2016 Kdrama Catch-Up: September


Just like being flung around on your favorite theme park ride, these 3 dramas will have you feeling a roller coaster of emotions. Strap on tight and don’t let go!

It was an awesome week for all three dramas making their debut this September – one action-packed, melodramatic, and romantically comedic heck of a week to be exact!

Having got through all six premier episodes of The K2, Shopping King Louis and On the Way to the Airport, respectively, I can justly say, I definitely wasn’t expecting them all to be this freaking good!


And if I don’t sound fangirly enough, wait till you read what I think of each hero topping the bill for their individual dramas. In a nutshell, I was mostly just mush by the end of the week and I’ll probably stay that way for the full run of these 3 outstanding dramas!

My verdict so far:

On the Way to the Airport Emotional, Beautiful, Gripping

The K2Gritty, Action-packed, Mysterious

Shopping King Louis aka Shopaholic LouieFun, Quirky, Whacky fun (oh wait, I already said fun, right? ), Surprisingly Pretty Cool


Well howdy do to you, too! Lee Sang Yoon plays the perfect father-figure in this eye-catching “melo”, but then he can play the perfect everything, can’t he?

  1. On the Way to the Airport

I kicked things off with this melodrama and it was a great start. From the very first scene I was practically hooked to my screen. You might think of nature as beautiful, but when a drama makes you see structures, edifices and monuments (and even bridges) in a whole sentimental new light, then that’s something.

Every single frame seems eloquently shot, whether it’s viewing a lunar eclipse from the confines of the plane’s cockpit, or the dawn breaking over Han River, it’s almost too captivating for words.


But what struck most about the first 2 episodes of On the Way to the Airport, is its emotionalism.

With some dramas it can be almost draining, getting to feel all the agony, loneliness and sadness of the characters, but not in this case. You actually feel enriched by it, and drawn into the story all the more.

We glimpse into the lives of two different families, where parenting comes with a whole lot of tough decisions and with those decisions, come some unforeseen, heart-breaking consequences.


Some awesome acting from Lee Sang Yoon and it’s a trait he’ll share with the two other heroes of each drama!

From the premise of the drama and judging from its first two episodes, we’ll be handling some really sensitive topics. Possible infidelity, for one. But who betrays who first, and who’s to take the blame when everything starts to shake the foundations of all they hold dear, remains to be seen!

2. Shopaholic Louis

Here’s a drama that’s really hilarious and offbeat without the obvious effort. It starts out like every other drama with a young, handsome conglomerate heir. But then things switch up and the fun really gets to start!


Waited on hand and foot, with everything handed on a platter to him all his life, however will Louie cope when he faces a sudden culture shock?

I’ve always hoped for a k-drama that’s enjoyable from every angle. It looks good, with great dialogue and really boisterous performances from each and every main character. I’d highly recommend Shopping King Louis, or Shopaholic Louis, as  a drama to enjoy just for the laughs if nothing else.


From having personal chefs and twelve-course fine dining, to gorging on store-cooked cup noodle dinners – just how did things come to this for chaebol shopping freak Louie!?

As such, even if it isn’t clear yet just if this drama has a clear message, or a point it’s going to reach, it doesn’t really matter. We have a spunky heroine to share the journey from grace to grass with Louis, so what more could we possibly want?

Ko Bok-Sil is a very relatable character who plays her township-girl-in-the-city role to a “T”. Hopefully we’ll see more sides to her in the coming episodes, and watch as she blossoms before our eyes!

3. The K2

Well tip me over with a feather! After watching Healer I should be used to Ji Chang Wook busting some action moves, but he went and outdid himself this time!

Episode one opens up to two different people on the run. One nameless, bloodied young hero, and one hapless looking heroine in a white flowing gown, run into each other in a deserted train station.

She needs his help from the bad guys chasing her, but can our hero risk discovery by coming to her aid?

The K2 is a crunch between an action drama and a thriller chiller, for want of a better term. I mean the eerie cathedral music in the soundtrack, for one, is pretty hair-raising. And then of course it’s the girl trying to escape from the convent a few times too many, that has us biting on our nails in suspense.

Also intriguing, is trying to figure out what our main hero is all about.

If you liked Ji Chang Wook as Healer, you’ll go nuts for him as The K2! Just remember, the badder the hero, the sweeter he is at those romantic and emotion-laden scenes. Can’t wait to see them!

Okay, so we know he’s tough, but he’s also vulnerable. Best of all, he has a humane side that pushes him to the aid of those in need or danger. Which of course, makes him more than suited for the bodyguard role he’s specified to play in this drama. But just what is his dark, dangerous secret?

My fave scene of episode one was definitely K2 crashing through the window to come to cleaning lady grandma’s rescue. He beat up some bad guys, and then beat up some more, when they come after him to clean up the risk of him exposing them.

Yep, he’s pretty unbeatable, which is awesome. I can’t wait to see K2 bash a whole truck load of bad guys every episode. That’s what I came for really, though some story line and even some romance would be nice.


Some people can be really scary, but would a father really turn his back on his daughter just to pursue political ambitions? Just how does everything and everyone get tied together?

The drama has some of the most fast-paced action you’ll see of its kind, and it’s all thanks to Ji Chang Wook totally bringing it.

Some fight scenes start out a bit choppy, but by episode 2 you’ll be sure to see even tougher, gruffer Ji Chang Wook as an ex-special forces guerrilla guy just trying to survive after those he trusted turned their backs on him.


Yoona plays Ko An-Na who’s spent most of her life hidden away and now, looks like she’ll be thrust into the real world in need of a safety net – K2, apparently. Lucky her.

You’ll be impressed by the effort put into this drama, and it’s one with great potential. We just need to see some more heart, and have the two main leads show a bit of the chemistry that Ji Chang Wook is so famous for creating with his co-stars.


Three for the Win!

It’s great to see all three dramas bring something to the table.

The forthcoming season of K-drama watching is going to be jam-packed, that’s for sure. So long as these dramas keep being fresh, I can tell I’m going to be way too attached to my screen for the next month or so.

And with leading men like Seo In Guk, Lee Sang Yoon and Ji Chang Wook to look forward to each week, you definitely wouldn’t catch me complaining!


16 episodes of Ji Chang Wook  as The K2? That’ll be some 57,600 moments happily spent!


4 thoughts on “2016 Kdrama Catch-Up: September

    1. Trust me, I know! But doesn’t it feel like the world is so much brighter with JCW on our screens again ☺ He’s great with grandmas and kittens… And looks crazy hot in those grease-stained tank tops… Phew! Now I know what you mean about the spazzing lol… I almost can’t stop either!!


  1. Awesome!! So glad to hear that you’re loving the beginning of all these shows! I haven’t time to watch anyone of them yet (though I’m watching the first episode The K2 tonight). Shopping King Louie sounds hilarious and cute, which would be a nice change as I feel like I’ve watched a lot of dramas lately. I’ve been waiting for The K2 in what seems like forever!!! Not sure if I’ll be joining in with On The Way To The Airport, but glad to hear it’s going well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel thankful that I got to experience each premiere episode – it was great! I hope you get into The K2 in time for coming episodes! Oh and Shopping King Louie is worth a try. Trust me I was sold in the first 5 minutes and I’m not that much of a Seo In Guk fan (that has changed though!). Thanks for reading, Faith!


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