Mood: Monday Crush featuring Lee Sang Yoon & Choi Siwon

In this month of flaming supermoon eclipses and whatnot, sometimes a fangirl just wants to enjoy a simple Monday.

Oh, and maybe a crush or two featuring the dimpled duo Choi Siwon and Lee Sang Yoon. All I can say is, keep the drool wipes handy!


Babe…I look like a hobo but I can still make you want to tap this.

Two different dramas, two different hotties. Now this  gives a girl something to look forward to each week.

Choi Si-Won and Lee Sang Yoon each have their own brand of looks and charm that’s far from conventional. Especially since they play such unique characters in their current dramas.


Nutty Professor
Lee Sang Yoon is cast as Cha Hyun-suk (in Twenty Again), this highly accomplished theater producer who takes on a Professorship in the college the heroine attends. He’s as grumpy as you’d expect, but he does have his heart-warming moments.

Don’t we all love a character who can’t help being the way he is, so we want to fix him?

imageimageCha Hyun-suk’s lost-puppy look is priceless! And somehow, his scathing words hold more bark than bite

Because even when he’s mean, we know he has a soft center. He just put up all these walls to protect his fragile heart.

Hence the irrepressible urge to want to ‘mother’ him, for example feeding him and giving him loads of hugs. Awww. C’mere, Cha Hyun-suk.


Cha Hyun-suk does goofy so well. We love goofy!

His character is like that little boy trapped in a man’s body.

He just never really grew up. Which is okay. And brings us to our next man-crush…


Batty Bad-Boy in a Biker jacket
Kim Shin-hyuk (in She Was Pretty) is that guy who plays endless practical jokes on that one girl who always falls for the gags.

It’s just a fun pastime for him. Not like he really means any harm, right?


Goofy-licious Kim Shin-hyuk as played by Choi Si-won

You still want to throttle him sometimes though. But those dimples. The irreverent swagger when he walks…

And just that hint of devil-may-care in his eyes. Oh, admit it. You just lurve him.


I know, I know. You’re probably wondering how come I consider either of them lovable.

They play these two totally obnoxious characters that give you those love-hate mood swings.

But the point is, there’s plenty of room for improvement. And I always say perfect and predictable is boring. These two are never boring.


They keep you on your toes and send your pulses racing (mostly in total outrage). But yes, I’d take them over some cookie-cutter character who seems devoid of flaws or moments of total insanity where you just want to scream at them!


Literally 99% of the time he’s being an ass. But he’s also always totally going to be there for you.

Staying motivated
Catching up with a few dramas week to week, you know it’s the eye candy that keeps you going.

I mean, the plot might have its high points but without these cutie tootie patooties (to borrow a line from Kim Ra Ra)…I really don’t know how I could possibly carry on.


Ga Soon-Nam in ‘Twenty Again’ is definitely another crush contender.

There’s really no formula or rocket science to this. These characters help put a smile on our faces and who can resist that?

You might want to rip your hair out a few times at their antics, but you just know you’ll miss them when they aren’t there.


Now, I sooo can’t wait to see more of Kim Shin Hyuk and Cha Hyun-suk in the next episodes.

Just to find out what next, and to observe how helplessly our heroine is going to fall for them –  because we certainly have!


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