My Top 3 May 2016 Kdramas

The Master of Revenge
Or Master: God of Noodle is a revenge drama with a bite.


From the original manhwa: the art of Noodle making blends well with some kickass revenge. Count me in!

Based on a 2011 manhwa, it’s centered round a young chef named Moo Myung (Chun Jung Myung) whose painful past keeps him hungry for vengeance.

Beneath his specialty for noodle making, is a passion for payback against those responsible for the loss of his family.


Hiding his identity, he targets his arch enemy knowing that to take down a monster, you must also become one.

Now I love a good revenge yarn and the darker, the better. Master – God of Noodles has eye candy to go with the drool-inducing food, so this is a must-see for me.
Begins April 27


The Flower in Prison
Being billed for 50 episodes could make this drama an iffy one for me. Then I see the premise and the intriguing cast, and I’m sold!


Flower in Prison follows the feats of the heroine Lee Seo Won (Jin Se Yun) who though prison-born, chooses an admirable path. She grows up to be a woman with a cause – fighting for justice for the wrongly accused and underprivileged.

She’s plucky, that’s for sure but there’s more to her than simply playing goody-goody. I see a drama promising some delightful sparks of adventure and romance.

Imagine the thrill of a legal melodrama, but set in Joseon times which means loads of awesome action scenes, costumes and scenery. More than enough to keep us busy!
Begins April 30

Another Miss Oh
For some variety, here’s a romcom with twists and turns galore. Two women, same name. One man, who tries to elude them (possibly because he can tell their future). This is going to be good!

Okay, so some laughs, romance and the supernatural? I like!
Begins May 2


A richly diverse cast will potentially make this a hit series to get hooked on. Who’s with me?

…Now how about a little extra?

Mirror of the Witch
More sageuk? You won’t catch me saying no! There can never be too much historical drama, and this one has a magical feel that just pulls you in…

Mirror of the Witch is a fusion drama that’s loosely based on history, about a princess turned witch.


Abandoned deep in the mountains, the discarded princess meets Heo Joo a royal physician. Could he just be the one to turn her cursed fate around?

The fantasy elements open this whole surreal new world that seems fun to explore. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one, because it all looks so pretty. I do like a drama that makes the extra effort!


Something witchy this way comes…Don’t tell me you aren’t a little bit curious how this turns out? Airs May 13!


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