Oh My Venus Week Two Review


Episode 3 and 4 of Oh My Venus does a lot of showing more than just telling – something this drama is very good at.

You get to like the good guys more than ever. And the bad guys…even though you know you should hate them, you can’t even. Because everyone has a reason they reached this turning point.


What do we learn from week two of Oh My Venus? Well, that we have a lot of backstory real estate to cover.

Pretty girl Oh Soo Jin (played by perpetual villain Yu In-Young) wasn’t always so pretty and confident.

Even our leading man Kim Young-Ho (So Ji Sub) hides a few scars beneath his detached demeanor.


You’ll feel a lot of emotion this week. Humor, reflection, understanding. Our heroine is truly winning our hearts with her spunky, never-say-die attitude.

She gets kicked down, she gets back up. Over and over. Because that’s what you when there’s so much at stake.


Kang Joo-Eun has fighting spirit, that’s for sure. And it’s that inner fighter that seems to attract Kim Young-Ho even when he wants to stay aloof.

Maybe he sees something in her that he used to battle himself, before he became this fit, hot trainer?


You’ll absolutely love Kim Ji-Woong (Henry) who brings in loads of chuckles

There’s so much to love about this drama. We have friendship, of the guys and girls variety, and we have sentimentality, where you let yourself see different sides to a coin.

It will teach you to never judge too harshly or quickly. Like I said, we all have our story. Nothing is ever really black-and-white.


Joo-Eun starts her journey to fitness and self discovery but it’s rocky from the onset.

She believes she can do it, but wanting to achieve something is different from actually carrying it through successfully. Do her fitness goals even stand a chance?


Oh My Venus Episode 4 is just as quirky as the former episodes but this time we get more reveals.

Our heroine knows who the real John Kim is now. And it’s time for her to get down to business. Time to lose a few pounds. Like maybe a few hundred.


This episode isn’t so much about weight shaming. It’s more about taking care of what you’ve got.

And our John Kim aka Kim Young-Ho is all motivation. Joo-Eun can not be caught slacking. It’s now or never, especially when she discovers she has a troubling health condition.

What started out as a guilt trip, may turn out a guilty pleasure for John Kim. Training Kang Joo-Eun to fitness and health may become more than just another challenge. Will his heart get strung in as well?


This week’s episodes 3 & 4 were satisfying indeed. I hope the light, breezy pace continues. No need rushing when it’s this good.

When actors are so in sync the all round chemistry is insane then we just might want these two around for as long as possible. Can’t get enough, not quite yet.


Is Oh My Venus another classic in the making? And so far how does it hold up to other similar Cinderella dramas?

All I can say is, solid acting and line delivery can make up for a lot of lapses. So far though, Oh My Venus is doing so many things right.

You won’t catch me complaining, what with the delightful bromance, cheeky humor and scorching chemi just bursting the seams of this drama.


Week 3 better come soon, because I’m curious about a few things. Like So Ji Sub’s knee injury, and why he’s a great trainer but feels comfortable out of the spotlight?

Is he really attracted to Joo-Eun or is it all just pity? And will her weight loss really change anything or does her problem originate from the inside?


Is there a new romance in Joo-Eun’s future or does she get the cheating ex to come crawling back? Who’s the mystery stalker at the end of episode 4?

Oh My Venus, you have plenty of explaining to do next week!



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