K-Drama Checklist for September – October 2015

Upcoming Dramas for September/October: The Checklist 

So…just how many of the upcoming dramas have you heard of and can’t wait to catch the first episode?

Remember when Yong Pal was all everyone could talk about in the days leading up to its premiere? Now it’s one of the hottest dramas on air, which means that sometimes, dramas do live up to expectations!


A major assault of new awesome dramas coming your way this September to October!

For the months of September and October, there are more than enough dramas gathering up a trailer storm. And more than a few are showing a whole lot of promise to go with a whole lot of hype.

Now all any of us have to do, is take our pick. Which dramas have you all flustered with excitement and anticipation?

Maybe it’s time I make a few suggestions…


Looking for some hot upcoming dramas? Come on then!

All-New Dramas creating a whole lot of Buzz…

1. She Was Pretty

she_was-prettyThey say pretty hurts…but so does ugly, as this highly anticipated drama will be bound to show us. (Airdate: Sept. 16)

2.  Six Flying Dragons

six-flyingIt doesn’t promise actual flying dragons, but close enough, with a cast of some of the hottest k-drama stars right now. (Airdate: Oct. 5)

3.  D-Day

D-Day-kdrama 2015I know of disaster movies, but disaster dramas? This one has ‘blockbuster’ written all over it – we hope! (Airdate: Sept. 18)

4.  Master of Trade “Inn 2015″

innkeeper_2015One of the most bankable names in Korean drama, in one of the most mega-assembled sageuks of 2015, makes this a must-see. (Airdate: Sept. 23)

5.  The Village: Achiara’s Secret


Look forward to something of everything in The Village: mystery, action, crime, and a whole lot of scary. (Airdate: Oct. 7)

6.  Sassy, Go Go (Cheer Up)

cheeky-gogoA bit saucy, a bit spirited, and maybe loads of fun in the bargain. Go, Cheeky, Go! (Airdate: Oct. 5)

My Dream Dramas for November – December

7. Goodbye Mr. Blackljw-mcw-mr.black

Nope, you can never have too much of a good thing. I’m soo ready for more Lee Jin Wook NOW!! Or at least in December, as scheduled.

8.  Oh My God

Oh_My_God-kdramaThere is a God! Possibly the most hoped-for k-drama of 2015 is confirmed to broadcast November/December.


8 thoughts on “K-Drama Checklist for September – October 2015

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to Inn 2015! I’ll also be watching Cheer Up. High School without the usual bullying and intensive studying, plus there’s lots of mini-skirts to go round. That seems like fun. ;D


  2. So, I was just checking randomly, and I saw Goodbye Mr. Black stars Moon Chae Won and Song Jae Rim too. I’ve been anticipating Chae Won’s drama comeback, and I’m really excited. Just like you, I can’t wait for it to start.


    1. Looks like the wait is for nothing, because the drama is having issues =(
      The production and the network can’t seem to reach an agreement on time slot or whatever. Not really sure.
      I’m thinking maybe even the cast might change too, in future. If so I think Joon Gi would be perfect for it 😀


      1. Aish! Just when I was getting all excited. I really hope the issues get resolved soon (and the cast stays) otherwise, it’s really Goodbye Mr. Black 😀

        And on a side note, the blog design has been changed. 🙂


  3. I keep playing around with the blog theme…till something fits haha. About Goodbye Mr. Black, after checking out the backstory of the manhwa, the looks and costume I began to consider maybe Lee Jin Wook should sit this one out. I loved him in Time We Were Not In Love, but this looks much too edgy for him and LJW is really not that to me. But I do appreciate his romcom skills lol


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