Oh My Venus Week Six and Seven Review


Yay! So I rung in the new year with some catchup episodes of Oh My Venus. And it was the best present to myself because as expected, it didn’t disappoint.

Hats off to the writing and casting team. It’s been a while since a drama got me so caught up, with zero reservations or doubts. I freaking love everything about this show and even with two episodes left to go, I feel there’s still so much the drama can achieve.

Now let me sit back and watch Oh My Venus try to outdo its own awesomeness! Strap in for reviews of episodes 11 to 14!


Prepare to happily bawl your way into 2016 like I did, watching the preceding four episodes!

Episode 11 Oh My Venus

My frustration level was boiling over, all through this hour of drama.

Because I hate to see the bad guys get the upper hand. They keep trying anything in the hope it would stick, and make Young Ho lose his title in the company.

They may have driven him to the wall, but what they really do, is give our gorgeous couple the chance to bond even more.

Having Young Ho at her place provides all kinds of distractions. And Joo-eun is definitely not complaining. I mean seriously, who would?

When the night of the Gahong’s anniversary dinner gets to hold, there’s a slight glitch when the new director fails to show.

Okay, that would classify as a major glitch. Because then Young Ho would seem unfit to the outside world as the next man to head Gahong.


The boys are all dressed up for Hyung’s big day. Such overflowing cuteness should be a crime.

Disaster is however averted. Joo-eun finds Young Ho in pain, and urges him from the shadows of his doubts, fears and anguish.


Hunting for Coach…he’s got the best hearts on his team

With her encouragement, he can stand on his feet again.

If only he would always be this accepting to let Joo-eun provide much needed support. Will he get to realize that now that he has Joo-eun, he never again has to stand alone?

Episode 12 Oh My Venus

I must say I like how each episode gives me all the fuzzy insides I can ask for, with the cuteness imploding from Joo-eun and her 3 Musketeers.

In episode 12 I catch myself grinning at the screen each time Young Ho and Joo-eun are together. They make such an awesome twosome.

What’s even more amazing, is how upright they are as individuals. I watch Joo-eun make contact with Joon-sung’s mom. I love how Joo-eun sincerely speaks out and touches the heart of a mother filled with such unneeded self-reproach.

I also find out how years ago, Young Ho also made contact with Joon-sung’s mother to reassure her about her son. Young Ho is exactly the kind of steadfast man women dream about. He’s not all about the gorgeous abs, y’know.

Episode 12 ends in a flurry of cliffhangers. Joon-sung’s about to meet up with his mom! At her request!

Young-joon, Young Ho’s half brother, is in hospital from a drug overdose!

It’s two days to Young-ho’s birthday! No wait, that’s not a cliffhanger. What is, amounts to Young Ho dashing out to rescue Joon-sung, who might be in danger in place of Young Ho!!

When calamity finally strikes, it hits like a wrecking ball. Young Ho, Hye Ran and evil Nam Chul are tossed about in a hair-raising multiple car mishap.

Joon-sung might be unscathed, but he almost loses it when he discovers his ‘hyung’ bleeding and unresponsive behind the wheel.

Episode 13 Oh My Venus

So many turning points this episode.

Thankfully nobody dies in the pileup but our Young Ho might never walk again after the near-fatal car crash.

Joon-sung our Korean Snake finally unites with his mother.


Manager Min admits he slipped up…and it was a sight to see. He blames himself for Young Ho acting rashly to save Joon-sung.

A strong dynamic was Young Ho’s father keeping his stoic stance even with his wife and two sons in hospital. It’s enough to make the toughest hide start to crack.


Will this Gahong patriarch ever admit he has emotions like everybody else?

Best part this week, was watching Joo-eun and frenemy Soo-jin make up after clearing the air. Even I felt lighter at heart watching them get things off their chest. It’s been a decade or more overdue.


Soo-jin has such a beautiful genuine smile. I’m glad to finally get to meet it.

What tore me up the most is Choi Nam Chul, the drama’s villain and brother to Hye Ran, Stepmother to Young Ho.

So he’s the cruel Uncle justifying his near homicide as a way to ‘protect’ his family. That’s why my heart bled for Young Ho’s half-brother who believed his death would stop everyone being so greedy.

