Kdrama Horror Survival Guide 2015

Are ghosts the new vampires? Maybe there’s a new trend starting and if so then k-drama land is becoming one scary place indeed.

Since July is featuring some pretty scary dramas,  such as Oh My Ghost and Scholar Who Walks the Night it’s best to be prepared. So I compiled my little survival kit of sorts to help me through the next couple months of non-stop chills and thrills.


What do you mean ghosts are cooler than vampires!? I hate you don’t make me choose!

Ghosts or Vampires?
Both are scary and entertaining, but which ones really give you the most tingles down your spine? Ghosts can be cute and funny and vampires tend to be beautiful and sexy. So you need to arm yourself against their dangerous charms. Absolutely no ogling the hot vampires and never empathize with a virgin ghost. Because either one can easily have you for breakfast.

Villain Vampire Gwi: Hair goals.
Also looking mighty spiffy in the red dragon dressing gown…thing.

Even when they’re the good guys you still need to proceed with caution and arm yourself from being their next swooning victim. And even with a TV screen in between you and them, their magnetism is undeniable. So be forewarned.


         Must. Resist. Vampire. Feels.

You can run and hide
A good place to duck behind screaming and cowering is the sofa, or behind another person (if you won’t be watching alone). Or just close your eyes and ears really tight till the scary scene ends.ghostess1-00571

Also, never be caught napping…or else get inhabited by a lusty ghostess

Comfort food at hand
The last thing you might want to do while watching someone’s guts hanging out is eating. Still,  arm yourself with a big appetite while viewing. Get something spicy and suitable for fright night. Like frog legs or octopus. Or just be boring and conventional and order chicken and beer. Food is a great distraction.wpid-bscap10221.jpg

Dinner of crusted crow’s feet is served. Centipede juice optional. Krom(geureom^^).

Set the Mood
Candles, crosses, incense, holy water… Maybe leave out the wooden stakes and silver bullets but never, ever forget to bring the blankets and socks. In case you get cold feet and try to stop watching. In which case don’t be such a wuss and just enjoy the show!




2 thoughts on “Kdrama Horror Survival Guide 2015

  1. Funny post, especially the food part. Frog legs and centipede juice? That’s more scary than the Kdrama horror.

    You seem to be experimenting with your blog design. Nice!


  2. Thanks, I saw this theme on another k-drama blog and just had to have it. Also, frog legs are actually a Korean delicacy. But the centipede juice…yep, made that one up^–^


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