Remember – War of the Son Review episode 2

Truth vs. Reality
This second episode of Remember builds up on the setup already established: Seo Jin-woo’s dad is in a very bad situation, and it’s about to get much worse.



Words seem to be the last thing Jin-woo wants right now, but somehow In-Ah gets through to him

It’s the beginning of episode 2 but Jin-woo is already having a bad day. He finds out that the public defense attorney chosen for his father is as incompetent as they come.

Jin-woo needs a replacement that can actually get the job done, and fast.

I like that he has In-Ah to show some support, as she tells him that the truth will win against what looks real to the outside world.

Black, white and gray
The characters in this episode are becoming more defined, more distinct.


Nam Gyoo-man is the last person we see with the girl when she was alive, which makes him our prime suspect.

But we also just really want to hate on him because he’s well, really despicable.

Is this guy capable of being a cold-blooded killer, or is just really mean and evil?



Well I guess we now have our answer…

We already know the good guys, Jin-woo and his father Seo Jae-Hyuk. As for Attorney Park Dong-Ho, he’s showing himself to be the anti-hero, unwilling to play the saint.

It’s refreshing…but disheartening all at once.



This drama really went zigzagging along this episode, and you almost wish it would just slow down and pace itself.

Because it’s a really good series and it wouldn’t do to miss a thing!


Jin-woo is stunned when In-Ah shows up at the gambling arena. This is the third time this episode she was there to lend a hand!

Jin-woo risks life and limb to raise money to hire the attorney with the 100% win rate, Park Dong-Ho.

But it looks like our snazzy mobster-looking attorney isn’t biting. What will it take to get Park Dong-Ho on Jin-woo’s team?


These two have history, and don’t even know it until later

There’s a lot of the action we’d want to see, fairly early in a series billed as a thriller.

But there’s also heaps of emotion and tragedy, because really nothing comes easy for Jin-woo in this drama.


Jin-woo lost his mother and older brother in a car accident, and now he’s determined not to lose his father too.

How can he get his father out of this with so much stacked against them both?

Public hate and outcry, Jae-Hyuk’s impaired memory and signed confession, and the deplorable legal aid provided, to name a few.


It’s a gamble Jin-woo will watch play out for the next four years, as he seeks a way out for his father

But things are all too compactly set out, that you almost begin to doubt your own belief in what’s true and what’s real.

Is Gyoo-man really the killer? And can we definitely say that Jae-Hyuk truly knows nothing about how the victim died?


Is this another Sensory Couple trick, where we pick the wrong killer at the start?

It was fun to watch In-Ah shine in her scenes, especially those times when she rushes in to ‘rescue’ Jin-woo.

So we know for certain she is no ordinary heroine, but one who can stand up for fairness, and even show remarkable bravery when needed.


In-Ah has a loving, comfortable family life yet, still has compassion enough to reach out to another who needs help. I like her already!

I can’t describe how much I want this drama to keep up its impressive showing. The leads display quality performances, and the storyline is worth watching.

So now we just have to make it through the next oohhh, 22 episodes in one piece.

I’d say, stock up on a bumper supply of tissues – because something tells me we’re going to find them handy going forward.


Literally my face all through most of episode two

I don’t mind if a drama draws on our tear duct reserves. I just want it to also go with some credible suspense, solid delivery and of course, heart-tripping romantic interludes.

I mean whew, if Jin-woo is going to end up with life-threatening memory loss, as the synopsis warns us…at least let him have had a taste of happiness, companionship and even high flying romance.

Just like with Healer, the drama should balance all the necessary elements to keep the story power-packed and yet humane.


Park Dong-Ho is an unlikely source of giggles, and I hope he doesn’t lose his flair as the story evolves…

Father Figures
Park Dong-ho might see something of himself in Jin-woo.

After all, they both have an undying loyalty to their fathers (though Park Dong-Ho’s dad has passed on).

But I’m sniffing up a lot of mystery, such as maybe Nam Gyoo-man or his family is tied in with the death of Park Dong-Ho’s father.

Which is possibly why Park Dong-ho only seems interested in taking on Jae-Hyuk’s case…once he gets a certain piece of ‘information’ that looks connected to Nam Gyoo-man.

What exactly is the missing link?

These, and many other burning questions, are what I’d like the drama to address next week!



2 thoughts on “Remember – War of the Son Review episode 2

  1. Mom: “You’re rich if you have a lot of good memories… later when you become an adult. You should make people happy, and help those in need with your talent. Maybe that’s why GOD gave you that talent.”
    while the show may focus on saving dad, but I hope that along the pathway, JW learned to become a voice for the needy, a brain for the mistreated, using his gift. When God give a talent, He meant it to be pass-forward. To more we give, the more it multiply, just like the fish and bread when Jesus gave at Galilee.


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