Oh My Venus Week Five Review: Episode 10

Just when it’s getting to look perfect, the fairytale castle starts to crumble…

In episode 10 Joo-eun moves out on her own while Young Ho takes steps to becoming Gahong’s Director.

Joo-eun finally fits into her dream black dress, but can she fit into Young Ho’s high-standing world?


Episode 10 of Oh My Venus was perfect. The End.

No but seriously, it was perfect. Young Ho doesn’t want to even consider giving Joo-eun up and he tells Chief Min this.

Joo-eun might not fit the ideal of what those in Young Ho’s world want for him. But Young Ho stands firm.

And guess what this episode? No noble idiocy! Instead, our couple wax stronger and stronger. It takes the last scene for us to really begin to fathom this.

But before then…it’s the night before Joo Eun finally moves out to her own pad.



Being a red-blooded male and of course, very much into his girlfriend it’s no surprise Young Ho wants a steamy last night.

Instead, Joo-eun keeps it PG. Well, someone has to be sensible for both of them.


Soo Jin makes me so mad when she acts nasty with Joo Eun at work. They’re part of the backup legal team for Young Ho’s arm of Gahong, and tensions are rising on all fronts as the inauguration draws near.

But Young Ho’s commencement of his position as Director, is beginning to look iffy.


Guys like these two keep plotting to get Young Ho at a disadvantage. This isn’t going the end well, I fear.

Then there’s Young Ho’s father who’s been secretly getting chemotherapy for a year. So while Young Ho battles the demons of the scars from his former condition, his father now shows his innate vulnerability.


His wife Hye Ran confronts him with the truth she’d found out herself. Kim Sung Chul, Young Ho’s dad is simply shocked she knows he’s been sick.

How will Young Ho possibly take this news when – if – he finds out?


I’m so annoyed Yi-Jin played this spoof on Joon Sung.

Pretending to be drowned so your crush can save you with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is not funny.

Even more annoying is this reporter guy PD Ko so doggedly digging up on John Kim. If he wasn’t ex-husband to Hyun Woo (Joo-eun’s best friend), I’d want to stick my heel right in his prying nose.


Sorry. I’m just so miffed that others make a past time out of wrecking other people’s lives. What gives them the right to judge, or benefit from the misfortune of others? Especially when they have their own skeletons to hide.

In gets even more illogical when there comes the board meeting and the all-important directors do a no-show. Young Ho slowly realized he’s up against some very avaricious adversaries. He doesn’t seem ready to let them get away with it though.

On a happy note…the original Daegu Venus is back in da building!


Work it, mama! Joo-eun realizes a surprise: she’s back in shape and can pass for her former self. You know, the one who stopped and stole hearts left and right.

Her mother assures her she was born with it, not given. Joo-eun is over the moon, obviously as this is a major personal achievement.

But then she goes bleak thinking of Young Ho, and how suddenly he seems more out of reach than ever.


Episode 10 is getting close to the end but not without a long awaited bombshell.

It’s finally been leaked all over the Web that Young Ho is the notorious John Kim. Oh, noes!

It’s something we all knew had to happen, all the same it’s very frustrating. These two already have so much to deal with. Can they stay strong for each other?


Joo-eun panics trying to reach Young Ho or either of the ‘boys’ Ji Woong and Joon Sung.

Instead she opens her door and there Young Ho is. The look on his face, so raw and exposed despite the cover of the hoodie.

He chooses to be with Joo-eun at this time of turmoil. That shows just how far they’ve come and how much she’s grown to mean to him. Joo Eun wants to be sure he wouldn’t mind her humble dwelling for a hideaway.


We are reminded of when it was Young Ho giving her shelter from trouble.

Now both smile tentatively at each other, but you can feel their hearts bonding even more solidly. This is a landmark moment, and frankly I’m breathless!

Next week we might see things totally come unhinged. Young Ho might stand to lose it all. But of all the things that matter to his world, which one do you think he’ll hold on to the most?


At the beginning it was Joo-eun fighting to get her life back on track. Now that she’s found well being and companionship, she has to face a new struggle.

Young Ho is no stranger to the craziness that comes with being a target for gossip. I hope they make it through. They deserve it more than anyone.

I’m just glad they have each other. And even normal couples have ups and downs, right? At least, Joo-eun has always had a fighting spirit and it has got her this far.

Young Ho tirelessly got her back to shipshape and now it’s her turn to come through for him.

Let’s see how she tackles things next week, with all that Daegu Venus charm back in full force!



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