Oh My Venus Week Five Review: Episode 9


Guess how to recognise a good romance comedy? It’s the one that doesn’t take two-thirds of the series before they get to the good part.

You know, the actual dating.

Episode 9 of Oh My Venus was an utter blast. This would be the couple that Hye Jin and Shin-hyuk had the chance to be, if only. I feel like my angst from She Was Pretty can finally be assuaged. I got my Ultimate Fun Pairing.

Life is so sweet.



Cue the falling peach blossoms, because it’s about to get dreamy. Prepare to get sugarfied. Episode nine’s romantic sequences were sweetly done – without being cheesy.

Never enough words to describe how good this drama gets. I don’t try to focus on the tiny bits that aren’t perfect. I only see that the parts Oh My Venus does well, it does very well.


Young Ho and Joo-eun spend too much energy trying to keep their relationship under wraps…which is awesome fun to watch.

Because they’re always a split second from getting found out!


And while Joon Sung (Korean Snake) is trying to fend off the overzealous attentions of a CF queen (Jang Yi Jin), Oh Soo-jin is feeling down in the dumps.

Why is she always so covered in gloom?


Joo-eun is about to move out so she wants to go on that camping trip now!.

Young Ho gallantly lets her have her way, as our Daegu Venus usually does. The camping trip is defo happening, whoo hoo!!

OK. Time out.

Joo-eun and Young Ho go out for coffee and Woo-sik shows up asking to talk to Joo-eun. I don’t know why he expects her to give him the time of day, but to my surprise, Joo-eun quietly asks Young Ho to give her some time with her ex.


They talk, and Woo Shik tries to make Joo Eun’s weight loss all about him and Soo Jin.

I like Joo Eun’s response, letting Woo Shik know she’s overall glad and stronger from the whole experience of the breakup.

The best thing about Oh My Venus, is the heroine being so gutsy and real. She may have jumped on the love wagon again a bit too soon. But maybe that was the best remedy. 15 years with Woo sik must have been hard to get over.

But as Joo Eun tells Woo Shik, it’s time to get used to the present, not the past.

Now I wish Woo Shik would take his so-called “mixed emotions”, and stuff them up his…well you get the idea.


Haha, Joo-eun is pissed to hear her Mom still calls Woo Shik up now and then

Oh and just a little trivia about the background music (R. Kelly’s World Christmas) – I like how dramas do that, playing some unique OSTs you can’t help but notice whenever anyone is sitting for coffee.

And I know these posts are meant to read as reviews, and only end up looking more like recaps… Well I guess it is what it is, since a drama like Oh My Venus is so hard to resist going on and on about.

So back on track:


Yasss! Joo-eun has another little pop-up fantasy about Young Ho showing up to pep-talk her when she’s having it rough.

Her arch rival Soo Jin is of course around to just be a nuisance as usual.

As villains go, no one has really outright done anything worth writing home about, in terms of sheer villainy.

Looks like that’s about to change.



Chief Kim warns Young Ho about the upcoming inauguration into his role as Director of Gahong. Has the heads-up come too late, because I’m scenting the bad guys are circling for blood.

Soooo anyway, not going to waste time wondering what those other losers are doing. I’m too busy having fun with Joo-eun and the whole crew as they go camping!

This is definitely another fave episode. Hearing Young Ho confessing that he is dating Joo-eun, is totally this week’s highlight moment. And everyone’s face! Even Joo-eun didn’t see that coming.



Only one word for the looks on their faces: Priceless.

While I simply love how Young Ho looks so stoic and steadfast about it all.

Whoa, but these two are gearing up to be my bestest couple of 2015, possibly a close run with Healer’s unforgettable duo Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young.


Young Ho has on “that look” he’s perfected for those ‘yeah, I’m boss like that’ moments. Forget just being sexy. He’s freaking adorable.

I don’t know the whole deal with Gahong and why Young Ho’s family have to act like the freaking mafia, but Chief Min shows up out of the blue to warn Young Ho that the opposition might have some dirt on him.

Though Joo-eun tries to sneak away, Young Ho grabs her to his side and tells Chief Min she’s the woman he’s officially dating. Looks like tonight is ‘coming out’ night for our Sweet Life couple (grin).


Thank you drama, for devoting a whole episode to simply showcasing their budding romance.

The tidbits about the company, Joo-eun’s ex and Soo Jin’s rivalry, afforded a few distractions but episode 9 was hands down for love and about love.

I’m not sure what episode 10 will bring. But the way I see this pair, we might have none of the noble idiocy we get at this point in most other dramas.

Young Ho has a good head on those broad shoulders. And Joo-eun isn’t some flaky female who doesn’t know what she wants. Because she does.

I’m rooting for this couple to go the distance – and kick some butt along the way. Episode 10 better bring on the drama!



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