Scholar Who Walks The Night Episode One Precap!!


“Exciting” does not even begin to describe episode one of the long awaited fantasy period drama, Scholar Who Walks The Night.

Deadly, thrilling enchantment is served up from the very first moment shot in the dark, mysterious grounds of the palace. In just the first few minutes, the body count begins. Yes, people…There will be blood. Aplenty.

Episode one only just aired and fans’ overall verdict?

Intense! Positive feedback is the general response to a chilling first episode.

Something twisted, evil and blood-thirsty lurks in the royal palace. We are soon to experience our first glimpse of the courtly vampire, and he’s about to have his (live) dinner…


Tears, agony and sheer terror are showcased all through episode one so brace yourself. But we do get to enjoy insight into our hero Kim Sung-Yeol’s backstory and how he became a vampire.


scholar2015c4_zpsh6v7zk0bBest of all, expect some great acting, superb costumes and cinematography – and lots of guy candy!! You could say episode one is the whole package.


Heroism comes with a price, as the charismatic and well-meaning Sung-Yeol is about to find out

Romance, political intrigue and the usual royal ineptitude colours our first glimpse of this riveting fantasy.

And from the previews of episode two, looks like we’re in for another thriller spin!




4 thoughts on “Scholar Who Walks The Night Episode One Precap!!

  1. I can’t wait! I have a feeling this will be the best vampire themed drama aired this year.
    Plus, there’s enough eye candy to give cavities and diabetes. I know I’m in for a treat!


    1. Will try to keep up with just the concise “precaps” which stand for brief overall first impressions (since I only skimmed the viewing and haven’t properly watched the full subbed episode).
      And these precaps will be done only when I can.
      Love the drama but just can’t commit to 20 episodes of recaps. Maybe will do a few when the urge arises. Fingers crossed!


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