She Was Pretty Episode 9 recap

After what was for some a nerve-racking wait, fans of She Was Pretty finally find some resolution – in more ways than one.

How it felt to finally get the show on air this week.

First had been our worry if Hye Jin would ever get her transformation. And then of course, the panic of having the episode postponement thanks to a baseball game.

In the end we do only get one episode this week, but you can be sure it’s action-packed. So that makes up for a lot. And Hye Jin got her makeover!! It set her back oooh, a few hundred dollars, but girl looked like she thought every dime was worth it. So yeah, this episode rocked!

Styled up!
Everyone gives Hye Jin’s new look the thumb’s up. You look very Most-like, goes Kim Ra Ra in deep approval. Only Shin Hyuk seems to have mixed feelings…he wants his Jackson back!

I’m just happy Hye Jin looks and seems more confident and held together.
vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h08m17s44 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h08m40s16 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h09m25s210vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h09m52s116

Clean Slate
Everyone deserves a fresh start, right? Well, that’s our girl’s motivation for getting not just a new look, but a new mission.

As she tells Shin Hyuk, she’s going to focus on her duties and quit complaining. Not because she was aiming for employee of the month guys. She plans on getting her father’s printing business on track.

Beauty of the shadows
There’s something big going down at The Most. For the 20th anniversary the editing team brainstorm ideas and it looks like Hye Jin gets some recognition!

Shin Hyuk credits her for the chosen theme, which makes her happy. Even Sung Joon later tells her that her views are unique and refreshing. Our girl is slaying this week!

A sweet moment happens when Sung Joon hands Hye Jin back her employer ID, gift wrapped of course.

Later on, Ha Ri stands Sung Joon up, seeming too nervous to face him again. Was she worried he might give her some bad news if she made it for their date?

Ha Ri then goes on to collapse at the supermarket, where Shin Hyuk is outside having some cup noodles. He gets her to the hospital and we finally find out why she’s been clutching her stomach the last couple of episodes. No eating or sleeping well, coupled with stress…looks like she can’t handle her web of lies, Shin Hyuk points out gently.

I kept thinking, just one more day, admits Ha Ri. She claims Sung Joon is her first love too, and my face is like…errr what?


You want to compare your insta-crush for Sung Joon, to the beautiful sweetness of emotions shared by the younger Hye Jin and Sung Joon? One that helped shape them and which memory even still drives the way their hearts move to this day?

Nahhh. Uh uh, I don’t think so. Big difference.

It’s going to take more than a few pretty tears to make me dreg up any sympathy for Ha Ri.

Sometimes you can’t help the way you feel about someone, granted. But there has to be a point you draw the line. We can’t all have what we want out of life.

Promises broken
And it looks like her conscience won’t stop eating her. Ha Ri wakes up later from bed to find Hye Jin trying to rustle her up something for her stomach pains.

Ha Ri has flashbacks to when they were younger and Hye Jin was just as caring. Ha Ri had promised to always stand by Hye Jin and treat her well. Would Ha Ri honestly think she’s kept her promises lately?

Judging by her stress and guilt induced health scare, She knows she’s messed up. But can’t seem to stop herself.
vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h26m37s50 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h27m37s134 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h28m28s137

Come back Jackson!
Shin Hyuk keeps wanting the old Hye Jin back! The one who didn’t care much for being all fancy.

After another team meeting, he notices Hye Jin even has a leather case for her employer ID and he’s dismayed. Why is she getting more and more superficial?

But Hye Jin states it was a welcome back present from Sung Joon, who’s ready to treat her as a colleague.

Shin Hyuk does a whacky ‘Hye Jin’ impression, where he huffs and tosses his head about like, ah really, welcome present? What nonsense! and Hye Jin just shakes her head and goes, “He’s not normal” – exactly Shin Hyuk’s words early on in the series when referring to Hye Jin during her ditsy days.

Not to be outdone or out-maneuvered, Shin Hyuk gets Hye Jin a welcome present of his own. A gorgeous looking bag to replace her old one. And tells her to accept it graciously, just as she said she accepted Sung Joon’s gift.


He even makes comparisons as to the scale of his present over Sung Joon’s. Hye Jin tries to reject it but Shin Hyuk does have his ways, and he makes her finally accept the gift.

Big Night
The Most hold their anniversary gala and we get some cameo candy, showing the red carpet from footage of the recent Seoul Drama Awards as a backdrop.

But Sung Joon and even the emcee of the event is late. Ooh, looks like this is going to be a big problem.
vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h52m48s131 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h54m01s96 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-05h54m33s157

The emcee does arrive but Hye Jin finds out its pouring outside. Why does she seem to have a bad feeling? Maybe because rain never seem to bode well for her or Sung Joon in this drama.

The Most team try to delay the opening speech which Sung Joon is expected to make. But the overzealous emcee in error, opens the 20th Anniversary event earlier than planned.

Hye Jin is worried and looking out for Sung Joon. She remembered what he told her about losing his mother. Should she start to panic?


Holy smoke! It’s time for the opening speech and still no Sung Joon so who gets to take his place? None other than Shin Hyuk!

But no, he doesn’t get the chance. Because it’s Chief Editor Kim Ra Ra to the rescue!

She struts on the stage in front of the huge screen dressed like Miss Havisham from Great Expectations.

Her speech starts out scary and the members of the team are mortified…but she pulls a surprise in the end, to the sound of great applause from the crowd of guests.
vlcsnap-2015-10-16-06h10m09s37 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-06h19m52s249 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-06h21m51s165

Sung Joon finally appears, to Hye Jin’s relief. Later when he’s sitting by himself and looking dazed Hye Jin takes a place on the other end. Offering some silent support, which is nice.

