Remember – War of the Son Review episode 1


Remember – War of the Son episode one served up a glimpse into a drama that can only get more intense, more emotional and dark. I’m already eager for more.


Seo Jin-woo is introduced as a smart, warm and intriguing personality, and a loving son to his Dad, his only family.

The one hour flies by at a steady pace I find enjoyable. The opening scene will catch your attention, because it’s about a son witnessing his father’s execution.

Thankfully it’s only Seo Jin-woo having a bad dream about his father Seo Jae-Hyuk, who’s in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.


Episode one of Remember is about setting up the whole drama and its players, villains and heroes.

But it’s the same story we are so familiar with now: the innocent always suffer, while the rich get away with everything. Can anyone ever really stand up for the truth?


Say it, Park Dong Ho!! I’m hoping this character is hiding a lot of depth and substance beneath his comical stance.

I definitely will be glued to this series. Because there’s a little bit of everything a drama needs. Even when the premise of the drama is as serious as life and death, you’ll still find elements of sunrays within the clouds.


Lee In-A makes appearance soon enough and she’s as fun, sweet and pretty as you can expect.

But like Seo Jin-woo, I’m guessing In-A will be getting a reality check in due course. These two will be rudely thrust out of their rainbow-colored bubbles, and life will never be the same.


We have more of that ineptitude in the legal system that we find so much in Kdramas.

Unscrupulous and detestable, these entities are meant to enforce the law but what they do is twist the facts to save their own skin.

And in this way, heedlessly destroy a family forever.


Nasty piece of work Nam Gyoo-man has an irrational sense of self-importance that makes me see red!!

I already can’t wait to see the b*@#rds brought to justice!

Most of episode one is told in flashbacks, as we learn what happened that night a young woman was killed and found by Jin-woo’s dad. One thing is clear, Seo Jae-Hyuk is innocent.

Which means we can focus on cheering Jin-woo on in clearing his father’s name.


It’s sad to watch the misfortune slowly overshadow the world of father and son. Seo Jae-Hyuk spirals down into Alzheimer’s, which is known as impaired memory.

This condition can degenerate into complete helplessness, and I’d hate to see that happen to Seo Jae-Hyuk before he can be cleared of the crime.

He needs more time, and so does Jin-woo.



Jin-woo in shock when his father is arrested, at the funeral of the slain girl.

Watching Jin-woo watch his life fall apart is heart-rending.

I’m eagerly awaiting episode 2 of Remember, to see how the strong-willed and intelligent Jin-woo handles what happened to his father.


Brainiac Jin-woo already has whole statute books committed to memory – which, you know, might prove very handy right about now…

We already had a glimpse of his powerful mind, when he was accused by Lee In-A for stealing her wallet on the bus.

So we know he can be clear-headed and analytical in crucial moments.

But this is his beloved father we’re talking about now, so there’s no saying what extremes Jin-woo will have to go to right from the start.

Though we witness events half in flashbacks, half in current time – it’s not confusing at all, but easy to follow.

I’m hoping this gets to be a smart, quirky and warm-hearted tale, and maybe even a memorable one.

Give us a ride we won’t forget, drama!



9 thoughts on “Remember – War of the Son Review episode 1

  1. This looks amazing! Love the premise, love the cast, love everything I’ve seen so far. It felt like it took forever for the premiere to get here, now I have to wait to let a few episodes build up before I dive in. Oh well, I’m sure it will be worth the wait 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I only have that control because I know how much more painful it would be for me when every episode ends on a cliffhanger and I had to wait a week, lol.

        I usually like to read recaps of the first few episodes of a drama to get a feel for it (especially if it’s one I’m undecided on whether to watch). After that I do try to avoid spoilers. I just read snippets here and there which typically gets me even more excited 🙂


    1. Like Kay said it feels like I’ve waited forever for this to start. So no, couldn’t bear to even wait a minute more! I love getting caught up in a new drama that ticks all the boxes for me.

      I appreciate you checking out the post! And do tell me what you think when you do start Remember.


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