Oh My Venus Week Three Review: Episode 5


Oh My Venus keeps getting better and better.

The whole premise of substance over beauty and vice versa doesn’t really worry me. I like a good message, but basically I’m here for the eye candy.

And the skinship. Episode 5 affords loads of feels. I saw myself going ‘Omo, Omo!!’ in some of the contact scenes with Coach Young Ho and our Daegu Venus Joo Eun.

When an episode has you breaking out your not-even-close-to–intermediate Korean, you know it’s good.



When it comes to you there’s no such thing as too much anything, handsome!

Many things got to me in episode 5 of Oh My Venus. That one, our heroine has more people caring about her wellbeing than even she is aware of…

Such as a wavering ex who still feels a protective connection to his first love, and a trainer who gets stars in his eyes when he watches videos of her training. And so much more.



Then there’s Young Ho and his secret injury. Which we discover is actually all but 100% healed…just that Young Ho’s long history with pain has him imagining he still feels the same issues with his knee problems (psychoneurosis, as we are told).

How can he overcome the lingering psychological trauma?




Of course the best part of episode 5 was all the crackling chemistry and tension building up between the two. Not to be missed is the jiu jitsu mat tumble.

It takes seeing it yourself to truly experience it, so I’ll simply say these two have the compatibility of our Kdrama dreams.

Looks like all the pre-show hype was well deserved. Now I can’t wait for more!



Not just Young Ho but we get a major surprise at the end of the winning episode 5!!

Again not to make unfair comparison but this is the drama A Time We Were Not In Love should have been. I mean in sheer terms of fast pace and underlying chemical tension.

Oh My Venus shovels up some serious touchy-feely moments, only the result of truly experienced actors both working in sync.


Young Ho acts all aloof after that ‘unplanned’ fall kiss, where her lips accidentally ‘trip’ unto his.

But later as he tosses in bed at night, we realize neither of them are immune to each other. And it’s so hilarious and heartwarming to witness.


Sweet dreams are made of these…

How can these two handle their skyrocketing mutual awareness? Episode 6 better have some major answers!


3 thoughts on “Oh My Venus Week Three Review: Episode 5

  1. Lol ep5 was awesome i can’t get over how cute the episode ended, when young Ho says “I’ve never seen those before” then just pokes her dimple.
    Lol. This is the first drama to get me This excited in a long time. I can’t wait till ep6

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