Now Watching: Top 3 K-dramas for June 2015

Not sure what to watch in June? There are a few dramas I could recommend that are uniquely different. One’s a vampire fusion drama, while there’s a romance and a Melo. You definitely can’t say you’ll be short on variety. image Orange Marmalade

Finally, some real vampires with real vampire issues! Orange Marmalade is on the fast paced side, but it gathers momentum very capably. Why not sink your teeth into a fantasy drama that’s anything but predictable?


A stellar cast and solid storyline –  what more could we ask from Mask? Top ratings have ushered in the debut of this high-stakes drama. Everyone has a secret, and everyone has a dark side in this k-drama. image I like that there’re no good guys or bad guys. They all are guilty of something, and I can’t wait to see how the players in this melodrama reach a climactic face off.

My Love Eun Dong

Just like Orange Marmalade and Mask, My Love Eun Dong rocked off to a strong start. It stars Joo Jin Mo and he’s searching for his long lost love.

But mind you this doesn’t come across as the usual soppy romance. The drama shows grit from the first scene to the last in its two-episode run of the first week showing. image If you’re picky about what you spend your time following in terms of ongoing dramas, then these three should do nicely to fill the gap.

The strongest common factor running through all three is the ironclad acting and mesmeric storytelling. You may want to miss a few of the dramas currently airing, but don’t pass up this trio.

They give enough to look forward each week and if they keep being this good, then sign me up till the end. I’m wondering which other upcoming dramas will keep me this super excited week to week?



8 thoughts on “Now Watching: Top 3 K-dramas for June 2015

  1. Well, I won’t lie, Min Woo from MASK is coming a close second to Min Ho in terms of cuteness. And he just might get cuter!! I can’t agree more: these 3 k-dramas are the ones I look forward to every week. Especially Mask and My Love Eun Dong. They’re both getting spicier week to week 😀


  2. I read some nice reviews about Mask and My Love Eun Dong, but for now I just want to watch one. Which do you suggest I go for first?


    1. I’d say My Love Eun Dong. Much as Mask is my top drama at present, I love the starting episodes of My Love Eun Dong. You’ll meet some really adorable characters so be warned: juvenile feels alert ^ ^


    1. It’s on my to-watch list…lol I decided to follow only 3 or 4 ongoing dramas at a time or I’ll never get anything done. I’ll take it up sometime maybe when it’s completed. Thanks for recommending!


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