She Was Pretty Episode 5 Recap


So many “that was close” moments in episode 5 of She Was Pretty. It almost turned me into as much a nervous wreck as our heroine Kim Hye Jin!

Also, first Ha Ri got thrown together a lot with Ji Sung Joon, but now she has to get Kim Shin-hyuk’s attention as well? Ugh talk about man-hog!


Comic Relief
This week, Hye Jin was more hilarious than crazy. Not that she was any less crazy. She just made us laugh a lot more while she was at it.

Sung Joon catches her in his apartment, and after she gives a haphazard explanation, she scurries out. And just happens to be wearing one of Sung Joon’s shoes instead of hers. Really, she needs to get her sh*t together.


Kim Hye Jin goes home to visit her folks, who prepared a celebratory dinner for their newly employed daughter.

Only she’s a little outshone by her best friend Ha Ri, who seems like a family favorite.

Hye Rin, also present, asks her father to promise to sell his printing business to get her plastic surgery if she ever ends up looking like her sister Hye Jin. Can’t say the girl hasn’t got goals.

Under My Umbrella..ella…
Searching through her old stuff, Hye Jin stumbles on that single puzzle piece Sung Joon once gave her as a keepsake.

She was his first kiss, his first love…and back then, he had promised that when they meet again, he’d be her umbrella just like she had been his.

Yeah, right. Sure.


At work come morning things are super ‘awks’ between Hye Jin and Sung Joon. Mainly because over the weekend, they bumped into each other again. In his office. After she’d overheard him talking on the phone about the fate of Most magazine. Oopsies.

Sung Joon then made her promise not to tell anyone in the team what she knew. Or else.

There’s a period of panic for Hye Jin when she realizes she might have lost the puzzle piece in Sung Joon’s office.

She frantically searches for it and almost gets caught by Sung Joon. But thanks to Shin-hyuk, the piece is retrieved and Sung Joon never notices.

Phew. Because one look at the puzzle piece and Sung Joon would totally know the truth. Especially since at the back of the puzzle, he drew an umbrella.

Good save, Shin-hyuk. Knew you’d come in handy some day.





Later she repays Shin-hyuk with a meal and opens up to him about the past. He’d already guessed as much, thanks to her drunken revelations the other night.

Hye Jin tells Shin Hyuk she used to be pretty, the girl everyone admired. When he informs her he thinks she’s still pretty, I just go…ugh. He’s too freaking cute and nice.

A Trail of Misadventures
This episode, we get the impression that Ha Ri just might maybe possibly be falling for Sung Joon.

They cross paths again at the gym, and she makes excuses to be around him. But deep down, she knows they can’t be together.

Just like the pair of pretty shoes she bought that were sizes too small…she has to admit that though she might want something really bad, it might hurt her in the end.



So she ends up asking Shin-hyuk to do her a tiny favor.

She’s going to need a good excuse to finally break ties with Sung Joon, and Shin-hyuk might just be the perfect solution.

Episode five of She Was Pretty gave a great showing, especially at the end. A rainy night, an accident on the road

Sung Joon is driving past and the scene of the crashed car, with the body inside sends him into a terrible anxiety attack.

It’s heart wrenching to watch. I still have the images in my head and I feel almost just as tormented as he must have.

But then, guess who comes to the rescue?

Just like when they were kids, it’s Hye Jin who finds him wandering in the rain, this time in the midst of moving traffic. She sees him stumble and fall, and she crouches down with him, shielding him with her hoodie.


Just like she shielded him back then with her raincoat.

Now, Sung Joon seems spaced out, as he stares at her face and says her name…but in a wholly different way than he’s ever called it before. “Hye Jin-ah,” he whispers.

Ooh. Goosebumps.

Is it too soon to believe Sung Joon finally recognizes Hye Jin? But since he’s hardly himself… He probably won’t even remember any of this come morning.

Yep, I think I’ll go with that. Because so far She Was Pretty is too good at setting you up to think one way, but then the drama goes the other way.

I wonder how episode 6 will go? Can hardly bear to wait!




7 thoughts on “She Was Pretty Episode 5 Recap

  1. Argh!! I totally agree. I squealed so many times throughout this episode. It is as if this episode was trying to make up for the “slow – mo” in plot and relationship progression and came swinging. I really can’t wait to see how they are going to move on but going by probability, they might go back to stagnation.
    Please move the plot along!


    1. Too many times they do that…raise the tension with a cliffhanger at the end.. But the next episode…Fizzle. Hahaha but they came swinging indeed this episode!!


  2. I wish Hye Jin will end up with Shin Hyuk. Ha Ri should end up with Sung Joon. And Hye Jin and Sung Joon should remain close friends… I know that most dramas, will have the main gal end up with the guy who treats them badly at first. …


    1. I can see that might never happen (Sung Joon and Ha Ri) 😁 and as for Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin, I want that pairing more than anything!! But I don’t see that happening either. You know, Kdrama patterns can’t be overturned so easily!


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