks again for the kind comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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