Some of Lee Joon Gi’s Best Looks in Historical Costume


 What better way to celebrate the ultimate sageuk hero’s comeback to our small screens, than rifling through his repertoire of looks, costumes and disguises?

image He should be the cover model for all hanbok wearing dudes worldwide. In fact, he could make a fortune on the catwalk in any era with that face and physique. Thankfully he’s chosen acting as his main pastime so we want more of those awesome heroic characters. Maybe even play a villain at least one time. Just to tickle our fancy. image

You want a piece of this? Come at me Bro.

Many times you’d feel a drama was written just for him. For example the manhwa, Scholar Who Walks the Night seems just perfect for the Phoenix eyed star. He gets to wear a hanbok again and yes, this look is never out of style for us. image Well some may argue that this gets stale, but not to me. I hope he does more and more Sageuk dramas while he’s still young enough to play those swashbuckling roles. This isn’t about us, it’s about him creating enough source material for posterity to savor. Also I think an actor should keep doing what he enjoys and sometimes only in sageuk dramas can some actors feel truly alive. image

If you could, you know you would too. Why deprive yourself of a fun role that’s just perfect for you?

They get to be in costume, enact some amazing fights and battles, and just have a blast. You can’t really have that playing a chaebol in a contemporary drama, or a dashing suitor in a romance series. image

Joon Gi showing some vampire potential even then

It’s never easy getting into a long-ago character, wear a pound of makeup while fighting in heavy armor or costume. So I commend him for effort and dedication. You just can’t downplay this stuff. image Whether as Scholar, Gunman, Phantom thief, Magistrate or Rascal, give it up for Lee Joon Gi . He’s earned his spot as Korea’s top actor who’s committed to his craft. Many others out there could compete, but hardly any really surpass his sheer showmanship, grit, drive and love for his art and fans. image Over the years he’s successfully demonstrated that he’s more than his looks. He does most of his own stunts and for Joseon Gunman he had us breathless with how realistic he was hoisting that rifle to put any Western gunslinger to shame. But for most of us, Lee Joon Gi will always be that mesmerising face of male beauty and comely essence. image

Forever a flower boy in our hearts..

With just days to go till we catch him on the small screen after exactly a year since Joseon Gunman, I’m pumped. To whatever drama deities exist, please let there be coherent storytelling, well thought out costumes, believable makeup and rich dialogue. Especially since these days vampire dramas are hit or miss – mostly miss. But whatever.wpid-b694769fb86de5a97eb2b9d4094cd432.jpgDynamic, bold, vibrant, intense, brilliant, passionate, unique… I could go on about the versatility of the actor who plays our favorite Magistrate

Because it doesn’t really matter, most of us will watch anyway. Particularly since Lee Joon Gi always delivers an authentic performance. And although many other faces in the upcoming drama will set our pulses racing, I’m more in it to see Joon Gi play the vampire he said he always wished to, just once.

Like all his other roles, you just know he’s going to put heart, soul and body into this. He’s already had his latest ‘battle scar’ with the nose injury, which thankfully wasn’t serious. Leaving him with enough time to return and finish shooting Scholar Who Walks the Night on schedule.

Lee Joon Gi: For simply being fearless and awesome, just, Thank you. Now go kick some Joseon butt, while we cheer you on as you accomplish another feat of marvelous make-believe.joseon-gunman-horse-edit


6 thoughts on “Some of Lee Joon Gi’s Best Looks in Historical Costume

  1. have You watched the King and the Clown. Lee Jun Ki looks really good here in a very girly way (what do you say about a guy who can be prettier than most women #veryjealous) but what a highly disturbing movie not sure I would watch it again.


  2. King and the Clown was awesome! Lee Joon Gi was unforgettable there. Though for this article I only focused on his drama roles. I’m sorry you found the movie disturbing (I have watched it a few times myself). I can imagine some parts can be unappealing to some and in fact I did skip some scenes. But it’s one of my favorite Korean films.


  3. What set him apart has always been his beautiful looks, AND acting prowess! Scholar the drama might be completely flawed plot and story-wise, but his performance there is out-of-this-world, such a pleasure to behold!
    His portrayal in King and the Clown gave me the shivers, and unforgettable.
    Thanks for this lovely write-up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked it! Lee Joon Gi is a class on his own… So happy he has fans like us! King and Clown, Joseon Gunman, Arang and the Magistrate are some of my best of his performances. And of course, Iljimae and Scholar Walking the Night. Joon Gi is awesomely gifted!


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