Scholar Who Walks the Night – Ready, Set…

Not long now…Finally meet Joseon-era vampire Kim Sung-Yeol when Scholar Who Walks the Night airs July 8.wpid-20150629_011647.jpg

Now just 10 days to go (yes,  I’m counting) the enthusiasm is kicking into overdrive. With a drama that’s promising to thrill, enchant and amaze, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Even if vampires aren’t really your thing, “Scholar Who Walks the Night” is worth a look-in. Here’s why.

Star-studded cast
It took some time, but the drama finally assembled its vibrant cast of established as well as up-and-coming actors. Lee Joon Gi leads the pack and his acting is always top notch. His leading lady is Lee Yoo Bi as Jo Yang Sun and she’s been with the best. Her past costars most recently include Kim Woo Bin (in movie “Twenty”) and Park Shin Hye in both The Royal Tailor and Pinocchio.wpid-20150629_021931.jpg

Also appearing are TVXQ’s Changmin, who plays the Prince, Kim So Eun as the second female lead while the resident baddie is Lee Soo Hyuk, himself also a vampire.wpid-20150629_022645.jpg

Action-packed scenes galore

Expect some awesome sword play, martial arts and eloquent action filming by the director who’s worked on both Moon Embracing the Sun and Empress Ki. The horror aspects of the biting, glowing red eyes and fangs will not downplay the high grade entertainment of a well shot historical drama.wpid-20150629_024404.jpg

Vampires need love too
This drama is also billed as a romance so there’ll be one or two pairings to look forward to. Thankfully our hero seeks to do what’s right in spite of his vampire traits – so we’ll have no problem rooting for him to get the girl.wpid-20150629_022517.jpg


7 thoughts on “Scholar Who Walks the Night – Ready, Set…

      1. When I am not watching sageuks I can be found watching Grimm or The Originals.I love supernatural dramas hence my hope that this fusion of sageuk and vampire will work. It is not even the actors I worry about, Lee Jun Ki totally carried that flop known as Joseon Gunman. I am just hoping that the writing is more convincing this time around.


      2. I totally agree about the writing these days…so sad to see actors have to hold up some really sub-par screenwriting. But this is a very popular/awardwinning webcomic turned drama…surely they can’t go wrong…


    1. Never say never…so many viewers still like the vampire genre. The main reason I watch is not just because of the theme per se but if I’m a fan of the leads. As was the case with Blood, Orange Marmalade and now Scholar Who Walks the Night.


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