The K2 Finale Review


Guns. Fists. Tears and blood. Heroism, conviction and of course love…

Episode 16 of The K2 gave a smash finish to an awesome drama.

Ji Chang Wook again, plays the perfect lead that takes it all the way up. An action hero worth his weight in muscles, and my what big ones he’s got!

All the better to take down the bad guys, save the girl and win the day.


His only worry as an actor, will be how to yet again top a stellar performance in his next drama. No pressure, Wookie. No pressure.

They call him Kim Je-Ha. Real name unknown. Yet he picked the right calling as bodyguard and whoa did he put in work this episode!


Seriously, he couldn’t catch a break the whole two thirds of the K2 finale. He was beaten, shot and a whole lot else but he still kept going.

His mission? To rescue Anna and of course bring the baddies to book. Not sure if I can say much of  how he achieved the latter but at least he got his HEA (happily ever after).


As far as final episodes go, the K2 delivered on the tension, suspense and thrills. It hadn’t always been the case for some of the drama’s run.

But the finale more than made up for it, ensuring that this was one action drama that ended on a bang – literally.


Episode 16 of The K2 wasn’t all about the mindless violence though. You’ll definitely get caught up in the many emotional reveals.

Our hero certainly wasn’t the only one who nailed his performance in this finale. It was delightful to watch our misguided villainess Choi Yoo-Jin (played by the flawless Song Yoon-A) as she took us through so many levels of feels.


Some say she made the drama all the more worthwhile and I agree. Not many could have pulled a class act the way she did and I’m glad she was a part of giving us this memorable ending to The K2.

Most dramas lose steam or even rationale by the final episode but not so this time. You’ll be nailed to the screen from start to finish and probably won’t catch a breath till the very last scene.


Yoona (as Ko An-Na) gave a well-rounded showing herself. It was good to see her for more than a few snatched moments per scene. She might not have been the centerpiece in this drama but she was a worthy heroine indeed.

The K2 is definitely one of my fave dramas of 2016. A busy schedule kept me from catching up on time but I’m so glad I did. So many of my dramas this year just fell flat on me by the final hour but not so in this case.

Episode 16 of The K2 reminded me why Ji Chang Wook is on my top list of actors and I can’t wait to see what he picks next.

Hopefully we won’t wait too long to see more of him. He’s solidified his “action hero” status first as Healer and now K2. He’s definitely number one when it comes to the steamy liplock so maybe he’ll pick a romance drama next for a change.


On that note I’ll say my 2016 kdrama watching has closed on a high. Not sure when another drama this well depicted will make itself available, but The K2 has set the bar for some truly riveting acting.

The fantastic soundtrack, gorgeous action sequences and tear-jerking interludes make The K2 a drama I will recommend because it has something for everyone.

It struck the right balance of dark, gritty and evocative as it takes your emotions on a spin.


What an ending! And it was worth every gripping moment. A solid finish to a drama that gave a vigorous effort to achieve greatness. And that’s more than good enough for me!


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