New Action Drama Hide Your Identity – Episode one in review

The first episode of action thriller drama Hide Your Identity starring Kim Bum is officially a slam dunk.

This may be the start of a winning series that brings some of the edge-of-your-seat suspense we haven’t seen in a while.

Hide Your Identity isn’t trying to be another ‘Healer’. But it has mostly the same premise as that fan-favorite action drama. And in showcasing another youthful badass lead like Kim Bum, it’s bringing to mind a few comparisons between both drama series.

Just like the lead actor in Healer, Kim Bum’s character is tormented by the past, has exceptional talents in his chosen field, and is in search of something worth living for.

But where Healer was more light-hearted, Hide Your Identity is going for a darker, grittier vibe. There’ll be guns and knives, blood and gore. And our hero is  not smiling.

No seriously, he really isn’t smiling at all in this drama.

Pretty boy to Troubled Cop
Kim Bum as Cha Gun-Woo: It’s hard picking your next successful series as a popular k-drama actor. Harder still is getting a lead part that puts you on the map as one who can play serious, meaty roles. In Hide Your Identity aka Hidden Identity, Kim Bum does much to dispel that pretty boy image and gets down and dirty for our viewing pleasure.

Episode One: Hard Hits
Kim Bum plays a mysterious, cold and detached cop whose partner gets killed. He blames himself and is in just the right frame of mind to be drawn into a clandestine operation. Now he has a chance to redeem himself but the price might just be too heavy to pay.

The first episode sets out the scenario for some high-stakes crime action thrills. We meet the bad guys and the good guys – both always either one step ahead or behind the other. In short, they’re mostly evenly matched. So who’s going to win?

Memorable Scenes
1. Kim Bum flatlining a criminal off the roof of a high rise building down unto the car in the street below. Verdict: we don’t want to mess with this guy.

2. Kim Bum’s close quarter combat in the tunnel with a rugged army-trained villain. Short, sweet and effective scene with Kim showing some awesome martial arts skills. Verdict: we definitely don’t want to mess with this guy.

Worth the wait
It’s been two years since Kim Bum’s last drama series – which was a Sageuk (Jung Yi Goddess of Fire). Now he’s back and in a lead role no less. His character Cha Gun Woo has been with the Special Forces (SWAT and SEAL) so he’s more than equipped to kick ass.

However, for a cop he shows some serious lack of control in terms of anger and violence. He just might be slightly unstable…but when you’re going undercover within the worst crime organisation in the city, maybe being unstable is not such a bad thing.

Especially if you need to outbluff, outwit and outmaneuver the gang’s villains just to stay alive.

Kim Bum’s an actor worth rooting for and it’s only fair he gets his chance to excel. We definitely need more leading men who can deliver those multi dimensional roles. He may be only in his mid 20’s but there’s no denying Kim Bum has star power and more than enough staying power. This is definitely a drama to watch – for many good reasons.

As the name suggests, this drama follows the undercover homicide detective setting that’s as high risk as they come. We meet an elite, covert police unit called Investigation Five and their task is fighting violent crime. In just the first episode we see a lot of criminals, and definitely a whole lot of violence.

If that cocktail is your kind of thing then you’ll want to give Hide Your Identity a try. It’s about time Healer has some healthy competition, right?


2 thoughts on “New Action Drama Hide Your Identity – Episode one in review

  1. Dark. Thrilling. Suspense.

    The first two episodes were gripping and I’m eagerly anticipating the third.

    I love the transformation of flower boy Kim Bum to vengeful cop, and I love the other cops too.


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