May Upcoming Dramas to watch

I’ve been the pickiest soul with my kdramas in 2017 thus far, so here’s hoping my luck starts to change this May!


Yippee! Finally, a drama or two to cheer about – way overdue if you ask me!

Drama dreams do come true
Ji Chang Wook is back! In the most unexpected way imaginable, which makes me excited about a new show for the first time in ages. And that’s saying something.

Suspicious Partner – May 10
This time around it’s a romcom for our one and only Healer and I’m really feeling him in this.

Ji Chang Wook always boasted a comic side that we’ve seen strains of in a few of his past dramas.

Now he gets the chance to make us laugh as much as he makes us swoon. That’s a win-win in my book.


Nam Ji Hyun co-stars in this judicial themed drama. I’ve seen enough of her in melos like Angel Eyes and more recently in romcoms like Shopaholic Louie to know she has the chops to make this a worthwhile watch.

Ruler – Master of the Mask – May 10
I always go into default ecstatic mode whenever I see a sageuk with the leading male role played by an actor I consistently root for, like Yoo Seung-Ho.

As for Kim So-Hyun I’m majorly iffy about her and I wish YSH had a much more mature co-star. I don’t plan on letting this dull my enthusiasm – at least I hope not!


Both ready-to-launch dramas will air for 20 episodes so that’s bound to fill up my time.

They each have their own flavor: one’s more upbeat and bubblegum-glossy, while the other is sleekly melo with all the trappings of a gripping policital period piece.


The ongoing weeks promise to be intense! Can’t wait? Neither can I!

May is going to fly by pretty fast and before you know it, we’ll be just in time to catch two more amazing sageuks before May ends.

My Sassy Girl and Seven Day Queen first air on May 29 and May 31 respectively – so we technically won’t be watching them in May but all through June/July.

Both are starring two of my topmost heroines in kdrama: Oh Yeon Seo and Park Min Young. So I’m understandably over the moon!


My Sassy Girl with Oh Yeon Seo & Joo Won.


Seven Day Queen with Park Min Young, Yeon Woo-Jin & Lee Dong-Gun.

My Sassy Girl and Seven Day Queen (Queen for Seven Days) promise intrigue and romance mixed in with the usual politics, rivalry and majestic mayhem. Yes please!!


6 thoughts on “May Upcoming Dramas to watch

  1. Omg I can’t watch other dramas than sageuks and I’m waiting for new sageuks because I watched almost all the good ones. What should I do, it’s unbearable to wait ! Need to wait 1 week every time to have the next episodes for the new sageuks..

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    1. A year ago I only watched sageuks too! Now I’m still a big fan and I know what you feel with the waiting. With the 4 episodes though, I’m finding it easier to cope. Like me, I’ve seen most of the sageuks I really like so I’m always eager for new period dramas. Imagine having THREE by the end of May… Good stuff!!


  2. I am enjoying QUEEN FOR SEVEN DAYS and SUSPICIOUS PARTNER. I almost didn’t recognize the female lead. She was in Shopping King Louis, Angel Eyes, and What Happens to my Family. I was wondering what had changed because I thought her face looks much wider before. I do think she’s gorgeous but she changed a lot. I haven’t tried the other shows, yet. I did watch 2 episodes of Ruler. I am not hooked yet. But I will keep watching

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    1. I’ve put Ruler on hold for now so that makes two of us! Also, Nam Ji-Hyun (Suspicious Partner) has turned up in a lot of my dramas too. Just saw her in Warrior Baek Dong Soo which I just rewatched. Didn’t quite notice her the first time I saw it. Still, she’s doing great so far with her current drama! Yes she’s gorgeous and seems to be blooming into a promising actor ready to take on more mature roles!

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