July Drama Catch-up – All of the good stuff

So far so good
Since we’re almost through with the drama storm that was July, how have all the recent faves been faring?


How it feels keeping up with the tons of great dramas week to week.

Popular series like Mask, My Love Eun dong and even Hidden Identity have been solidly developing since their exciting premieres. But then some new ones have brought even more to the table, keeping our Monday-Sunday viewing back-to-back awesome.

Dramas behaving badly
It’s a matter of personal taste really. Because what’s “meh” for me is absolutely daebak for others.

So I’m not really going into which dramas lost the plot or let viewers down either midway, or with their finales.


That broken moment after 15 hours following a drama…only to get shot down with a crappy finale in the 16th episode

For example, some fans were disenchanted with the closing episode of romance melo Beloved Eun dong, while others got confused with vampire drama Orange Marmalade for changing its time zone from modern to ancient history at random.

Once we remind ourselves that Korean dramas never promise to bend over just to please us, we can resign ourselves to whatever unfolds. It’s just less hassle that way.


When you spy a cool new drama pop up its first episodes – and you just know you’ll be jumping right up on that mutha’…

So which dramas have been holding it down?
Ranked in order of sheer entertainment, feels, deprivation of feels (re: Mask)  and just the overall level of compulsion the following dramas give, the verdict so far:

Oh My Ghost
Anything with a smoking hot chef gets my attention any day. Throw in a lusty kitchen assistant to perve shamelessly on said hot chef and I’m hooked.

Only six episodes in, this drama hardly lets you catch a breath. We have hotshot Chef Sun-woo who shows us he’s capable in the kitchen, but sucks cutely at romance.
He can be dorky, sometimes maybe even smarmy but it sits so well on him, we can’t playa-hate

Sun-woo holds a secret crush for a friend that’s lasted far too long, and at the background is his cute button of a kitchen assistant Bong-su.

He suspects she has a psychological condition with her switching personalities…but that’s just her being possessed by an audacious ghostess (Soon-ae).

The ensuing feels have to be seen to be believed.
This is Sun-woo pretty much through 90% of the drama… Fighting off the salacious Soon-ae

Min Woo definitely wins the title ‘scene stealer’  in this drama. Because he just sizzles in every frame. Also, Ji Sook has come a long way from cringing wall flower to superwoman. She did a whole 180 and became exactly the character we want hooked up to our gorgeously gooey leading man.

Some of us want to do this to the writer/director messing up our favorite dramas…just to scare them, of course

No way has it been smooth sailing for the two lovebirds. With just four episodes left to go, Mask is still holding too many secrets.

Still, we’re slowly discovering the twisted motivation behind stony-faced villain Min Seok-hoon (Min-woo’s brother in-law). We also know that Min-woo is not the only one with ‘disturbing’ tendencies. His sister, Mi-Yeon has already shown us her homicidal streak. Just how much more creepy can this sizzling melo get? I shudder to find out!


We waited 15 episodes for this luscious lip lock… And yes, it was soo worth it!

My Beautiful Bride
I don’t know, man. This drama is just one roller-coaster ride that keeps going higher and higher. The down glide is going to be insane, and you just know you’re not going to be ready for the sheer drop back to Earth. I love this drama in ways I can’t even elucidate.


This is possibly one of the most well shot thriller k-dramas I’ve ever seen. The fight/action scenes are like ocean waves, smooth and boundless.

My Beautiful Bride is like “Healer” on testosterone overdose. Our lead actor Do Hyung makes ass-kicking look so effortless. Cue applause every time he goes into Navy-Seal mode, breaking bones and jumping roofs like it’s nothing.

What stuns the most is how this drama gives us more romance feels than most of the so-called ‘romantic’ comedies we have on air now. Let’s just say this is my ‘best in class’ drama. It does everything right.


They call him “Mr. Bank Guy”. I call him Unstoppable. Because he’ll stop at nothing to rescue his fiancee Joo Young. Aah, the things we do for love…

The Time I Loved You
Fun times is what this drama gives each episode. And so many fuzzy feelings between friends Choi Won and Oh Ha Na that sometimes you just want to scream at them. Stop having so much fun!

Ugh it’s disgusting how cool you both look. Whether Choi Won is striding back off the plane in his spiffy suit and slicked back hair…Or whether it’s Oh Ha na,  rocking those freaky high heels and smexy short shorts at work before heading for a rooftop picnic with her bestie Won-ah… Just, stop being such cute pals and date already!


The promise of a love triangle is somewhat painful to watch, because all three are suffering and no one is getting the upper hand, least of all the one being sought after (Ha Na). She just can’t seem to catch a break with her love life.

As much as this drama is bubbly and easy on the eyes, it gives too much of a heartbreak vibe and we just want the pain to stop. When does Won finally get the girl anyway? We hope soon – because he’s absolutely the best friend ever…but he’s going to be an even better boyfriend! Go for it, Ha na!!


When your best friend piggy-backs you in front of your meddling ex-boyfriend…best feeling everrr.

Scholar Who Walks the Night 

If you could have one ‘guilty pleasure’ drama, this would be it.

