Ruler: Master of the Mask Kdrama Introductory Review


Now that was an action-packed couple of hours! Strangely satisfying yet keeps you wanting more. Kdrama just found its new krack!

Sageuk done right
Ruler: Master of the Mask is possibly the kind of period drama I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the year. Meaty, vibrant and tied in nice little knots, it has you eager to unravel as many twists as you can, as fast as you can!

Perfectly played chess pieces
Nothing like an endearing cast to keep you glued to your screen. Yoo Seung Ho as Crown Prince Lee Sun is as effortless to watch as he makes it look to play.

He seems made for the role of an inquisitive, warm-hearted crown Prince who doesn’t want to exist as a caged, sheltered hothouse flower forever.


He seeks answers to the reasons for his life behind a mask. Why must he hide his true identity from the world? How can he serve his people that way?

But what happens when he realizes his mask is not truly his prison but his protection?

Crown Prince Lee Sun endures enough near-death experiences and heart-racing escapades to make you dizzy, but when tragedy strikes it makes you pause and ponder. Why does evil prevail so easily over good?


Injustice reigns supreme in the land and its no wonder the king, Lee Sun’s father wishes for the Crown Prince to be a better ruler to a people down trodden for too long.

Heavy as the theme is, Ruler: Master of the Mask is still a tale told many times before. A valiant Prince, up against all-powerful villains, will need a loyal team of friends and retainers to keep not just his crown, but his head.


Kim So-Hyun is pretty as a peach here, and though I still view her as suited to a few more years of playing childhood roles, she just might grow on me.

“L” is our token idol cutie whose character happens to share the same name as the Crown Prince (Lee Sun). How he becomes the Crown Prince’s stand-in, as the storyline foretells, remains to be seen.


So…would I keep watching? Well, why not? It only has some of the freshest faces I’ve seen on my screen in a while, with a refreshing screenplay and cinematography to boot. I’d be silly to miss the next episode or, say the next 36 episodes.

Yep, going with the new format of four episodes per week, at thirty minutes per episode, I can tell this is going to take some getting used to. By the end of each week you’d be too fatigued to complain, believe me.



In fact, if you’re like me you’ll find little to complain about with Ruler: Master of the Mask. It’s almost too perfect, what with how evenly paced and finely structured it is.

Almost like, they took on board every slip-up that other sageuk dramas have made in the past, and switched things around. I like!


Always a scene-stealer, watch Yoo Seung Ho finally in a role that does his many talents justice. I can’t wait to see where he takes this eye-catching, spell-binding, masterful epic of a tale next!


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