We know his lapse did have something with driving in the rain, and possibly getting another panic attack of some sort. But the drama doesn’t really explain and we are left to draw our conclusions.


Do well yourself
The team members are badmouthing their assistant editor in chief Sung Joon for coming late to the event. Especially when he’s so non-tolerant of lateness himself.

Hye Jin rises to his defense, but when he gets her outside he tells her when something is his fault he should take the flack. Though he does thank her sweetly for sticking up for him.

This sweet talking, smiley face Sung Joon is definitely going to take getting used to!
vlcsnap-2015-10-16-06h32m01s109 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-06h45m44s116 vlcsnap-2015-10-16-06h46m11s183

Reach your Most potential

Shin Hyuk gets up to his naughty tricks again.

Okay, so Hye Jin gets offered the chance to write an article for Most. But she’d rather support the team from the sidelines. However, Shin Hyuk makes it so she seems to agree to the ‘challenge’ of producing an article for the magazine.

He has his underhand ways, but it’s for the best, right? He does want Hye Jin to do well. So will she go for it or keep shrinking from the shine?

What I don’t get, is later Shin Hyuk bumps into Ha Ri and gets talked into giving her a bike ride. Like, totally sooo random.

As a hardcore Jackson couple shipper (heh heh) I don’t want any first-love-snatcher around a guy like Shin Hyuk. What could Ha Ri be thinking?

Once they get back from the ride, Ha Ri thanks Shin Hyuk and adds that he helped her get her head on straight. Does that mean she’s ready to reveal the truth to Sung Joon?

That’s when a rueful Shin Hyuk asks Ha Ri to keep his own secret from Hye Jin, at least for now.

Opportunity strikes but once…

Then on the other hand there’s Sung Joon who bumped into Hye Jin at the bus stop, and they get talking about Renoir, as well as Craesus the god of opportunity and what not.

Just what is he getting at? Something tells me there’s a message in there for our Hye Jin.


Come morning Hye Jin is quick to let Editor Cha know she’ll do the article after all. Ms. Cha already must have guessed this would happen, because she hands Hye Jin a bunch of material to get her started.

Well, Hye Jin did spend much of the night thinking on Sung Joon’s words about missed opportunity and grabbing hold once you can.

She’d also looked through her old records from school and all her achievement awards for her writing.

So…we see how her mindset got changed – with a little help from Sung Joon, and both share knowing looks and the weird hair-grabbing salute they seem to have made up.

Shin Hyuk is just as happy with Hye Jin’s choice and offers a helping hand when needed.

Though, in the following days Hye Jin is too busy with her new assignment to go hang out with Shin Hyuk. Which of course he thinks is a bummer…this new Hye Jin is no fun!

But then in the same breath he smiles and admits to himself that,  ‘his Jackson’ is kinda cool.


It’s time for Hye Jin to make it for her first assignment as a reporter. She has an interview to be used for the article, and loans Editor Cha’s car to make the trip.

As she leaves, Sung Joon is just arriving and he shakes her hand and wishes her the best.

At this point my eyes are rolling. Where are the fluttery feelings? What happened to all the tension and excitement of a budding attraction? All I see is a guy playing ‘mentor’, while our newly made-over Hye Jin is more focused on work, work than any kind of romance.

Girl, interrupted 

As Hye Jin goes off, Sung Joon gets a call from Ha Ri who wants them to meet. She’s written a little confession letter and seems all set to hand it to Sung Joon.

But as we’ve seen in past episodes, something always crops up when Ha Ri makes up her mind to tell Sung Joon the truth. Would that be the case this time?


Looks like my hunch was right. Because just as Sung Joon is waiting for Ha Ri at their meeting point, he makes a call to Most – and overhears that Hye Jin took out Ah Reum’s faulty car by mistake!

Ooh this is not good. Sung Joon dashes out to the rescue, and doesn’t even notice Ha Ri standing there at the entrance. She stares after him in shock, once again unable to come clean thanks to a sudden event. Hope her stomach cramps can be borne for yet another week…

Shin Hyuk too, has heard about the danger Hye Jin could be in, and jumps on his bike to make it to his Jackson as soon as possible.

Now both men are racing to get to Hye Jin…but who would make it to her side first?

As he speeds his car through the rain to Hye Jin, Sung Joon suddenly realizes how much she has come to mean to him. And so when he gets to the scene of the accident, he grabs the first person he can get his hands on and asks, what happened to the driver of the car?

Suddenly, Hye Jin emerges, looking unhurt and surprised to see Sung Joon – especially when he falls on her with a relieved hug.

And just in the foreground, we see the lone figure of a dark-clothed man silently observe the sight of Hye Jin in Sung Joon’s tight embrace…


Whoa this week’s episode has no chill button! I’m a bit on the fence with this Hye Jin-Sung Joon coupling, which may materialize in episode 10 (next week). On paper they deserve to be together, but what about the love in the shadows, my Shin Hyuk? Did he ever even stand a chance?

Truth is, I just want any semblance of feels at this point. From any quarter. We’re getting not much of the ‘rom’ out of this romcom. Let’s hope whoever Hye Jin picks they’ll get some time to actually date and be an item.

Because now that ‘she’s pretty again’, it would seem such a waste if she didn’t snag herself a love interest, right? Guess I’ll have to wait another week and hope I get my wish!


Now these two have the weirdest mating signals! Oh well, whatever rocks their boat… 


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