Coming Soon: Mrs. Cop

So I have a thing for lady cops. And k-dramas lately have been giving us some great girls in uniform, most recently the upcoming Mrs. Cop.


She’s no rookie be it age or experience wise. And that’s going to be the main kick about this all-new drama starting August 3: just how does an Ahjumma cop hold it down? I’m eager to find out!


Mrs. Cop: Conflicting Credentials
Good cop, bad mom. Or so the synopsis tells us. She excels in her chosen field as detective leader of a squad handling brutal crimes… But sucks at being a mother. Her young daughter is practically being raised by an aunt, giving Mrs. Cop more time to focus on her career.

Every once in a while, we need dramas like this that just do not conform. Will be rooting for actress Kim Hee-ae to slam-dunk this role, just like she did in her 2014 leading role in Secret Love Affair. I’m definitely a fan.


Full time cop, part time mother. Guess you can’t have it all. Because that would just be cheating, right?

Mrs. Cop is definitely a change in the norm of crime dramas with female cops as leading women. Be it My Beautiful Bride, Hello Monster or even Hidden Identity we see female leads of a much younger variety.

I won’t say no to a mature leading lady in an action role. Especially when it’s an actress who has the acting chops to pull off any character.

Since k-drama world is founded mostly on the fangirl syndrome, this drama might be a pass for some females who like their leads hot, male and of the ‘flower boy’ variety most times. Mrs Cop promises none of that. But it does show some badassery from the female lead, especially in the trailers.

lee ki kwang

Lee Gi Kwang of kpop band Beast plays a junior cop in this drama so yes, plenty of drool at the ready for fangirls

Mrs. Cop is Choi Young-Jin, who puts a whole new spin on the term ‘working mom’. She’s got one of the most dangerous jobs, so maybe it might be hard juggling that with raising a toddler daughter.

Not saying I approve of her life choices, but I can see how this could happen. Luckily, being the heroine of the drama, we just know she’s going to find a way to win us over. And that’s what I’m looking forward to with Mrs. Cop.

August already looks like it will start off on a high note. Which means, it can only get better (we hope). I say yes to more women playing tough cops and gender-wall-smashing heroines. Because it’s about time!

mrs cop

She’s tough, in shape and comes with hand-cuffs? What’s not to like guys??


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Mrs. Cop

  1. 👏😅hyaahh OK I see what you did there. But we can never have too much drama, come on. I’ll definitely check this out once it starts. Kim Hee-ae wowed me in Secret Love Affair and this is my chance to see her in something totally different.


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