You’re Too Much Kdrama Introductory Review


Gu Hye Sun like I’ve never seen her before: I love it!

And I love this drama! You’re Too Much is just two episodes in, yet I can tell it’s right up my alley.

From the very first scene I felt swept in by the glitter and the glam. It’s also earthy and raw in places, with emotion and darkness. The storyline already has enough twists to get you dizzy. Don’t think, just fall in!


This might be a weekend “family” drama that’s all set up to reach 50 episodes, but the stakes are already steep.


Unexpected love triangles fold into even more intricate, forbidden entanglements.

Betrayal, heartbreak and passion – powerful stuff. There are so many questions to ask but you wonder: can you handle the truth?

I’ve never seen so many flawed main characters in one drama, and in one week of airing. I already know who I’m rooting for, though.


Like in all family dramas you’ll be meeting a whole lot of characters with a whole lot of individual back story.

Gu Hye Sun (from Blood, Angel Eyes) has always been in my top ten list of Korean actresses. Though she drew me to the drama, it’s the plot that’s got me hooked on knowing what’s next. She plays Jung Hae Dang, who works as a celebrity impersonator.

Each night in the club, she does sultry impressionist performances of a popular singer named Yoo Jin-A (Uhm Jung-Hwa). Hae-Dang has made a career for herself as Yoo Jin-A’s imitator, supporting her whole family. What happens when finally, she meets the celebrity she’s been mimicking all these years?


Secrets and Lies

I don’t even know, man. This whole setup is cray-cray. Especially with Yoo Jin-A, whose vast popularity as a singer makes her feel menaced by an over-ardent admirer as well as her bleak past.

In the past twenty years she’s gathered all the money and fame she’d ever need, but she knows she’s a toenail-chip away from being destroyed by her hidden demons.


I’m not sure about the tastes of others and why anyone would pass up a drama like You’re Too Much. It’s bright, exotic and edged with extreme melo vibes.

You know there’ll be gore, tears and heartache just over the jagged fence between the rich and poor, the guilty and innocent. My jaw’s unhinged enough with all the suspense awaiting viewers over the next few weeks.


We’ve got all the elements of that perfect kdrama I look out for. Smoldering chaebol, check. Gorgeous idols playing mysterious, tortured roles, check and check. Jealous rivals of the male and female varieties, and the sprinklings of family drama to ground the plot.

I seriously couldn’t hope for anything better to occupy my upcoming weekends. Gu Hye Sun as Jung Hae-dang is the kind of heroine I feel drawn to. She’s going to be self-sacrificing but don’t think she’s spineless. Adversity brings out her innermost strengths and I can’t wait to watch her blossom into a woman to be admired, and loved by one truly deserving of her.


Not so many dramas have this solid a structure in its first week. Fingers crossed, You’re Too Much will stand the test of time and naysayers can look beyond their “issues” with any of the cast and focus on the path the drama is leading us on.

The only drawback of finding that perfect ongoing drama to get caught up in, is waiting each week to catch up on each new episode. I honestly don’t know an easy way out except just sucking it up. But if any fellow kdrama fan ever finds a cure for impatience and anticipation, please let me know!


Being fed bite-sized pieces of this fabulous drama is such a pain! But is it worth it? Hell yeah!


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