What to Watch? New 2016 Kdramas


Keeping up with the Kdramas
The lineup for dramas this 2016 looks mind blowing and it’s getting hard to keep up with all the teasers, updates and posters!

So what are the hot pickings this year?


“Saimdang: The Herstory” is based on a renowned female historical figure, and is set to air in the first half of 2016.

Most times I divide my to-watch dramas into which ones I want to watch and those I should watch. Dramas like Goodbye Mr. Black make the ‘so want to, need to’ watch list.

But the air date is still a long way off so I’m looking for some distractions!


Moorim School –  KBS January 11
The buzz around this drama definitely has my interest perked.

Moorim School isn’t your typical high school drama, because the school itself isn’t typical either.


It’s like this really cool, high-end rehab establishment for celeb kids.

Only, the treatment comes in form of grounding students not just in martial arts but life’s virtues.


After Sassy Go Go it’s great to get a drama centered on high school mischief-makings.

Moorim School: Saga of the Brave looks a bit magical, quirky and mysterious. I like!

Cheese in the Trap – TvN January 4
This drama is riding high on the popularity of the webtoon from which it is adapted.


On its second episode, I’ll say I like the cast and ambience.

It’s just, I feel like I’m part of a fun party game that everyone else can play but I’m still learning the rules! So I don’t really ‘get’ the drama yet.


It’s set in college and the main leads are certainly nice to look at.

Which is definitely even more of a boost for a drama that made waves, way before it even began.

There’s the perfect male senior: the edgy Yoo Jung and then the dorky, impoverished college girl Hong Seol who catches his eye.


I’m definitely giving Cheese in the Trap a chance.

Mostly because it promises a darker angle, especially in terms of Yoo Jung our male lead. Let’s see just how dark he can go!

One More Happy Ending – MBC January 20
I’m so jealous of Jang Na Ra (Fated to Love You) right now.

She picks these great dramas and awesome male co-stars. She’s one of the luckiest Kdrama actresses ever, if you ask me.



This time she gets to hook up with Jung Kyung Ho (Falling for Innocence) and I can bet he’ll make this drama smoke up as usual.

It’s a ‘second chance’ drama where the main leads try to find their way back from past relationships and former fame. Yoo In Na (My Love from the Star) is in appearance as well so I suggest not to miss it!


Madame Antoine – JTBC Jan 22
This looks good!

And it’s one of the dramas I really want to be good. Because it has everything going for it.



Namely: a unique storyline, hot cast, and a nice dark aura to suit the whole psycho-supernatural theme.

The air-date has been played around with long enough, and now it looks like it’s finally going to happen!



I don’t need a crystal ball to tell me this is going to be ‘different’. There’s a fortune teller heroine (the beautiful Han Ye Seul) who’s more like a really intuitive con artist.

Then there’s Sung Joon as Choi Soo Hyun, a psychoanalyst who’s a bit, well, psychotic. He doesn’t do love, or romance.


‘Every pairing deserves a chance’ or so I tell myself about this intriguing duo. Rooting for a surprise hit chemistry!

This is one of my ‘keep an open mind’ dramas. I certainly like the styling and the whole mystic enchantment. Definitely worth a look-see.

Descendants of the  Sun KBS 2TV Feb 24
Fresh back in the scene from his stint in the army, is fan fave Song Joon Ki.

He’s already winning, because he’s clocked this hot drama and equally hot costar Song Hye Gyo.


Boys in uniform…What’s not to like!? I’m just worried the drama might get too into itself, and be bogged down by excess detailing. Epic dramas do that sometimes!

This is billed as an ‘epic’, a sweeping melodrama featuring a young soldier in conflict areas and the doctors who also fight to make an impact.

We’ve anticipated this long enough. Now all we need is for it to deliver all the excitement, suspense and action it has promised. This had better be good!

Goodbye Mr. Black – MBC March 2016
Interesting fact: lead actor Lee Jin Wook has already starred in one Dumas-inspired Kdrama (the Joseon era Three Musketeers series in 2014).

Now we have Goodbye Mr. Black which is based on another Dumas novel, Count of Monte Cristo. So Lee Jin Wook likes his classics, doesn’t he?


Revenge, betrayal, and romance? Hoping this drama goes a little Gothic because I’m getting those vibes!

Goodbye Mr. Black is adapted from a comic book of the same title. As of now the whole cast is good to go and whoa, I’m loving the ensemble.


We have us a very juicy pairing as Moon Chae Won is starring with Lee Jin Wook.

Looks really promising in terms of compatibility. Totally my dream drama come true. All it has to do now is please come soon!


Not to forget…
We all need that side of Sageuk to make things spicy. The costumes, battles, and mind games are always a treat to watch.

2016 is definitely looking good for historical dramas! I plan to get my Sageuk fix sorted once the much anticipated Moon Lovers airs around September.


Now titled Scarlet Heart: Ryeo it’s a fantasy k-drama filled with time travel, drama, romance and history.

What with so many young, handsome princes to grab her attention, the displaced heroine who falls through time to land in the long past Goryeo era, will really have her hands full!


Us fans of Lee Jun Ki are in full support of his latest role. We love seeing him in costume!

It’s a star-studded cast in every way. Topmost is Lee Joon Gi playing the Fourth Prince, who’s set to become Goryeo’s 4th emperor Gwangjong.

Yes it’s a remake of a Chinese hit drama, and yes the list of stars seems never ending (namely IU, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, EXO’s Baekhyun, Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo). But it does have loads of potential!

