11 Q&A from She Was Pretty: Fun Facts and Trivia

Best of the rest
It’s safe to say the K-drama She Was Pretty is turning out to be a solid fan favorite.


This drama is the ‘Mostest’ –  and it’s about to get even more ‘most’!

It could be the smoking hot leads, or the unique premise, or just the sheer hotpot of aggravating suspense it provides…but this drama is definitely taking us by storm!


Here are some fun facts about the drama that makes it such a treat to watch.

1.  There’s a jigsaw puzzle we keep seeing and hearing about in the drama. What is it anyway?

The puzzle is of an oil painting by Renoir called Dance in the Country.

The couple in the painting were friends of the painter, and both later married.

This masterpiece is bright and cheerful, and we can imagine that’s one of the many reasons why the younger Sung Joon got so taken with it.


2.  Is there really an International Left-hander’s Day?
Sometimes k-dramas do make things up, like girls who can see smells, and rampant memory loss.

But this time it’s actually true: there is an official day for left handers all around the world: August 13.

If you are a leftie or know a leftie, well good news, this day is specially designated to celebrate and promote this unique ability.

3.  Just what the devil is up with Hye Jin’s face?
Yep, she woke up like this. No, it’s not meant to be her Halloween makeup. Hye Jin inherited her ‘skin condition’ from her father and it’s been speculated to be excessive flushing, acne or even eczema.


Whatever be the case, the fact is Hye Jin is made to not look pretty or even act pretty.

We see her talk loudly with food in her mouth, drink water right from the bottle in the fridge instead of using a glass…and even fail to use a clean plaster on her injured finger until she was reminded to.
A trifle unladylike don’t you think, Hye Jin?

So in honesty it’s not just her face that’s the problem here. But looks like the drama really wants to play up the ‘ugly’ card, so what can one do?

4.  Name that tune?
There’s a theme song from the drama that Hye Jin taught Sung Joon to listen to whenever he needed a pick-me-up.

It’s an ‘oldie but goodie’ titled (They Long to Be) Close to You. There are many versions but the most popular (and the one used in the drama) is by The Carpenters.

5.  Onion Healing – does it work?
In episode 6 there’s a remedy about onions. Makes you wonder how it works. Do onions absorb the bacteria in the atmosphere, purify the air, or is it all just a theory?

The best way to find out would be to try it yourself, if you ever have a flu or cold coming on. Some articles online say to cut the onion in half and keep in a bowl in your room overnight. No harm in trying, right? 

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the white ones are the best for this particular remedy.


All healing onions should go to heaven… 

6.  We hardly see Sung Joon eat. Does he live on just coffee and water?
Apparently he doesn’t, since he goes on a dinner date or two with Ha Ri. Can’t say I remember if I actually do see him eat though.

7. Sung Joon lost his mother in a car accident, true or false?
Sadly, true. And it must have happened in the rain. And he must also have witnessed it, hence the traumatic flashback and the anxiety attack he has in episode 5 when he sees a similar incident.

8.  How plausible is it: prettiest girl in school falls for the fat nerdy kid?
Stranger things are known to happen. Because really, girls like the younger Hye Jin are one of a kind.

Sweet-natured and loyal, they are more than a pretty face, and are pretty on the inside too.

That’s why even with how she looks as the now grownup Hye Jin, she seems just as lovely as she’s always been.

9.  What’s with Sung Joon and his over-concentration disorder?
He seems to be in his own world whenever he’s focused on his tablet especially. Is this just some inadvertent product placement or something else? SWP3-00008

We’ve seen him walk into glass doors, drink from a flower vase, and even have a near-miss with an important client…All because of his hyperfocus behaviour whereby he finds it hard to shift his attention from whatever he is zeroing in on.

Should we be worried? Maybe, but hopefully it will get explained in the near future.

10. Can Hye-Jin really transform into a Beauty?
Just what would we have to do to turn our lovely Hye Jin into a beautiful swan? Body modification, plastic surgery or extreme makeover? I think when you get to know her, you’d love her just the way she is.

“I wish I could press a button and go back to how I used to be as a kid…”

However, there’s still no harm in wanting to improve on oneself. In a world obsessed with the outward appearance, it’s safe to say that how you look matters. I even read somewhere about a study which showed that attractive people earn more in the workplace.

Thankfully though, many get by well enough through life without making the ‘most beautiful’ list. Besides there’s Hye Jin’s father and he seems well loved by his wife. So there’s hope for our Hye Jin, right? Right?

11. What the *@%! is a Zeigarnik effect?
I guess we learn something new everyday. So finding out there’s such a thing as a Zeigarnik effect is kind of an eye opener.

Apparently, Sung Joon suffers from it and it’s just a big word to describe how humans like to finish what we started.

So there’s Sung Joon and his incompleted romance with the Hye Jin from the past. Seems he can’t really move on until he somehow, finds closure from his feelings for his first love.

Heck, we the fans need closure too, as we wait for Sung Joon to find out who the real Hye Jin is.

Only then can we all settle down to begin to properly enjoy this roller-coaster ride, and watch all four main leads progress to find whatever the future holds for them.

When Hye Jin finds out about Ha Ri and Sung Joon…


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