Top 3 September Upcoming Dramas

When it comes to kdrama, just the words “chaebol” or “Ji Chang Wook” or “Dimples” have me doing a double take! Guess which 3 different dramas have these 3 juicy treats waiting in store this September?

Shopping King Louie  – Sept. 21

Kang Ji-Sung aka Louie is a rich heir (chaebol) who tackles his frustrating amnesia condition, with endless shopping. That’s taking retail therapy to a whole new level! But can all the impulse spending, the no-limit expense cards and the endless designer labels fill that void?

In comes energetic and pure heroine Bok Shil. Possibly, she can get to teach him that love – and other elevated ideals, needn’t have a price tag. Because the best things in life are not things, as they say.

Seo In Guk stars in this romantic comedy and I hope he brings some enigmatic flavor to his humor. Because that’s when he’s at his best: dark, mysterious yet magnetic. Here’s hoping this hits the rich boy/poor girl fantasy in all the right notes!



Money can’t buy me love…big spender Kang Ji-sung probably brooding on which new sportscar model he should add to his vintage collection. Choices choices!

The K2 – Sept 23

Whoa! Talk about big ‘guns’! Ji Chang Wook definitely bulked up those muscles for his ex-military turned bodyguard role in The K2.


Trained as an elite fighting machine, now that K2 has to function in the civilian world there’s bound to be hitches. Especially since he’ll be playing babysitter, sort of, to “poor little rich girl” Ko An-Na.

K2’s ward is a secret daughter to a presidential hopeful, and she’s a loner, incapable of mixing with the world thanks to a childhood trauma. Our mysterious action hero has his work cut out for him!

I’ll be looking out for the political power play, blockbuster action, heartwarming friendships and even romance.

Now that our favorite “Healer” is back as K2, the long wait is over and kdrama fangirls worldwide can heave a collective sigh of relief. Swoon season coming straight up!


On the Way to the Airport – September 21

Lee Sang Yoon picked a drama that’s got a very unconventional premise, but I’ll be tuning in wholeheartedly nonetheless. Because, Dimples.


And because he’s such a great actor and always has this awesome chemistry with his co-star no matter who. That’s a plus when it comes to a leading man!

On the Way to the Airport tells of a man and woman, both married to other people. Can any kind of innocent friendship ensue?

Choi Soo Ah (played by actress Kim Ha Neul) seems to live a pleasant enough life as an airline purser married to a pilot and mother to her 12 year-old daughter. But what if something’s missing?

on the way to airport


Our hero is Seo Do Woo (Lee Sang Yoon) – a bright and warm architecture-instructor, also married with a daughter. Then comes a shocking incident that will throw him in total confusion. Both the hero and heroine then get to meet and of course, everything changes.

It’s definitely a drama for those who need a break from the everyday romance tropes. I can’t wait to find out their story in this unique sounding melodrama.

way to airport 2

There’ll be no new sageuks coming up but hey, I won’t hold that against you, September! I’ve already got three gorgeous heroes in three promising dramas that will have something for everyone. Looks like September will pass like a breeze!




4 thoughts on “Top 3 September Upcoming Dramas

  1. Oh man, those three words get me too!
    I literally did a double take when I saw Chang-Wook’s picture! He’s gained a lot more weight (muscle weight, I mean) and he totally looks the part! Swoon season, count me in! K2 is going to be epic!!
    Yay for DIMPLES!! I love Sang-Yoon so much, I’m hoping this one will be a good one. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You said it – love Lee Sang Yoon AND Ji Chang Wook and I don’t see their dramas ever falling short. With those muscles and those dimples (respectively), there’s NO way this can go wrong! Thanks for reading, Faith 🙂


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