Oh My Venus Week Eight Review: Finale

I’ve run out of accolades for Oh My Venus and how good it is.

So much that I’m not even sure where to start. So maybe I’ll start from the end.

And my what an ending.


This scene. Embodies the sheer storytelling perfection of Oh My Venus.

I kept waiting for the drama to slip up but it never happened.

Episodes 15 and 16 were the proverbial icing on the cake of a very satisfying, very thoughtful and insightful drama.

Lacy hankies are at the ready, because the final week brings loads of sentimental moments. This is one final curtain I almost didn’t want to see fall.


My favorite couple 2015/2016. Let’s see anyone try to beat them this year!!

Episode 15 and 16 Oh My Venus Review

Rarely do I have a drama where I love both leads equally. The last time was maybe Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook in The Time We Were Not In Love (one of my fave dramas of 2015). But maybe not on the scale of how I love this So Ji Sub Shin Min-A pairing.

Episodes 15 and 16 solidified the latter as the power couple of life. The ‘warm and erotic’ bedroom scene. The fairytale ring-in-a-scarf proposal scene.


And even this surprise twist: the scene with Joo-eun and Young Ho’s grandmother who gave her full approval. I was just, I can’t even describe how I felt.

If at any point the drama wasn’t up to par, maybe I was blind and immune to it. Every single scene was a winner.


What I love? How Youngho always stays in his dominant, trainer mode and never let Joo-eun think she was running things.

Even when he gave in to her dimple popping ways, he ensured she stayed grounded.

He kept her on her fitness path, because he is so disciplined that way. And Joo-eun is so not!

Habits die hard and she’s liable to gain all that weight back if care is not taken. Which is confirmed soon enough when the drama closes!


Oh goodness how can I live after this cute scene? This drama slays for days!

If Oh My Venus never happened, then 2015 would have been an ‘OK’ year of drama. But this here show, made an awesome finish and wonderful beginning to a new year of great dramas to come. (I hope).

I certainly had more fun and far less angst watching it – which is an upgrade to how I felt with most dramas I enjoyed last year.


When Youngho came back after a year of rehabilitation, I was all for the open-arms welcome. I totally understood his standpoint of tackling his injuries away from Joo-eun.

He’s different, not perfect. Of course he’s not going to do everything right. So while I felt bad for Kang Joo Eun when her man decided to shut her out at his most difficult moment, I didn’t try to judge.


So many couples have to overcome life-shaking trials every single day. Just like with Soo Jin and Woo Shik.

He discovers she might have difficulty with childbearing yet he chooses to stick around and share his future with her.

Because love is unquestioning and unblaming. As well it should be. As much as is possible.


Keep thinking that way dude! And never lose those hearts in your eyes for Joo-eun. She deserves them!

I really couldn’t have enough of Joo-eun and Young Ho’s coupledom.

From day one she was open and honest to the attraction she felt for Youngho. He also, took just as little time to start to feel a spark for Joo-eun.

So I’m happy there was no point he was grossly mean and horrid just to show a contrast later when he ‘falls’ for her.


Even though Youngho was not exactly prepared for the whole lump of charm and sweetness that is Joo-eun, goodness knows he was in need of it.

I keep imagining his life before Joo-eun and even with good friends like Ji-woong and Joon Sung our stiff and proper trainer had an empty space. Just big enough for our dimpled princess to fit into it!


Oh My Venus is ended but the glow lingers all around. So much inspiration. So much heart. This drama had such soul that spoke to every one.

Maybe some folks may list a few drawbacks, which of course they are entitled to do.

I personally recommend Oh My Venus for the romance and comedy factor. Maybe not too many laughs, which is cool.

I know where to go if I need my ribs cracked. But you’ll smile a whole lot for most of this drama. Genuinely smile. And just feel warm and fuzzy, even if you’re not the overly sentimental sort.


Well played and tied up in satin bows, the finale week delivered as hoped.

If anyone asked if there’s anything I would change about the drama, I’d say nothing. I literally could not wait each week for episodes.


And just had a goofy smile of satisfaction after each hour was done.

I’m glad a whole lot of fans of the drama feel the same. It’s easy to have a show that may disappoint in certain aspects. And then you have this one, where it all fell into place really nicely.


Every new episode I had this same look of eager surprise and joy on my face!

I’m so positive it can only get better with my dramas this year. Hope someone’s taking notes! Oh My Venus will make a good how-to guide of how to give us what we want without overdoing things. Call it an incredible fairytale: I call it satisfaction guaranteed.

Though it still leaves me hungry for more so bring it on 2016!


I’m so freaking ready for my next hit drama…aren’t you!?


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