She Was Pretty Episode One Review

It’s not every time an hour of drama passes so enjoyably. Episode One of She Was Pretty was high spirited and yet filled with emotion and heart. In a word, daebak!



This was another one of those “doesn’t take itself too seriously” kinds of dramas I look out for. Friendships and physical impressions…how they go hand in hand is what this drama revolves around.

Every character was like a round peg in a round hole – or is it role? When the casting is this on point, it’s hard for much else to go wrong.



Our heroine Kim Hye Jin is the down on her luck type juggling odd jobs with student loan debts and squatting rent free with a best pal. In between job hunting she gets the chance to reunite with an old school friend, a supposed first love named Ji Sung Joon.

But when they get to meet, he walks right past her, which is no surprise. The old her was pretty and cool. Two things the current her is not.

To keep his old memory of her alive, in a panic Hye Jin asks her best friend to meet him in her place.




It was so heart rending seeing how enthusiastic Hye Jin was on her way to meet him. But then he’s nothing like his old self either. That overweight, shy boy is now a smoking hot man looking like he just came off the runway at New York men’s fashion week.

So Hye Jin pulls the stunt with her bestie Min Ha Ri acting as the stunning stand-in, who has dinner with the now gorgeous Ji Sung. Somehow, he doesn’t even tell the difference.

And then Hye Jin never hopes to meet him again.

Only, she gets to start work at a magazine publisher’s, and guess who just happens to walk in one fateful morning?

The underlying premise is still a bit shaky though. I can understand the riches to rags story, but how does the prettiest girl in the school grow up to be so dorky, unfashionable and subservient?


Money doesn’t go hand in hand with good taste, and as such it follows that lack of money shouldn’t equal lack of style and self worth.

That said this is a fun, quirky drama that can only get better and should. My only fear was for the male lead Park Seo Joon holding it down.

But he fits in quite well into the main role, though a bit overshadowed by the irreverently cute biker/feature editor, Kim Shin Hyuk (Choi Siwon, my favorite character of episode one. Next to the gratingly insensitive Team Manager of course, haha!).

Kim Hye Jin – So Unpretty
Episode One sets up the background for our leading lady Hye Jin, who has over the years changed drastically from the girl of her high school days.

Now, Kim Hye Jin is that girl that guys never seem to give a second look, especially when next to her hotter, thinner, richer friend.

The drama does play up her less than awe-inspiring sense of style. The frizzy hair, unfashionable clothes and frazzled persona need to be toned down a wee bit, I think.

She’s so out of it, and it’s meant to be cute but no one can really be that bad,  right? Her total lack of sophistication, or interest in it, is getting a bit stretched.


I mean, next to the Ahjumma Hacker of the Healer fame, this girl has to have the worst hair in Kdrama history. Her sense of grooming needs a major upgrade no doubt about it.

I certainly liked the way episode one was paced. Not too much got thrown together. And it still came through very clearly and touched the right spots.

Which means I’ll definitely be tuning in each week.

Does Hye Jin get her transformation? Or will she stay forever the forgotten one? Don’t know, but they made me care enough to want to find out!



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