You just can’t look away. The gorgeous vampires that smoke up the screen…The feels being tossed at you left and right from our Scholar and his swooning Bookseller…We just can’t stop. Won’t stop, because this drama will suck you in, hook its fangs into you and won’t let go till the end.

We love when a drama plays with our emotions…So many ups and downs for our tortured hero

I’ll definitely go the distance for Lee Joon Gi playing sexily surreal Sung-yeol. Because he’s at full throttle on this, no holding back. He’s always keeps it 100, and his other cast members are meeting up commendably.

Focus on that and the many other positive stuff this drama has going for it…and this becomes a really fun weekly filler.

120 years of pent-up passion about to blow up our screens… Wheeew!! Someone pass me a fan, it’s getting hot in here!

Coming Soon
There are even more hot dramas coming up soon. And before you can say, “Krunchy Kimchi” you’ll have a new drama series to get addicted to!

“Yong Pal” starring Joo Won, Kim Tae-hee and Jo Hyun-Jae premiers Aug. 5

Following too many dramas each week you can’t even catch a potty break? Who needs those anyway! Kdrama-land is a gift that keeps on giving…so yeah, the sleep deprivation is going to be sooo worth it for the many awesome upcoming dramas…

Must-watch Upcoming drama Oh My God
Oh my God. Oh my God? Oh my God!! For real?? So Ji Sub and Shin Min-A in a weekly drama… what??

Can I pinch myself now, just to make sure this isn’t just a hazy dream?

Sometimes the drama angels are kind, and align the stars perfectly to give us that awesome drama pairing of the year…

Because this only happens in the craziest fantasies. Like, maybe once in a hundred dramas. Aptly named Oh My God, this is going to be one series you won’t be leaving out of your must-watch list. Unless you’re an alien…but hell even aliens have good taste.

Then you take a pause to wonder. Is this just someone playing a cruel joke? What if this is all just one big tease? The drama has no solid air date, and we don’t have much to base our hopes on, except for the working title and confirmed main leads…

But yes! This is definitely happening within the second half of 2015. Maybe in August, or at most within the first few ‘Ember months. Or else!

Revving up for a freaky fun awesome August full of dramas…Leggoo!!


8 thoughts on “July Drama Catch-up – All of the good stuff

  1. I really enjoyed Orange Marmelade (loved the time jump) and My Love Eun Dong. At this point, I know going in that a currently airing drama could always end badly, but that’s no reason not to enjoy the ride! I’ve been anxiously waiting to start Mask and My Beautiful Bride until they’re complete. I just can’t handle the week to week…but waiting to start Scholar Who Walks the Night is proving to be a battle I may not be able to win! lol


  2. Orange Marmalade and My Love Eun Dong are great dramas, glad you enjoyed them. You’ll definitely enjoy Mask and My Beautiful Bride. Beware of the temptation to binge watch 😀

    You should jump right into Scholar Walking the Night, because I think the excitement is more bearable, meaning the weekly episode wait will be easier to endure. While dramas like Mask and Eun dong have been crazy to follow week to week!

    I could not resist any of the current dramas and I’m following them weekly. (the ones I like though.)

    So far, don’t have a drama I’m keeping on ‘ice’ waiting for it to be complete before I start. Too much backlog will mean I might have four to five dramas to watch all at once when they are finished, lol!


  3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they will both be binge watched, lol. I’ve been re-watching Arang and Joseon Gunman trying to hold off Scholar, but I may go ahead and just dive in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These days, I hardly have time for binge watching already aired dramas because of the number of dramas I follow on a weekly basis. Once I dive in, it’s pretty difficult to put it on hold till it is completed.
    With the news on upcoming dramas; Young Pal, Oh My God (I know, right?) Plus there is Descendants of the Sun which doesn’t have an air date yet, and Jang Hyuk’s new Sageuk in September….this is sure awesome.

    Wasn’t it here I read something about having a drama schedule? I sure need a timetable for Kdrama watching.


    1. I know, right? But isn’t it great to always have something to watch each week? Remember those times your couldn’t find anything decent to rave about… Maybe just one or two a week? 😅 it’s all different now.

      Saving a drama till after it is completed might no longer be advisable, because there’s always another awesome drama just starting round the corner.

      I’m looking forward to Yong Pal. Joo Won reminds me of Ji Chang Wook’s Healer in the preview I saw. Oh my God also looks like a winner.


      1. Yeah, it’s really good having many dramas to follow. No dull moment, and anticipating the next episodes makes Kdrama watching very thrilling.
        Since I heard the news about Yong Pal, I’ve been excited to watch. Joo Won in a sneaky doctor role, plus the lives of the rich. That’s a good package.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve gotten heavily involved in currently airing dramas this year, but I typically wait until the drama has two weeks left to finish and then jump in. I’ve only watched two dramas week to week and both were torture…and they were just fluffy comedies! Lol. I’m seeing the excitement of getting more involved with the fandom though, so I’m probably going to test the waters with a couple dramas again and go week to week. Yong Pal might be too intense, but maybe something like Oh My God or Oh My Ghostess 🙂


    1. Yes, definitely catch up with Oh my Ghostess! Though it looks like Oh my God will be too much to resist – I foresee most of us jumping right on it when it airs! I definitely plan to myself 🙂


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