2016 Kdrama Catchup: July

kim-woo-bin-uncontrollably fond

I feel you, dude. Waiting on those new episodes each week can be such a drag! 

Well, okay. I like how my July watch-list is looking. I’m all for quality over quantity, so I’m not trying to juggle too much at once. The more the feel-good factor, the more I’m inclined to tune in week after week. And three main dramas are giving me major good vibes at the moment. And it’s from the most unexpected of angles!

Two big-name dramas, with two outstanding story-lines that keep you guessing, and one swaggering sageuk with a delightfully unconventional heroine. Figured out which three dramas I’m so keen about?

doctors-ep08 doctors-ep8

Pretty good aim, for a patient barely done with awake brain surgery. Only in kdramas can we make these things up!


It started as one of those dramas I never planned on rooting for or even tuning in to. But guess what? Sometimes, kdramaland gets it right and throws together just the right combo to have you curious – and keep you hooked.

For a drama about doctors, this is pretty upbeat, glossy and strangely, addictive. Just don’t ask me not to tune out when the scalpels and endoscopes turn up in those surgical scenes.

I’m not really here for the academic focus of this drama. I just like how it seems so human and all over the place. You never really know what next it will throw at you in terms of plot.

doctors-park shin ye

Uncontrollably Fond

I like it. That’s all I can really say about this drama that’s barely 3-4 episodes in. Well, maybe not all, since I’ve got enough basis to know this is a drama I’m eager to find out what next, and what next after that.

When a drama doesn’t get you all in a jumble about the characters and their progress, maybe you shouldn’t bother watching. With Uncontrollably Fond, I find the main and secondary actors, well rounded enough already, even if the story seems more random than not.

kimwoobin baesuzy

This is one drama that requires a whole lot of patience and a pinch of trust that it knows where it’s going.

Maybe it’s all the backstory we’re being force-fed while not really advancing the plot much. But hey, the hero and heroine are so pretty together, you just want to keep watching their journey, no matter where it takes you.


The Flower in Prison

This is easily one of my favorite sageuks of all time already. It’s at a point where I can’t imagine my week without it. It’s as unpredictable as my other two go-to dramas for July, and tons of fun to boot.

Our heroine Ok Nyeo has more than her fair share of troubles, adventures and possible love interests. Only, I can’t decide who I’m shipping her with just yet, because it’s subject to change with the tides and episodes!

flowerinprison-oknyeo flowerprison-oknyeo

Our girl seems to spend as much time inside the prison, as she does outside of it. Makes for an engrossing epic of a historical drama!

For now, it’s enough that the screenwriting, production and acting all prove to be top-notch quality. The Flower in Prison is like a mix of Dong Yi and Master of Trade Inn, and I like that for now romance takes a back seat.

It gives our imagination enough chance to run wild, while we hold our breath to see where OK Nyeo lands herself next.


Weekly Surplus Servings?

Other ongoing kdramas are showing mighty promise but sometimes, it’s the small nibbles that count above trying to stuff in too much at a time, and lose the essence of why kdramas are such a worthy treat to yourself.

If just a spark can light up my whole week, then I’ll take that over building up an excess firestorm of dramas and risk getting burned out before long.

doctors-dramadoctors-ep08 (2)

So many deserving dramas to watch, but there’s only one of you…boo hoo…

Because I definitely want to keep myself fresh and eager for my August dramas, already showing major promise with the impending arrival of long anticipated Chinese remake, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.

If there was ever a drama I wanted to succeed to the utmost, it’s this one! More and more, I’m hoping for historical dramas to get all the attention and esteem they deserve. Maybe Moon Lovers would be the drama to lead the pack!

bu-bu-jin-xi-chinese dramascarletheart-korean

Adaptation vs. Adaptation – who comes up tops? You decide, beginning August 29!



8 thoughts on “2016 Kdrama Catchup: July

  1. I normally check on Koala’s playground and Dramabeans and surprisingly, your blog and takes are equally refreshing. Same with you, I am looking forward to Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart. Currently, enjoying Doctors and I find that Uncontrollably Fond still watchable, may be the backstory is the one that cleverly keeps me coming back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks much, Del. Being mentioned with Koala’s Playground & Dramabeans in the same sentence, feels awesome! Also judging by your dramas I’ll say your taste is overall impeccable 🙂

      While waiting on Moon Lovers let’s hope Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond fill the time nicely!


  2. Doctors is really entertaining, even though I’m still a bit iffy on the romance.

    I didn’t expect to like UF as much as I do, but the drama has got me really invested and I can’t wait for weekly eps.

    Lastly, Flower in Prison. I can still remember my reluctance to commit to a 50eps sageuk, but now I’m shipping Ok Nyeo with 3 different guys even though the romance hasn’t fully started. Lol.


    1. Ha! Your analysis is spot on, especially with Flower in Prison! Totally have shipped Ok Nyeo with 3 different guys already! Coming in first though by a tiny margin, is the king lol he’s too freaking cute when with Ok Nyeo!


  3. You’re so right. The King is first, then Tae Won and Officer Sung. Though the king leads by a pretty wide marin.

    FIP is easy to watch, and the characters feel like family. Except Jung Nan Jung, she’s the wicked neighbour next door.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly my thoughts! The king, Tae Won and Officer Sung in that order! And yes they feel just like family omg Tae Won’s dad is my fave character in the drama (crazy I know but he’s hilarious!) and Jung Nan Jung is so satisfyingly evil. I hate average villains and she’s definitely on the extreme side. I hope this drama keeps winning my support till the end!


  4. Yes for historical dramas getting all the love they need and deserve! Also thanks for putting this out! I’ve been wondering how The Flower In Prison has been doing; I haven’t heard much about it but you’ve got me interested in it. 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Historical dramas are my thing really. And The Flower in Prison is my absolute fave of my current ongoing dramas. I’m a fan of the whole cast 😀 it’s at episode 29 and I’m still lovin’ it! It’s very unpredictable and fresh especially the heroine who basically, kicks major butt 😀


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