The Master of Revenge episode 1 Review


The Master of Revenge hits us with its first episode and the verdict? Very edgy, and very, very good.

I guess this is what an actual revenge drama looks like. Super dark, and so compelling you dare not look away for even a moment.


Episode one makes its point very strongly. That there are monsters out there in the world, who do inexplicably monstrous things. Just don’t try to understand them. Because you can’t.

You only hope you make it in time to take them down.


As for our villain, he tops the list of villains I’ve seen of late. For one he’s psychotic, which is a given in most of these things.

He’s also fiendishly gifted, and has this unique ability where he imitates whatever or whomever he wishes to.

It’s much like ‘identity window shopping’: if he views a persona or character he’d like to be, then he’ll become it. Even though it means killing someone just to take their place.


Hide your treasured secret recipes! Killer and impersonator Kim Gil Do has a bad case of covetousness. Nothing and no one is safe.

You can truly feel the evil force of his character just by that look in his eyes.

When a revenge drama has the right kind of villain, it goes a long way in driving your interest to see him pay for his crime. Whatever it takes.


Our hero Moo Myung has a beautiful simple life. Until it all goes horribly wrong.

So how does it feel to be killed twice? First, our hero’s father is left to fall off a cliff, but makes it back. Then he gets killed in a fire next to his wife, with his son barely making it out alive.

Thus begins the journey of our troubled hero.


Sad, deep and filled with sharp-edged longing…Episode one will have you captivated with this fast moving drama

Master: God of Noodle serves up its story in clean, flowing lines that are so easy to swallow. The backstory, character stages and everything in between feel neither heavy-handed nor rushed.

We watch Moo Myung survive the worst kind of family trauma, and somehow find the will to survive. Though we can imagine all too well, how tortured he must feel.

Will he grow to be a normal, well adjusted adult, or will he end up bitter and twisted inside?

And what happens when he meets his parents’ killer for the first time?


Both hero and villain succeed in creating their individual auras of mystery and dark depth

I can’t wait for episode 2 to discover how this drama tops such a thrilling premiere episode. It’ll be intriguing to see this drama try to blend the bleakness of revenge, with the beauty and art of cooking noodles.

Imagine my relief once I realized that Master: God of Noodles wasn’t going to be another misguided new series. It might be too soon to tell, but this has all the ingredients of a revenge drama that knows what its doing.


Never has a chef instilled such dread in us, not since the days of Namgung Min in The Girl Who Sees Smells

It has the feel of a sleek crime drama, with all the tension, angst and danger that comes with the territory.

Now I can’t help but salivate in anticipation for more. The Master of Revenge is one feast of shadows, greed and wrath you don’t want to miss!



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