Top Drama Picks July 2015

July: best month for K-drama so far?
Kdrama never had it so good. The month of July kicks off with a slew of gorgeous leads, awesome story lines and just one big lump of fun times to be had.

I must have done something good the first part of the year, because the second half is looking tailor-made for my admittedly eclectic tastes.




Dramas I’ll definitely be glued to all through the month of July:

Oh My Ghost
Scholar Who Walks the Night
My Beautiful Bride

Why I like
Twisted, gritty, dark. Compelling. Please forget the kid gloves and rose tinted glasses. Because these dramas kick major ass.

One’s a crime thriller spilling guts with a whole lot of heart. The other two handle two favorite supernatural themes: ghosts and vampires. Yep, July is definitely gonna be a good one.

Oh my Ghost is one big bag of goodies. A hot chef, a kinky ghost wrapped in a cute heroine and a zippy cinematography that’s almost vintage in its exactness… Might as well pour myself a glass of Pinot Grigio because I’m about to get my cordon bleu on.

June was good, July is even better
Why? Well for one thing, the vampires got hotter.

In Scholar Who Walks the Night, Vampire Gwi makes a uber smexy villain while Joon Gi’s wickedly angelic beauty will steal breaths and hearts. Surely an upgrade from the tween vampire versions in ‘Orange Marmalade’, Scholar Walking the Night may just show us how to separate the men from the boys.

Crime fighting just got smarter too.
My Beautiful Bride: This drama is similar to cops vs. bad guys series Hidden Identity, but you can tell there’s a huge difference. The criminals and cops in My Beautiful Bride are more no-holds-barred. And as for the violence and action well,  this drama doesn’t scrimp on either. This is a must-watch, already making massive impact with its first 4-6 episodes.

So many good shows, so little time
Now that you have your pick of fantasy dramas as well as romcoms and thrillers, maybe it’s about time you set up a k-drama schedule. Because there are too many good dramas to keep up with this summer –  and so few hours of the day. But if you add only these 3 to your viewing roster for July, you’ll be more than set.

My Beautiful Bride
A stoic looking Banker turns into a G.I. Joe type avenger when his fiancee goes missing. His supposedly reserved demeanor conceals a ruthlessly trained ex-military persona that bursts free as he goes on the search for his beautiful and pregnant bride to be.


This drama is already a few episodes in so if by chance you overlooked it, just go right back and check it out from the start. The first few minutes will zip you in and you’ll be binge-watching the rest just to catch up. You’ll have all of July to enjoy the rest of this awesome thriller which airs up till August 9.

Oh My Ghost
Shin Soon-ae is a seductive ghost trying to make up for missed chances since she died a virgin. Now she lives vicariously through a once timid chef assistant. Who of course has a major crush on hottie star Chef Kang Sun-Woo, owner of the restaurant.

imageJo Jung-seok is rigid, arrogant, albeit very edible top Chef Kang Sun-woo

Being possessed by a man-hungry ghostess is bad enough. But our heroine’s life was never a bed of roses to begin with. Na Bong-sun has always seen ghosts thanks to her pedigree of having a shaman for a grandmother. How the handsome Chef she idolizes will adapt to her now changed attitude, since she acquired a ghost as a live-in sidekick will be fun to watch.


Ghost with a grudge…she’ll make one hell of a strange bedfellow with that unsuspecting male

Scholar Who Walks the Night
Fantasy at its finest…The guyliner game might be strong, but that’s a minor nitpick when you consider the lushness awaiting you with this drama. I’ll never say no to Lee Joon Gi in a Sageuk, wearing a hanbok, and playing a vampire. That’s all I need to know to get me hooked on this once it airs.

Of course the storyline isn’t to be sniffed at. A very respectable, established webcomic becomes a k-drama with all the trimmings. One hot rival vampire, two pretty female leads, a yummy crown Prince and a palace of horrors.


Lee Joon-gi takes first place, but I foresee second-lead upset with groovy vampire Gwi…

The mixture of scholarship and neck biting has always intrigued me, so let’s see how this goes. Lee Joon Gi plays weary vampire Kim Sung Yeol beset by past memories of Lee Myung Hee, a departed love.

When he sees her in present day, she is now Choi Hye-ryung. It becomes a mystery he must uncover at all costs, and this is where he teams up with a disguised bookseller Jo Yang Sun who’s actually a girl. Do I spy a multiple love triangle? One can only wish.



2 thoughts on “Top Drama Picks July 2015

  1. I’m definitely watching Scholar who Walks the Night, and I agree with you. I don’t know how the love triangle/square will turn out.

    Oh My Ghost(ess) seems fun to watch since my fav girl Kim Seul-gi is in there. She’s so comical in a cute way.


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