Also, it’s getting investment from USA based Universal Studios (first ever time this is happening with a Korean drama!) which is awesome news. I sooo want this to be good sooo bad (hope that makes sense!).

Jang Yeong Sil – KBS1 January 2


How did I not see this coming!? We’ve had historical vampires and even magicians.

Now we have a steampunk-style scientist making waves in ancient times.


Son of a lowly concubine, Jang Yeong Sil has a brilliant scientific mind and creates all these mind boggling inventions that thrilled the world.

It’s already looking very gritty and spellbinding. A few episodes in, fans are having a taste of a historical drama that’s not too sleek, yet very eloquently portrayed.


Renowned Korean actor Song Il Kook seems so well fitting for this iconic role

I should watch this, as a self-proclaimed fan of historical dramas. I’m certainly hoping it will hold my fancy.

Though with Merchant: Gaekju 2015 having so many surprising twists and turns, I need to pace myself. Can’t get into another turbulent Sageuk too soon!


Other upcoming dramas worth a mention are Neighborhood Hero and Signal.

Signal airs on TvN on January 22 and it’s another time travel tale. How cool would it be if cops from the present and the past could team up and solve those hard-to-crack crimes?


It’s a thriller y’all! Detectives from varying timespans hook up to give each other the needed hand. It’s an exciting premise. Hope the drama is too!

This is definitely a should-watch. Still, it’s all about the time factor and how many dramas I can squeeze in – especially when so many are airing in the same period!



OCN’s Neighborhood Hero (January 23) stars Park Si Hoo as a badass former secret agent, with a hidden identity now leading a ‘normal’ life. But that soon changes!

Also worth a mention is Uncontrollably Fond starring big name acts Kim Woo Bin and Suzy.

It’s scheduled for February and hopefully that’s a solid fix. I like that the hero plays a top star, which is fun to watch as much as a chaebol heir.

It’s just really riveting to see how the ‘other half’ lives, you know with all the celeb trappings and the 1% of the 1% living the cushy life.


‘Smile and wave…’  Well, when you’re the two top hottest stars you hardly need to do much else. But I’m sure they’ll work to make this drama work!

Both main characters were heartbroken when they separated as children. They meet again as adults and while Joon-Young (Kim Woo Bin) is rich, hot and famous, No Eul (Bae Suzy) produces documentaries and has a fixation for the rich and powerful.

Finally! A flawed heroine that hopefully gets redeemed in a timely fashion. The drama has been filming since November 2015, and the drama airs only once the filming is completed.


***This and other photos all credited to the owners! Aren’t you pumped to see so many dramas to pick and choose from? I certainly am!


6 thoughts on “What to Watch? New 2016 Kdramas

  1. Happy new year Aidazen!

    I’m loving the dramas 2016 has in store already.
    No1 on my list is Descendants of the Sun. After more than 8 months of anticipation, it’s finally here. (Well, still next month. *sad face*)

    Then Goodbye Mr. Black with my fav actress and One More Happy Ending with such a wow cast!

    Cheese in the trap isn’t appealing to me yet, but I’ll check it out.
    Lastly, Jang Young Sil. I love Song II Kook, he’s great in this type of roles and icing on the cake- his triplets have a small cameo in ep4. Haha!

    When will Lee Jun Ki return to modern dramas? 3 Sageuks in a row!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy New Year Atk01 :)!!

    Lee Jun Ki: IKR! He’s doing sageuks back to back to back. But so has Jang Hyuk (I think, maybe 2 in a row). I guess some actors just have their niche. And that face/look/persona that keeps directors picking them for certain types of dramas.

    Maybe he just hasn’t seen a script he likes yet (contemporary dramas). He’s an action figure type of guy so should play a detective or even a guy on the wrong side of the law (like in 2weeks).

    Goodbye Mr. Black: yassss I can’t wait for that. Also Madam Antoine.

    I also heard about the Song triplets and even saw the screen caps. Haha, looked dangerous!

    Descendants of the Sun: so much hype, hope it delivers! Can’t wait to see a few episodes of all the above and decide for myself 🙂


  3. cheese on the trap quite dissapointing..i even skip the last episode. this drama is good in the beginning but not in the middle till end.
    madam antonie is just so so.. nothing special. predictable story
    please coma back mister cast all refreshing to see..all is pretty xixixix
    discendant of the sun is “must see” drama.


    1. Cheese in the Trap & Madame Antoine might seem like a waste of time to some fans. Come Back Mister is so different and vibrant. Descendants of the Sun is the big-fish drama of the first half of 2016, confirmed by the ratings…


      1. I haven’t watched CITT yet, but Madame Antoine was a very different treatment of the typical romantic comedy and was pulled off by a very talented cast….the annual winner for me so far is Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS)…what a lovely paen to love in it’s many manifestations…broad scope….an action packed depiction of our frontline heroes….HOT-HOT cast!..I would have been there at the fence watching ‘the boys’ on the morning run, too!… This one goes on my top ten fave list….just below Empress Ki which was my ‘first ever’ KDrama.


      2. Whoa Empress Ki was your first ever kdrama, awesome start! Madame Antoine looked like fun and it’s still on my to-watch list. I’m a bit behind in finishing DOTS, at least some 6-7 episodes for me. The drama is worthy of all the hype, for sure. I’ll definitely finish it because the cast was so darling!


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