Drama Face-off – Mask vs. My Love Eun Dong

Ever wondered how your fave ongoing dramas would hold up in a battle? Well I’m about to find out!

wpid-20150628_023732.jpgMask and My Love Eun Dong both just reached their 10th episodes and they’re still on my weekly watch list.  Some dramas lose steam –  and fans, by the halfway mark but I’m glad to note that the first 10 hours of both above dramas have been worth every minute.

So which comes up tops? 


Must be nice…the Mask mansion bar is the perfect spot to get smashed in-house.

Character Development
It irks when your lead characters just can’t seem to evolve the way you’d like. Why is the heroine still lacking backbone or why can’t the hero for once get the better of his known/unknown antagonist?

You may ask yourself these questions and more as you watch the ‘drama’ unfold each week. And it’s no different with these two shows Mask and Beloved Eun Dong.

Battle of the Heroes/Heroines… Fight!
Seo Jung Eun vs Seo Eun Ha


They’re both vulnerable and helpless:
Jung-Eun (also known as Eun Dong) and Eun-Ha (also named Ji Sook) are both suffering emotional blackmail from those around them. While Eun dong is trying to fight her way through memory loss, an emotionless marriage and forbidden attractions for a certain star actor from her past… Ji Sook is caught in a web of deceit. She’s living a lie just to protect her family but the dead bodies just keep piling up. For both heroines, it looks like there is no way out. And they’re about to go completely under…wpid-20150628_021323.jpg

Park Hyun Soo vs. Choi Min Woo
They both seem to have everything except… :
One is a mega successful actor raking in a million for each CF. The other is heir to a family owned conglomerate. They both seem to have it all. Yet they long for something they may never find: true love and happiness. The walls are closing in around them. Will either hero finally be able to break free and claim the hearts of the women they love?

These two go through a whole lot of food and a whole lot of dates for a non-couple…


…Back to Back: Two gut-wrenching 10th Episodes this week!
Mask episode 10 closed with the mother of all cliffhangers. Our heroine Eun-ha/Ji-sook has been struggling to find her place all through the series even as she lives a pretend life. But now she’s about to take a stand for the first time ever. Is it going to be worth it –  or is she going to discover that once again, she’s powerless to change the situation around her?wpid-20150628_013416.jpg

My Love Eun Dong episode 10 showcased one hour of sheer awesomeness. We get to see Eun-dong’s whole journey of discovery through her own eyes. Hers has been a constant struggle to piece together her own forgotten past. Can she now dare to seize her future with both hands once and for all –  and damn the consequences?

Final Verdict
I find myself rooting for My Love Eun Dong’s heroine more than the one from Mask. Eun-dong has shown more growth and substance as she gives the 2 men in her life the chance to stake their right to her trust and loyalty.


Ji Sook/Eun-ha from Mask just seems stuck in a revolving door/perpetual loop of one clusterbomb after another where she just never wins. The villains are always one step ahead of her and she relies more on luck than sheer force of will in getting herself out of those endless ruts.wpid-20150628_024308.jpgwpid-20150628_013648.jpg

No you’re not –  you’re about to come apart at the seams bro

However in Mask, Min-woo is a relatable hero who puts up a strong front while inside, he’s mostly just a lost puppy. We want him to find a true ally in Ji Sook his ‘wife’ and we want those around him to just let him live. With everyone around him plotting his downfall, we eagerly await the moment when their evil ploys backfire on them.
image image image

As for Hyun-soo in My Love Eun-dong, much as we are all for fated love, his single-minded determination is bordering on twisted and obsessive. He’s lost all subtlety and I’m almost afraid to find out just how far he’s willing to go to win the married(?) Eun-dong back.

Yo dudes,  chill it ain’t that deep. Oh wait, it is.

Conclusion – It’s a tie! Both dramas have their strong and weak points. We just never know what next with either show. Is there going to be another casualty in Mask, where murder is just like a game to some? And in My Love Eun Dong will anyone get to be happy at last? It’s just heartbreaking each week watching them punish themselves and each other. But no matter how painful, melodramatic and makjang-tastic these dramas get, they’ll still have us coming back for more! 20150628_021505


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