The Time We Were Not In Love: Upcoming Ha Ji Won drama

Who else can’t wait for the latest drama starring Ha Ji Won? Titled The Time We Were Not In Love it starts airing June 27 which happily is just a week away. So what makes this new drama so special?

5 top reasons it’s on my must-watch list

It’s starring Ha Ji Won. Duh.

For the plot. It’s angsty to watch two people who seem perfect for each other choose to rather stay friends. Like, why?

It’s a Korean remake. The original is a popular Taiwanese drama from 2011 titled ‘In Time with You’. Will the k-drama version give it that magic touch?

Cameo Candy. There’s the chance we’ll see many smoking hot star actors invited to play Oh Ha-na’s fantasy love candidates. Promises, promises.

It looks cute and fluffy. Judging from the teasers/trailers, this is going to be a fun, frisky type drama. Both leads may really be in their 30’s but there’s no doubt they’ll pull off the youthful vibe commendably.


This looks like fun – Oh Ha-na in high school form


Two long-time best friends are so busy trying to find someone to love they never realize they are meant for each other. Oh Ha-Na (Ha Ji Won) has been best friends with Choi Won (Lee Jin-Wook) since they were in high school. Now both 34, they’re in a race to see who settles down first, all to win a bet.20150619_232548 Oh Ha-na proceeds to go through a string of prospects who just never seem to measure up. At the same time Choi Won reaches the conclusion that it’s Ha-na he’s wanted all along.

But they had promised each other to always stay friends, nothing more. What happens when they start breaking the rules?

Drama Trivia

– It airs on SBS starting  June 27, starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook. Also appearing is Yoon Gyoon Sang (Lee Jong Suk’s older brother in Pinocchio),  Infinite’s ‘L’, and Choo Soo Hyun (also in Pinocchio).

– Producer/Director is Jo Soo-won from I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, both very popular k-dramas. That’s definitely a plus. At 16 episodes it’s going to need some tight storytelling. But then that’s three more than the original Taiwanese drama had, which was just 13 episodes.

There are definitely going to be comparisons, considering the Taiwanese version has so many fans and won so many awards.

Good thing Ha Ji Won has a strong fan following herself and the rest of the cast can also hold their own in any drama.

So it looks like we already have a winning formula. Now let’s make some magic!



5 thoughts on “The Time We Were Not In Love: Upcoming Ha Ji Won drama

  1. It’s looking really good in the teasers…the drama’s very nicely shot. Looks like Ha Ji won’s in good hands with the director/producer. Can’t wait!


  2. I’ve been so out of the kdrama game lately, so this would also mean I DIDN’T EVEN REALISE HA JI WON WAS IN A NEW DRAMA and finding it here on your blog is like a huge sign telling me to go binge watch it, so I’ll definitely be checking it out. I’m honestly expecting so much because Ha Ji Won is such an amazing actress.


    1. Time We Were Not In Love is fun to watch, so go for it! I’m happy to see Ha Ji Won in anything, so I’m always on the lookout for her new stuff. You should check this drama out soon!


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