2016 Dramas: First Impressions Part 2


Hey March dramas, better stay good to me okay? Pinky promise?

I literally caught myself not breathing for the first many minutes of Goodbye Mr Black – and in fact most of the premiere episode.

It had been months and months of waiting then without warning, out came my most anticipated drama of 2016 so far.


Loving Lee Jin Wook’s comical side, reminiscent of his “Time We Were Not in Love” days

Goodbye Mr Black starts on a light note but you can feel the tension brewing beneath the surface waiting to erupt. And that’s what keeps you holding your breath just waiting for the inevitable.

Goodbye Mr Black isn’t the only drama keeping me in suspense. Marriage Contract or ‘100 Days Wife’ is a riveting gem of a series that already has me hooked.

I’m loving the lineup of the more mature leading men taking our dramas by storm this year.


Handsome restauranteur Han Ji-hoon plays a hero with a soft and hard side, creating a balance worth watching each week

Lee Seo Jin who plays the lead male in Marriage Contract is impressive the way he carries along this easy-watch drama. His co-star ‘Uee’ is just as watchable.

Being a member of a Kpop girl group in real life, Uee’s character Hye-soo is remarkably plain and still holds our interest. She plays a young widowed mother with the world on her shoulders. Debt and a life-threatening illness has her making an unthinkable choice.


I love this couple! Chemistry is blazing whenever they are in the same scenes. Can’t wait for when things get really steamy between this unlikely romcom duo.

When it comes to a drama that’s not for the faint of heart, look to Descendants of the Sun for some blockbuster-movie-style shock factor effects.

This is a very “pretty” drama, with breathtaking locations and accelerated feels from the first episode. Our couple hit it off from the moment they meet, first with some heart racing conflict and then easing into their very first date.

I like Song Joong Ki’s take on a devoted-to-duty soldier, whose heart is still in the right place because he bends the rules when needed.


The bromance is one of the many high points of this well-orchestrated drama

One thing I do know: this drama tries to show us how two people from different worlds collide while knowing they may never make things work. There’s Shi Jin, Captain of a special forces unit. He lives life on the edge which hardly makes him the right boyfriend material for Dr. Mo-Yeon.

Then there’s Sergeant Major Dae Young and Myeong-Joo, another doctor. Both can’t be together either, but it’s not so easy to let go even when you know you should.



What’s so great about the dramas this March, is just how diverse the themes are.

We have a revenge drama, a marriage of convenience drama, and of course an action/romance/war drama with earthquakes and literal cliffhangers, where cars drop off mountain edges like it’s no big deal.


Guys, nooo! You’re supposed to be walking off in the sunset together, not in opposite directions!

To put it simply, Descendants of the Sun looks good, while Marriage Contract feels good and then, Goodbye Mr. Black is a bit of each. They all bring something to the table each week.

All three would normally be enough to keep me occupied this March, but a girl can’t help but be a little greedy.


There’s Come Back Mister which looks promising in its first few scenes I’ve glimpsed. Definitely tickled my curiosity.

Also, dramas like Pied Piper and Mrs Cop show potential in their premiere week, while this weekend we have two dramas making a debut: Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki and Memory.

It’s a matter of getting to pick and choose really. Whatever catches your fancy, you’ll be more than sorted for the next couple of weeks or more.


March is far from done with us yet! Come the 28th we’ll have Daebak aka Jackpot, where everybody seems to have a rival. Can’t wait to see some blood, sweat and tears in this promising-looking sageuk.

So will all this be enough to satisfy even the pickiest of drama watchers? You betcha.

Here’s to more drama, more fun times and even possibly, some perfect happy endings to come.

One thing for sure, no matter what happens I’ll be smiling my way through each week. Because I don’t anticipate a single dull moment and neither should you. Let’s make some awesome drama moments this month!



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