2016 Dramas: First Impressions Part 1


Exactly my look of gleeful anticipation each week – thanks to my awesome new dramas!

 Dramas in Review:
One More Happy Ending
Cheese in the Trap
Moorim School

So Far, So Good: Starting up a new crop of dramas can be so uplifting. It’s certainly something to look forward to each week.

Especially if you need those leisure hours in between a crazy work schedule (like mine) – to unwind and just get your Kdrama-freak on.


Still only January but things are already looking up! These fresh dramas will have you all dreamy eyed for sure.

So far, 2016 is looking good drama wise.

Taking off with my first set of spanking-new kdramas, I’m introduced to a whole spectrum of characters, scenarios and an excess of feels. How did I ever get so darn lucky?

One More Happy Ending
This romcom drama has been refreshingly good from the onset. The best part is, you just never know what to expect. This drama is following no formula known to drama-kind. And that’s great!

By episode 3, we see the hero get relegated to second lead in his own drama! I have never ever seen that happen before! Will I get second-lead-syndrome, but in reverse?


Because our hero is so pitiful, taking the back seat while the heroine gets so caught up in the, undeniably smoking, runner up male character.

And who can blame her?

He’s gorgeous to a fault, nice, and a doctor. Looks like our hero doesn’t stand a chance!

I highly recommend this drama because it’s so sunny and fun. There will be moments of reflection in some aspects, but it’s not too heavyweight if you just want a drama to kill time perfectly!



Cheese in the Trap
Okay, I’m sold on this drama.

It’s making some major sense right now. Just don’t call me a sucker for punishment, because I’m getting those second lead fixations again!

I know, I know, put in a mysterious, hunky second lead up against a more sedate, unassuming first lead and I get my lines crossed. It’s just my thing.

Cheese in the Trap effortlessly sucks you in and in my case, I’m yet to decide what it is about it I like so much. There just so much great stuff going on!

One thing for sure, I’m glad I chose to start the drama. Because though it’s outside my comfort zone, it has the potential to really blow me away. I’m oh-so-eager to see that happen soon!

Moorim School
Here’s another ‘expect the unexpected’ drama. It’s just so off the cuff, out of left field and quirky, that I can’t help but get excited by it.

There’s nothing ‘average’ about this drama, and the aura of magic, suspense and escape, is what we look for in any supernatural series.

What I like? The fact that the drama is obviously making an effort. It wants to be good. It wants you to believe.


And well, I’m opened all the way up to receive all this drama has to give.

When you feel a genuine magnetism with a drama, you just let it pull you into its world. And Moorim School has a whole new vista I’m very keen to explore!


One’s preppy, the other’s a bit of a rocker – and both give off an equal dose of hotness! Definitely keeping an eye on these two!

Continuity Appeal
So which dramas do I want to keep watching?

All three of them! Each one has 100% watchability factor. Maybe not at the compulsive level of some I’ve followed in the past, but I do look forward to each new episode with zeal!

Up next: Signal, Madame Antoine, Neighborhood Hero

These three dramas are next in line for me to sink my teeth into. I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

Oh, I know just how you feel girl…it’s torture trying to choose with so many mouth-watering options!

 Isn’t it great to have a truckload of variety? So don’t ever let anyone tell you, you have too much drama. Because there’s no such thing!

There’s always room for more. And I’m about to make a whole lot of room for a whole lot of dramas this year. And you should too!


4 thoughts on “2016 Dramas: First Impressions Part 1

  1. I loved both One More Happy Ending and Cheese in the Trap! I’ve been anticipating Happy Ending since the casting news, and I’m not disappointed.

    As for Cheese, I wasn’t too interested but I decided to check it out and whoa! It sucked me right in. An intriguing male lead, a strong, spunky female lead and an adorable second lead. What’s not to like?-except the weirdos at school-

    I’m not too big on Moorim School.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moorim is my fave new drama lol…I just need a little fantasy once in a while! I’m team In Ho (Cheese in the Trap) so where does that leave me again? Second lead limbo! Haha One Happy Ending is refreshing. I’m going to finish episode one of Madame Antoine as soon as I can get to it.


  2. I always watch at least one modern kdrama just to be polite so it has to be a great one. If you were left alone on an island with a dvd player and only one Modern kdrama to choose from which would it be out of all the ones you consider awesome. Please let me know so that I can get on that train.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow…this is a tough one. Oh dear! I honestly am not sure I can pinpoint one, because I have this really whacky taste in dramas…both modern and sageuk!!

      Ok, so to be honest, this 2016 I started a whole truckload of dramas that started good. But so far, I’ve basically finished two and I only really liked one of them, hehe. Cheese in the Trap was awesome till it wasn’t. And Moorim School was just my little escape bubble, where nothing made sense but I felt so gooey inside watching it. Which is how I feel about Goodbye Mr. Black right now. But if you really, really want to be polite 🙂 then I recommend One More Happy Ending. I set it aside to finish the remaining episodes later, but only because of my crazy short attention span. Yet this is one drama I will happily, guiltlessly suggest you try. It’s a ‘grown’ drama, with themes that everyday women will relate to. I hope this suffices.

      And hey, I was totally once the same, never wanting to venture from Sageuk dramas. Till dramas like Birth of a Beauty and Heirs made me change my tune (see, told you my taste was whack, lol).

      Let me know how it goes babe!

      Liked by 1 person

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