December 2015 K-dramas: What to Watch

For some, it’s all about the cast when choosing that next k-drama favorite. That goes for me too! I’m more invested in who’s playing the main roles than even the storyline. So yes, I’m shallow when it comes to my viewing pleasure.

That’s why my December looks like a dream shopping list with all my favorite things! Smoking hot leads and supporting cast with verve, and yes some dramas with a solid premise thrown in here and there.

So what should you be watching?

Oh my Venus

Topping my watchlist is a drama that ticks all my boxes. Throw in Shin Min-A’s dimples, So Ji Sub’s abs, and a healing storyline about overcoming adversity be it physical or emotional then…sold!

oh my venus 0 poster

A drama that can be cute and sizzling all at once? Oh my oh my, yes please!

If this is the one k-drama I care to follow all through December, it will be some 16 hours well spent.

Remember (War of the Son)

I can already tell this will be my no. 2 go-to December drama next to Oh My Venus. Because the couple combo is just as juicy! Yoo Seung-Ho and Park Min-Young? Nuff said.


Remember Yoo? Oh I certainly do, hot stuff!

The story line is catchy to say the least. You must know the condition called ‘amnesia’ – well how about Hyperthymesia?

Our leading man Yoo Seung Ho (playing Jin-Woo) suffers from it and it means having a detailed memory of life’s past experiences. So this guy forgets nothing. And this can help him save his wrongly accused father – only, Jin-Woo’s memory starts to fail.

How can he beat the odds and make things right on time?

Madame Antoine – Coming Soon

Some faces keep showing up on our small screens and we sometimes marvel at the appeal. That’s not to say I don’t like the leads in this drama!!

Han Ye-Seul did good in her main role in Birth of a Beauty – one of my fave ever dramas. And her co-star Sung Joon is a compelling actor, one I last viewed in Jekyll, Hyde & Me.

I really want to root for them as they pair up in this drama with psychological and somewhat supernatural themes.



Maybe mysterious, maybe moody…Madame Antoine can hopefully deliver on both!

When one of them dreams of love, while the other wants to prove its non-existence, what do you get? An angsty showdown with lots of drama and chemistry. Come November 27, I’ll discover if my intuition is right!



4 thoughts on “December 2015 K-dramas: What to Watch

  1. Yep, December is looking like a good month. Remember is my pick for sure. I haven’t started Oh My Venus yet, but I’m really looking forward to it and enjoyed your week one review 🙂


  2. Thanks Kay :)! This is one drama I’d have loved to recap. But I need to enjoy it with no strings, so maybe just a review when I can. It’s totally my kind of drama! You absolutely should check it out soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly, it’s true about Madame Antoine. Was looking forward to how the two main leads will interact, since they both have the same kind of cool temperament. Well I’m still covered enough for December with SJS and Remember Yoo **big grin**


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