2016 Kdrama Catchup: April


I’m always on the sharp lookout for that next addictive drama. April’s looking good so far. Winning!

Currently watching:
Marriage Contract
The Royal Gambler aka Jackpot
Goodbye Mr. Black


….. Squeeeee…!

Goodbye Mr. Black
Since Goodbye Mr. Black started just less than a month ago, it’s been a fun ride.

The two main leads Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won still make this drama work for me. Their chemistry is crackling and I absolutely love their individual personas. The innocent yet fearless Swan, and the dashing and clear-thinking Mr. Black bring a whole lot of color to my week.


…. Squeeee….!!

The big revenge plot is not exactly playing out how I pictured it in my head, but I’m willing to settle just to have a means to enjoy the wonderful cast, week to week.

The low ratings are no real indication of how good or not this drama is. I think of this drama as very heartwarming in places, and exciting and entertaining in others. Definitely my fave drama at present!


Most awkward. Dinner. Ever.

Marriage Contract
We still have till the ending of April to keep enjoying this fantastic healing drama.

It’s so rich in emotion you can’t stay dry-eyed in any given episode. Don’t try to hold back, just give in to the sweet escape of a conflicted romance.


I squealed when Mi-ran’s brother decided to go along with the transplant. I bet a whole lot of us were bawling and jumping for joy at this point.

And don’t even get me started on Ji-hoon and Hye-soo. I hate hate that they have to be apart. Episode 12 better do some major damage control to our collective hopes for our darling couple.


Admitting you’re wrong is the first step to growth. But will it be enough for Hye soo to decide to finally trust Ji-hoon with the truth?

This drama really keeps surprising me. I’m not even sure how you manage to make a hit drama from so many normal and even mundane ingredients, but Marriage Contract blows the imagination.


Mum no!! You should be on their side!!

There’s the rich guy/poor girl trope, the contract bride trope, and the terminal illness trope to worry about but guess what? It takes away nothing from the genuine, and human element of this drama.

Will I be watching this till the end? Oooh yeah. The next four episodes to the finale will undoubtedly be as captivating and thrilling as the last twelve we’ve viewed so far. And it’ll be worth every moment!

The Royal Gambler (Jackpot)
A very likeable Jackpot is an easy-follow drama I’ll be tuning into every week.

I love the costumes and the fresh cinematography. I like that there’s just so much going on all at once. You just want things to keep going at that fast, exciting pace.


Our wide-eyed and naive hero won’t stay the same for much longer. What will his charmed destiny throw his way this time?

It’s shocking how many wagers, bets and games you can throw into one episode, but it’s always mad fun to watch!


.. Another night, another wager. Is there no other way to pass the time around here!?

New Sageuk Drama alert!

So many dramas have come and gone this first quarter, and there’s no chance of the supply running low.

I’m anticipating a new sageuk or two, as the promos and stills already show. One has particularly caught my fancy, starring Jin Se-yeon and titled Flower in Prison. She’s the central character of the drama, which is awesome because we need more women in the forefront!

It’s 50 episodes, but I don’t see that being a problem, do you? There’s always the chance it’s going to be a smash, so I say the longer, the better.


Starting April 30, it’s a Joseon-era drama about a girl born in prison, who becomes a champion of the commoners and the oppressed. My kind of girl!

Following a favorite drama is still as excruciating as ever. The delays, the excitement, the anticipation. But just as it’s so easy to get caught up in a drama, it’s also so easy to be disillusioned, and drop it midway.

I never feel burdened to finish a drama I started, so it’s no problem at all going on to the next one that catches my interest. I know, not very loyal, right? Though, I’d rather give another drama a chance, than stick on blindly to a drama which no longer inspires me.

This way, I keep discovering so many new gems each season.


Mirror of the Witch, another sageuk begins May 13. Seems it’s raining sageuk dramas this quarter, yayy!

April looks like it’s full of awesome episodes, heroes, heroines, battles and victories. Here’s to more stunning, energizing and fulfilling kdrama moments ahead!



4 thoughts on “2016 Kdrama Catchup: April

  1. I keep expecting something from Goodbye Mr Black, but I don’t know what it is. Yet. I just know it’s not going the way I wished.

    I’m following Marriage Contract via recaps, and even though it’s not exactly a new plot, it has a refreshing side and I look forward to new episodes. 🙂

    As for Jackpot….it’s a spaghetti plate of so many things, I just can’t deal. But I love it! Great cinematography, I love the background music, I love Yeo Jin Goo and surprisingly the King. I haven’t seen that much Sageuks, but this King isn’t a minister’s puppet and I love him for that. Choi Min Soo is totally bae! 😀

    A 50 eps Sageuk? Except it’s Empress Ki, I’m not watching.

    Other dramas I look forward to; Entertainer (Ji Sung!!!) and Another Miss Oh (Eric Mun, Jeon Hye Bin).


    1. I love Goodbye Mr Black!!! I’m massively biased though. So even with the plot issues, I just live for the emotionality of the story . Also, love Moon Chae won and Lee Jin Wook together. Marriage Contract has reached its peak, can either go down or up… Still loving it tho.

      Jackpot is freaking awesome!!! I’m not a Yeo Jin Goo fan at all, so he’s the only drawback for me. Apart from that, nothing can keep me from Jackpot every week.

      Dramas I’m looking forward to: King of Noodles! (Chun Jung mung from Heart to Heart: BAE) and yes, Another Miss Oh (with my girl Seo Hyun Jin aka Su Baek Hyang!!) Dramas are looking good over the next months. I know, 50 episodes are no joke unless it’s another Empress Ki hit. Haven’t tried that many episodes in a sageuk since then.


  2. I’m definitely watching Mr Black for Moon Chae Won, she’s my fav actress. Plus Lee Jin Wook isn’t so bad. Last week’s eps held my interest, so my Mr Black spirit is lifted up a bit.

    You’re not a Yeo Jin Goo fan? Interesting. He’s the reason I started Jackpot in the first place, lol. But I have to applaud Jang Geun Seok as he is doing justice to his role. Overall, Jackpot is very likable once you get past all the drama going on there. -exactly how much does Daegil have to suffer?

    King of Noodles….hahahahaha. The title is just so funny, and it’s supposed to be a revenge drama. Well, revenge is a dish best served cold….so maybe we are having a cold noodle dish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeo Jin Goo is ok, just not ready to see him take on adult roles. Such as a king or even crown prince. His face still looks as if he’s like, thirteen lol.

      That drama I mentioned, is actually called God of Noodles aka Master of Revenge. And hey, I love anything with a chef in it so I definitely want to see it. Why is everyone making fun of that title 🙂

      Moon Chae won has been my girl since Good Doctor. And she’s so amazing in Goodbye Mr Black. I’m very glad the drama finally got made with these two starring. It’s not as awful as some are making it out to be. But then like I said, I’m so biased about these two, and the drama itself, so I love whatever is happening right now.


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