Lee Joon Gi “Sageuk Spotlight”: His Best 3 Leading Ladies

One thing Lee Joon Gi does best, is playing those dramatic sageuk roles. There’s no denying  he’s always awesome in costume, especially the hanbok. It’s been said he can pull off any look under the sun, whether his character is an outstanding citizen, outlaw or ruffian.JG6avi_001935735

Master of disguise,  Lee Jun ki

And with the airdate of his latest sageuk reaching closer and closer, it has me looking back at Lee Joon Gi’s past roles in a historical drama. Which actress suited him best, and which was your favorite? I love all the female costars in his past 3 sageuks so this is going to be a tough choice.

A true playa. Lee Joon Gi has played gunman, phantom thief, magistrate and nobleman. And soon in 2015 we’ll watch him pull off the role of scholar and vampire. You’ll have to give him credit for diversifying his roles. How many K-drama actors can say they’ve had such a uniquely patterned acting resume?IMG_20150701_023724

That smile should come with a hazard warning: hot!

He’s also had some of the most talented and beautiful costars. These leading ladies made great chemistry with the top actor and gave us some memorable pairings. But who was the perfect match?

– Lee Joon Gi likes ’em BBCBeautiful, Bold with loads of Charm.

Being courageous is a must if you want to survive in the dangerous world of sageuk. As such our heroine must be bold, fearless and spunky, always ready to rise to any challenge.


Tree climbing noble lady? She’s definitely a keeper.

Especially if the hero is the adventurous and reckless type who gets in all sorts of trouble with the government, law or criminals. Also, facing off ghosts, gunmen or corrupt nobles/officials with your leading man is not for the faint of heart.


She went through hell (literally) to get her own happy ending…

As to beauty, we don’t mean just on the surface – though of course she must be a looker. We’re talking about beauty from within as well. Someone with character, intelligence, spontaneity – and not just a pretty face. Arm candy is so last era, girls.


The chemi: Lee Joon Gi has achieved the feat of winning best couple awards with his last two sageuk co-stars. That’s saying a lot, and tells us he’s great at creating a believable rapport with his leading lady. He makes us see her the way he does, and we can’t help but fall deep as well!


Here we go…

To the ladies in the place with style and grace…meet three leading ladies who’ve loved, fought and triumphed beside our handsome, swashbuckling hero.


Nam Sang-Mi as Jung Soo-In

Jung Soo-in was the beautiful young daughter of a nobleman. She displayed a sheltered, intelligent character that had a sense of adventure and curiosity about the world around her. She was also courageous and steadfast, ready to fight for what she believed in and not simply settle for the docile lifestyle of a Joseon noble lady.

arang-prettyShin Mina-A as Ah-Rang

Also set in the Joseon Dynasty period. Ah-rang is the daughter of a government official, and she lives as a ghost after being murdered. She’s a spunky, sassy sprite of a girl who captures us with a beaming smile and ever evident dimples. She’s never afraid to speak her mind and in the male-dominated world of ghosts she held her own pretty well. She also managed to melt the icy heart of Eun-oh (Lee Joon Gi) who once cared only about himself and finding his missing mother.eunchae-iljimae

iljimae6-34Han Hyo-Joo as Eun Chae

Another genteel beauty, Eun Chae (in Iljimae) falls in love with the mysterious Robin Hood-esque character played by Lee Joon Gi (as Yong-Yi). Despite being daughter to an unscrupulous, power-hungry nobleman she had a compassionate heart and cared for the needy and downtrodden. Many times she chose to risk her life for others and portrayed a true sense of loyalty and affection for her hero.

The other women in his life

Bong-Soon in Iljimae – they went through some rough times together and she was there for him through thick and thin. I mean she bought the rights to a tree just because it meant so much to the hero. Now that’s sweet.

iljimae4-26 bong-soong-ilj

Choi Hye-Won in Joseon Gunman – This ethereal beauty is the daughter of his sworn enemy, but we have a glimpse of what could have been when she loses her heart to Yoon Kang.JG6avi_002793626

They’re all so freaking awesome, so why choose?

I’m sure Lee Joon Gi would say the same thing if asked. All three main actresses: Nam Sang Mi, Shin Min-A and Han Hyo-Joo have all the qualities it takes to be the perfect heroine. They all displayed infinite courage, devotion and compassion for the plight of others. With such delightful beauties it’s almost impossible to choose. But there has to be a winner.

And the crown goes to…
It was tough, but I finally reached a decision. I considered a lot of factors such as trials and tribulations the heroine went through, how entertaining she was, her affinity with the hero and just the eloquence of the feels.

Seriously, never sleep on the first date babe^^

Now Shin Min-A just had the whole package with her sassy-sweet personality. And I like a tough girl who knows her way in a fight! She didn’t play damsel in distress to a cringe level. Also, our glimpses into their cute romantic moments and just the overall journey from indifference to love was awesome.

Shin Min-A’s Ah-rang, from “Arang and the Magistrate” is definitely the heroine I’d pick if push came to shove. Our hero can be sure this is one maiden you can take home to mama – while knowing she can hold it down whether they’re in a brawl or trapped in a danger zone.

Also she’s fun to be with and good for a laugh, always getting into one or two capers. She’s a girly girl too, who likes to look pretty for her man on occasion. Seriously, what more could we ask?

Up next:
Lee Yoo-Bi joins the enviable bevy of ladies who’ve co-starred with Lee Joon-gi so here’s hoping she rises to the occasion. In ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’  she plays a bookseller disguised as a young male, so we know she’s daring. She’s also intelligent and gives off a feisty vibe.wpid-20150701_155208.jpg
Her character (Jo Yang-sun) has a family in dire straits so she can’t afford to wait around for her knight in shiny hanbok. I like that she’s independent and forward thinking. However she’s also innocent and vulnerable, having to risk detection while living a double life in Joseon. To top it off, she meets and falls for a vampire.

How well is she going to face her fears, win the hero’s heart and help him save the day? I can’t wait to find out!


2 thoughts on “Lee Joon Gi “Sageuk Spotlight”: His Best 3 Leading Ladies

  1. The part where Lee Yoo-bi’s character can’t afford to wait for her knight in shiny hanbok got me laughing.

    I’m tending to lean towards Soo-in as my best leading lady. Maybe because I really like Joseon Gunman a lot, and I haven’t finished watching Arang and the Magistrate.

    The second lead female in Joseon Gunman, I think her last name is Jeon, not Choi. Choi was her last name in the drama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The female lead in Joseon Gunman (Soo-in) came a close second for me…also the second female lead character’s name is so similar to her real name lolz. Mix up fixed! Thanks, happy u liked the shiny hanbok bit.

      Liked by 1 person

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