Everyone can see how wrong Uncle Nam Chul is, except Uncle Nam Chul himself. Frustrating.

At least I understand everyone so much better now.

Soo-jin’s loneliness and inner suffering, after being rejected and condemned all those years ago…

Hye Ran, I truly understand her too, and why she played such an unassertive daughter-in-law all those years.


And even Young Ho’s dad who seems made of ice. I get him, a little.

I even ‘get’ Nam Chul, evil brother and uncle whose heart is in the right place – only thing is, that heart is black as night. He needs some Holy water, maybe a few oil barrels of it!

What I do not get though, is Young Ho choosing to cut ties with Joo-eun simply because he couldn’t face her in his weakest state. Low point, John Kim!! Don’t you dare tap-tap our Venus, asking her to retreat. Not cool, man.

Would you do it? Would you back off when asked? Even when your heart wants to hold on all the more tightly?


I like that our Venus is strong. She’s stubborn and patient, in all the right ways. I only hope for the best.

And somehow I get my light in the tunnel, as episode 13 ends with a Young Ho/Joo-eun hug. I feel tons better already.

Now can we get back to that forever-after fairytale ending they both deserve?


Episode 14 Oh My Venus

Episode 14 was perfection. I say that a lot with Oh My Venus – only because it’s true, 99.9% of the time.


Perfection is So Ji Sub, waiting on your sofa looking too damn fine

I like when it’s slow, and I love when it zips along leaving us breathless.

I loved to steadily watch Young Ho overcome his injuries. When he was in pain, feeling frustrated and discouraged, I rooted for him.


And utterly forgave him for shutting Joo-eun out, because everyone has a different way of coping.

And Young Ho is much too used to going it alone.


Guess who’s back?! Loving the bold statement coat. Very Spiffy, Young Ho

Joo-eun has kept it together the whole year Young-ho is gone. But she’s always a finger snap away from bursting into tears. How she lasted this long without cracking to pieces is a miracle.

Young Ho considers her his miracle. And not even the fact that he got back on his own two feet again. To him, Joo-eun is that one shining star in his cosmos. A true Venus, in beauty and spirit.


Episode 14 continues in the glow of Christmas. It’s great that Young-ho makes it in time for his birthday. He makes a call at his Grandmother’s and she’s waiting with his dad.

Their smiles of gratitude that Young-ho is all put together again, makes my eyes water.

Of course the best scenes of the whole drama come during Young-ho’s surprise birthday party on the 25th.

There’s a veggie themed cake, some party games – and **gasp** there’s Chief Min in that suit belting out Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Such a timeless song which sums up a lot in this drama, especially for Young Ho and Joo-eun who’ve been through hell and back just to find their way back to each other.


I have nothing more to ask of this show. It delivered beyond imagination, and surpassed every expectation. It’s definitely a ‘deeper’ drama than some would appreciate.

Maybe because here we have such a mature couple who have so much responsibility.


Young Ho to his younger prodigies looking up to him, and Joo-eun to her mother and sibling.

I never ever experienced a dull moment. Everything was a step in the whole journey. Real life isn’t always exciting because there will be those stormy days. Maybe even long and restless days where nothing seems to happen.



Aww, Santa splurged on happy endings this time. Looks like everybody got one

The last week of Oh My Venus comes just days from now. I have no regrets about how I spent the past 14 hours. If I could do it all over again, I would in a flash.

And not just to re-watch all the abs and skinship on display. This drama was a sensitive, sincere and stimulating drama. I found a heroine and hero I could look up to.

Joo-eun showed us so much about beauty coming from within. A Beauty that can change lives for the better. Not the one used as a weapon.


I’m glad Young Ho found his way back where he belonged, next to his Venus. When the final two episodes come next week, I’ll be prepared. Any last minute surprises or twists, I feel I can handle it now.

But even as I keep my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong at this juncture, I already feel like the drama has achieved its goal as a winning romance.


I loved how the couple fell in love, the most natural and believable I’ve seen in a while.

And with such a great run so far, there’s only one thing I can think of: the best is still to come!



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