2016 Kdrama Catchup – October


October dramas are killing it yo! Ever diverse, unexpected and even magical, each kdrama takes entertainment to a whole new peak. This may just be 2016’s most fulfilling month of k-drama watching yet!

Power-packed action week to week

For the adrenalin rush we turn to The K2, with enigmatic hero Je Ha putting us in twists. He’s all tough and reliable when it comes to bringing the action but he also has a surprisingly sentimental side.


A bodyguard with too much heart can be dangerous. Will Je Ha learn to completely let go of emotions, or risk making the same mistake twice?

He’s already suffered heartache and loss. Nothing goes right when you get too attached in the line of duty. Or does it?

The villainess has all the advanced technology and the heroine has all the stealth, but I still want more!  The K2 needs to pick up the pace fast!

Procedural passion!

In A Woman With A Suitcase we have a legal drama that’s a layman’s dream. Most procedural shows usually have me lost for most of each episode but this one is a pleasant watch end to end.

Cha Geum-Joo is a highly determined paralegal with enough smarts and guts for five lawyers! Alas she’s yet to make her bar exams after five tries. So she pours all her passion and know-how into ‘managing’ each case, with thrilling results!


Cha Geum-Joo will do just about anything to get her client the best verdict. And you’ll find yourself rooting for her all the way!

I love how this show has the all-in-one effect. Suspense, action, romance and melodrama – Woman With A Suitcase is a definite hit for me!

It’s all about justice, feminism and self-discovery. I’m really glad I got drawn to the drama for the main leads – and decided to stay on for the fun times, twists, and life lessons!


CEO of Golden Tree law firm, Ham Bok-Geo comes to rescue his troublemaker paralegal, whom I suspect is going to have more run-ins with the law before the drama is through!

Husbands and wives behaving badly!

On The Way to the Airport: With couples being both emotionally and maybe even physically unfaithful to their significant others, this drama is bound to raise eyebrows.

And yet some themes just can’t be overlooked, because they are a part of real life. When lies, distrust and detachment threaten two marriages, is it wrong to seek an easy way out – maybe even an ounce of comfort from a friend?


I don’t watch On the Way to the Airport to judge what is right or wrong. I just want to figure out how people act in certain life situations.

This drama takes your mind to many places and you question your principles when it comes to do’s and don’t’s of marriage. Just focus on where the story is trying to lead you, and don’t sweat the hazy stuff! The kinks will straighten out in the end right? I can only watch, and hope!

Just talking on the phone about feelings might soon not be enough. Will Do-Woo and Soo-ah cave in and finally take things too far?

Tons of laughs, gags and gaffes a minute

With adventure comedy Shopping King Louis I find that one or two hours fly  by way too fast for me! How can I bear the wait between episodes to find out what next?

Will Louis ever get his memory and life as a chaebol heir back? Will Bok-Sil be reunited with her long-lost brother? Will all of them have a romantic happy ending?

I can’t decide what it is about this drama, but whatever it’s doing, I hope it doesn’t stop! Every ingredient put together is working so far and I’ll be disappointed if Shopaholic Louie ever loses its magic touch!


This drama has some of the best characters I’ve seen in ages! Cha Joong-won gets red in the face when the insufferable Louie gets on his nerves. Why do I feel this is only the beginning of Joong-won’s problems, now that he’s involved with Louis and Bong-Sil, haha?

If I ever had a formula for the kind of drama I want to watch every week, then Shopping King Louis would be it! It’s quirky, thoughtful and heartwarming. I probably wouldn’t want it to end by the time it reaches its 16-episode run.

Okay, I can go for short and sweet – but let’s make it one to remember with a big warm smile of satisfaction, drama!


It’s proving to be one jam-packed month of following a lot of current dramas and I know I’m not the only one. I can be doing 6-7 dramas a week and that’s some serious hours I’m putting in.

But some of us can handle up to 10-12 shows per week so I know I’m still at novice level with these things. If new dramas keep surprising me and giving so much to look forward to, then I might as well sign up for a long-term addiction to ongoing dramas!


No shame in this game! I gobble up the episodes so fast each week and it’s a wonder how I make it through to the next cliffhanger, and the next! If only November and December can top this, well let’s just say that my 2016 is made!


2 thoughts on “2016 Kdrama Catchup – October

  1. Yes! So many great October dramas going on! I’m watching the K2 right now and am really enjoying it. Ji Chang-Wook is great as ever and I really like Song Yoon-Ah as the villainess. I just realized it in the last episode that this is a sort of a Snow White adaptation which is really intriguing.

    I haven’t seen any of the other shows listed here but I really want to see Shopping King Louie soon! It sounds so cute and funny and adorable. I’m still watching Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Moon Lovers – and just those three K-dramas are a lot for me hahah.

    Great review as always! I love seeing your thoughts about each of the shows. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Faith! It means a lot that you enjoy my posts. It’s interesting how people hook onto different shows for different reasons. I’ve only seen a bit of the two Moon dramas 🙂 though I hope to catch up sometime! However I can’t do without these 4 dramas I mentioned! I’d recommend each one but by all means check out Shopping King Louie when you can. Oh and Ji Chang Wook is slaying (Yoon-ah is a surprise hit with me too!) and yes I did catch the Snow White analogy in the Cloud Nine meeting room and the whole Mirror Mirror angle. Kdramas are so well written and mindblowing with all the twists and turns!


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